Ancient Landmarks

1)Landmark: noun, Ancient and unchangeable precept. Stone pillars set to mark boundaries of land. Anciently landmarks designated inheritance.

2)Tenet: noun, (ti-net) also synonymous with precept. A principal or belief, especially one of the main principals of religion or philosophy.

3)Cairn: noun, (ka-rn) Scottish, Gaelic. A human-made pile or stack of stones built for a variety of reasons: Land boundaries, astronomy, burial, ceremonial, trail markers, etc.

Remove not the ancient landmarks which your fathers have set (Proverbs 22: 28)

What does one write about when one can’t bring to mind anything of substance? Dare I say that I am of an age that I can’t remember what I have written about in previous posts? I am too lazy to re-read my blog posts so I will just ramble around and see what comes to mind.

I was in Walgreens and happened to look at the Sunday edition of the Laredo Morning Times. I have sworn off the news for three weeks so naturally I averted my eyes but too late. I read the headlines of where our City Council had adopted a new motion: to have a moment of silence instead of invoking God’s guidance (Prayer). Another institution knuckling to the liberal progressive agenda. This distresses me to no end and as usual I fixate my displeasure on the democratic liberal progressive LBGT movement for attempting to do away with God entirely.

Why has this happened to mankind? Why does mankind feel that it can no longer address the spiritual part that resides in each of us? I am talking about God, the Maker, The Creator, I Am That I Am, Jehovah, Allah, The Great Spirit. I am not talking about religions here. I am not addressing Jesus, Mohamed, Joseph Smith, Confucius or Buddha. I am addressing the Supreme Being, the Maker, The Creator of the Universe. That Absolute Reality which was and was before, what is, and will always be even after mankind has long since disappeared. A professor in Theology once defined God as “That Which is Absolutely Real!”

Please do not misunderstand me, I am not religious at all! In fact I get pretty disgusted with all the churches and denominations arguing that their way is the only way and if you don’t do it their way then you are risking your salvation. I do believe in the afterlife, attending church and being a participant in faith but basically I have a pragmatic and scientific outlook on almost everything. I am an observer of the natural world and if I had to put God into categorical box I would define God as Mother Nature or basically: just Life, the fifth element.

How can one tenth of one percent of a nation of 300 million people hold dominion over our nation? I am talking about a few atheist and the LBGT community. First! The atheists don’t believe in God so I understand them but they are a slight minority. The LBGT community would rather do away with the influence of a God completely because God’s doctrine doesn’t agree with their lifestyle. The third class and the majority are the democratic progressive liberals who wish to be politically correct and not offend anyone. Since when does the needs of the few out weight the needs of the many?

A Masonic brother shared this with me yesterday and I will share it with you:

“If God does not exist, one will lose nothing by believing in him, while if he does exist, one will lose everything by not believing. We are compelled to gamble” By Blaise Pascal, mathematician.

Exactly! So why is our nation, state, county and city organizations doing away with prayer and the acknowledgement of God?? Why are our schools, and communities subjecting themselves to this dictatorial edit of eliminating God?

Actually I am fond of everyone bowing their heads and acknowledging their own Deity in silence (very masonic). This allows people of different faiths to fellowship together removing that which would separate us or bring us into confrontation. All faiths can bow their heads and pray silently to their Deity.

What upsets me are the LBGT who want to expunge God from modern society because God and faith doesn’t support their lifestyle.

The title of this blog is “landmarks”. What is a landmark? Anciently it was a pile of stones or a cairn that marked the corners of one’s land. To move these landmarks or tamper with them was punishable by death. They can also be rules or tenets that are inviolable, sacrosanct, or unchallengeable. In the Christian faith there are the Ten Commandments on which our statutory laws are based: you can’t murder people, steal, defraud, abuse or betray your country. This applies to speeding or running a stop sign or cheating on your spouse. Laws and rules we live by and maintain civility and harmony amongst ourselves and community.

So why does the LBGT community oppose God and his landmarks? Because faith opposes their behavior. For instance: Homosexuality, same sex marriage, sodomy, bestiality, bondage, gender bias, etc., etc. I can go on and on and it’s mostly about sexuality. God and faith are all about procreation and children so from God’s viewpoint the LBGT agenda is opposed to Mother Nature. The third class, or the politically correct liberal progressives rush to defend the LBGT in their progressive liberal exuberant sense of duty. The LBGT are basically in God’s face demanding that their same sex unions be performed in a church and be sanctioned by God himself. Homosexual men want God’s permission to have consensual sex with underage boys.

The LBGT community wants to be acknowledged as normal and every day. They want the typical heterosexual society to celebrate their sexual orientation. Let’s be clear here, the LBGT are outside the norm. In all of creation, God (Mother Nature) is about male/female and pro generation and children. I am an observer and deem this to be a truism or a landmark. LBGT behavior is not the norm. Their sexual behavior is odd, unusual or queer hence the preverbal name.

The LBGT shouldn’t be harassed or bullied. They can live anyway they want and it is not my duty to judge but I do have opinions and long established beliefs. What I don’t like is their insistence that their lifestyle be celebrated and considered as normal. It’s not the way of Mother Nature and established faiths. Religion frowns upon their sexual behavior. Again it’s about family, mothers and fathers and children and rearing a family with traditional values. It’s what we are taught.

Personally I deem their behavior to be deviant, if not abhorrent. I can picture my daughter rolling her eyes at this point and refusing to continue reading. Lesbians don’t bother me because they don’t threaten me. Transgendered people I laugh at. If you want to dress up as the opposite sex and wear panty hose and make up-It’s okay. Bi-sexual men I disparage because they sodomize each other and then go home to their wives. Homosexual men I really can’t be around because of the sodomy issue and their predatory nature toward young boys. I don’t hate the LBGT but they are outside the normal but they want all of society to celebrate their lifestyle and even want God and our religious organizations to comply. God (Mother Nature) will never agree with them or to their demands because of the pro creational aspect of God. Hence the LBGT would rather eliminate God than have him opposed to them. The progressive liberals will defend this because they deem God as being unjust towards the LBGT and think God oppresses the LBGT (their sacrosanct minority)

Is the USA becoming a secular country? I think so because faith and religion are now being persecuted as being biased, racist, haters, bigoted and non-conformists, a detriment to modern society and outmoded and archaic. As always I will cling to my bible and my gun and await the day of reckoning.