The Cimmerians

1) Also spelled Kimmerian: Plural noun, Classical Mythology, suggestive of a western people believed to dwell in perpetual darkness.

2) Cimmerian: Adjective, (si-meer-ee-uh-n) alluding to being very dark, gloomy or deep.

3) Midbar: Wilderness, comes from the Hebrew word dabar which means to speak or a place where God speaks.

4)Ruach: Hebrew word defined as being the Breath of God or the wind. I have heard of it pronounced as just Ruah.

5) Curmudgeon: noun, A crusty irascible cantankerous old person full of stubborn ideas.

I stumbled upon this word and thought it worthy of sharing. On my blog I am referred to as the “Wordsmith” because I have an affinity for new words and I found this one thought provoking in regards to my present state of mental acuity. I also found the word midbar and it pertains somewhat to me in that I feel like a creature lost in the wilderness, blown this way and that by a wind. I am buffeted and slapped like a blustery gust of wind filling a sail. Like the sail I am stretched tautly as a bowstring pulled to its maximum.

The word Cimmerians comes from the Greek word Kimmerioi. In Homer’s “The Odyssey”, the Cimmerians lived at the edge of Oceanus that surrounds the Earth, in a city wrapped in mist and fog, where the sun never shines, located near the entrance to Hades. In an actual historical sense the real Cimmerians were the Assyrian Gimirri and the Hebrew: Gomer (Genesis 10:2) the Cimmerians were nomads and were referred to as “Cheimerioi or the Winter People or Stormy People”. The fictional character, Conan the Barbarian, is a Cimmerian.

So! What does all this have to do with “the price of tea in China”? I smile because I haven’t heard that phrase in years. I wonder if generation X or the millennials have ever heard of it? I digress! What I am attempting to say is that I am withdrawing from the world. Yes! I have turned the news off and will refuse to listen to it ever again. I have now become an ardent fan of Netflix and will watch serial comedies, murder mysteries, sci-fi and just whatever catches my fancy.Today's retinue included Judge Mathis and Judge Judy and I watched "The Chew". I am infatuated by Ancient Aliens, The Walking Dead and The Game of Thrones. I often play along trying to answer the questions on Jeopardy.

I just finished watching all six seasons of Doc Martin, a British comedy, about a curmudgeonly doctor in a small town in England called Portwenn. It is an excellent series! On my Masonic business card I describe myself as a curmudgeon. When asked what it means I reply “that I am a rude, opinionated, self-centered crusty old fart”! I follow that up with “I refuse to view the world through rose colored glasses and make people face the harsh realities of life”. “That is me in a nutshell” (Ha! Another what you call it?)The word will come to me later. My wife cannot stand for me to use the phrase, "old fart," to describe myself but she will not read this, so I am spared!

I am literally fed up with today’s modern world and I fear for today’s people in their inability to cope with basic survival. I watched this movie where this police officer on survival training could not bring himself to kill this poor little rabbit. It occurred to me that today’s Generational X or the Millennials are grossly inadequate to survive any sort of catastrophe. I think they are aware of where their beef and chickens come from but I seriously doubt many could gut and skin a rabbit much less a cow or hog. Today’s liberal progressive pussycats probably wouldn't know how to attain safe drinking water if need be.

I am of the opinion that gun toting conservatives would likely survive a catastrophe. The ranchers and farmers and hunters would find a way to make do while the millions of the intercity urban populaces would die by the millions. They would probably have to be shot by those protecting their lives and livestock as the millions fled the cities in search of food and resources. We can see this as recently as in the mass migration of refugees fleeing Syria and North Africa into Western Europe. Europe absorbed this mass influx but let your imagination loose and realize "what if" there was a global event that put the world in crisis? Can you survive or will you wait on your dysfunctional government to save you?

The world is a dangerous place and people are capable of horrendous crimes in order to save themselves. You can picture this in the German gas chambers of WWII. The children were at the bottom of the pile and the women and elderly men were next. The strong young men were at the top gasping the last vestiges of breathable air as they were exterminated. There would be no difference today, the children,elderly and women die first as the strong young men band together to take what they need. There would be no law and order or civility. Yea! I paint a gruesome picture and I pray it never comes to pass.

There are just too many people on this earth. The population will double and triple and our earth will not be able to sustain us. Mankind will deplete the oceans and contaminate the world and everything in it. It is my supposition that God is equivalent to Mother Nature and like the stock market there is a correction coming. It may not be in my lifetime nor my children or grandchildren’s lifetimes but I can predict assuredly, it is coming!

All I Ever Wanted

By Katie Ford

When I thought it was right to name my desires,

what I wanted of life, they seemed to turn

like bleating sheep, not to me, who could have been

a caring, if unskilled, shepherd, but to the boxed-in hills

beyond which the blue mountains sloped down

with poppies orange as crayfish all the way to the pacific seas

in which the hulls of whales steered them

in search of a mate for whom they bellowed

in a new, highly particular song

we might call the most ardent articulation of love,

the pin at the tip of evolution,

Modestly shining

In the middle of my life( I would substitute Winter)

It was right to say my desires

but they went away, I couldn’t even make them out,

not even as dots

now in the distance.

Yet I see small lights

of winter campfires in the hills-

teenagers in love often go there

for their first nights- and each yellow white glow

tells me what I can know and admit to knowing,

that all I ever wanted

was to sit by a fire with someone

who wanted me in measure the same to my wanting?

To want to make a fire with someone,

with you

was all.

I hope you enjoyed this poem. I am still tender hearted in that I feel that lump in my throat when I see a sad movie. I am touched by the purity of animals, especially pets, like my dogs. I am heartened by the naivety of small children before they learn to be self-serving adults. I can still become teary eyed on occasions and I can love deeply but have trouble (as most men do) expressing it.

It is at this point that I pause in reflection and delete the last paragraphs of this blog post because they were just political rants(my daughter admonishes me severely about them) I can't help myself, it is who I am! I realize I can't change anyone's mind. and I feel alone and hopeless(the wilderness thing). I wail in sackcloth and ashes and rend my cloths bemoaning the future. I only wish I could impart some portent or pertinent message.

I am an Ancient free and Accepted Mason. Masonry is not a religion but Masons must have an affinity for God(Deity). I am not religious but I attend church regularly and have a church family. In Masonry we are taught to" invoke the aid of Deity" in every activity, in other words to pray unceasingly. Prayer is our pathway to commune with god and satisfy the spiritual part in each of us. Masons of all faiths can fellowship together because we aren't specific as to which Deity("adopting no particular creed but urging that each be steadfast in the faith of his profession)Every mason has what we call the VSL(Volume of Sacred Law) which can be the Bible, Koran, Book of Mormon, The Torah, etc. In every one of these sacred texts the same tenets are advocated: The Golden Rule for example" Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you" and so forth. In every faith the same morals and instructions for living a righteous life are proposed and advocated.

Why then does mankind veer from the path in today's enlightened society? Today's progressive liberals confound the world with what I deem to be false enlightenment.It is here that I scream when things like sodomy, abortion, gender bias, and pedophilia are addressed as normal or everyday occurrences. The world is an uliginous(slimy) place and we(mankind) have instructions in our VSL's but opt to ignore them. Are we really enlightened or abreast in this, The Age of Knowledge? My Bible tells me " that there is nothing new under the sun"

Is this a canard? I think not! I am a Cimmerian destined to wander aimlessly in the midbar blown this way and that by Ruah, the Breath of God. The word I was looking for was cliche. I knew it would eventually come to mind. Hey, I'm old! Enjoy!