Cum si, Cum sa!

  1. Mugwump, noun, a republican who refuses to support the party nomination like John McCain, or Lindsey Graham or the Bushes.

  2. Snollygoster, a clever and unscrupulous person (all politicians).

  3. Snarky, rude sarcastic criticisms(endless party accusations)

  4. Bumfuzzle, to confuse or fluster(Washington DC rhetoric)

  5. Gobbledygook, Political Language spoken by politicians

  6. Kerfuffle, a fuss or commotion( continual unrest in DC)

I have been ruminating about how to write this article. As always I have a tiny minuscule filament or thread that has gained a purchase in my sub consciousness that seeks to gain some menial expression.

I remember the time when I worked in southern Louisiana and I often heard the Cajon expression “cum si, cum sa” A literal translation is: neither very well nor very poorly, neither good nor bad. It’s a catch all phrase that sort of gives an explanation in a vague way of something incongruously complex. In ever language and or dialect there these phrases that convey a vagueness. I live on the border with Mexico and there is the Tex-Mex expression of “mas-o-menos” which means: more or less, not so bad, not so good, and just so-so. How would you define the English expression: more or less? I think you can see what I am trying to say.

This is the way I feel about today’s political arena. In one of my previous blog posts, (A Circumspect Critique of the Election-Nov. 2016) I described that shortly after the election the gloves would come off and the political parties would then revert to their understandable despite of each other and that has certainly come to pass. Personally I am sick of the whole charade but I am also puzzled by the dynamics of it all.

I can pretty much define who I am and what I believe in. It has taken me a lifetime to arrive at my set of values. What confounds me is that both political parties share almost all of my values. I was a Republican but now consider myself an Independent. Why? Because I got fed up with the corrupt Washington elites and my party’s inability to accomplish diddly-squat when they had both the house and senate. Washington D C is an elite click of self-important autocrats that are only concerned with being re-elected. I would describe them as a kerfuffle gaggle of snarky snollygosters who bumfuzzle their constituent populace with their catawampus views and gobbledygook.

I have a lot of Democratic friends as well as Republicans. So why are we so divided? I will list some of our shared values and beliefs and then try and correlate the differences.

  1. I would assume all my friends want a strong military, “peace thru strength”

  2. I think we all want our veterans taken care of and none dying of neglect

  3. I think we would all want traditional family values in our homes (like we were raised with.)

  4. I think we all agree that America is tolerant of all faiths.

  5. I think most of my friends believe in the right to bear firearms and protect our life, liberty and property (almost everyone I know hunts or used too)

  6. I think we would all agree to the strictest background investigations because we are all law abiding citizens.(I have more to say on this- they shouldn’t interfere with me handing down my hunting rifle or guns to my grandchildren)

  7. I think we all agree that one insane individual shooting people doesn’t represent the millions of gun owners and hunters.

  8. I honestly believe that none of my friends would object to the Lord’s Prayer being recited in our schools( it’s non denominational-any faith can say it)

  9. I think most of my friends think abortion is deplorable and hideous. (no one wants to murder a full term child) This is tough! Roe v wade. It changed America! I can’t change anyone’s mind. You are either pro-life or pro-choice but no one I know wants to kill a nine month old child. (There is no compromise because the progressive feminist left demand full term and partial birth abortions.)

  10. I think the LGBT agenda is very controversial. My friends would agree with me that no one should be bullied or harassed because of gender issues. Same sex unions are okay with me but their insistence of being married in the church is not. Marriage is a religious ceremony for the sake of children.

  11. Most are my friends are offended by all the hoopla over bathrooms. Why is this a national issue? Put a uni-gender stall in both girls and boys bathrooms. Problem solved! It won’t get rid of the rub, kids can be cruel!(The Supreme Court refused to bother with this)

I will pause here to reflect on party politics. Trump won the election and it is over and he will be our president for the next four years. I really thought HRC would win. Why? She was a woman! We elected a black man and I assumed America would be PC correct and elect a woman this time. HRC was shown as being 18 points ahead in all the poles and the Democrats were going to take the senate and possibly the house back in a landslide election. WOW! It wasn’t so! My jaw hit the floor the next morning when I witnessed the news.

This was shock and awe to the Democrats, seeing their great expectations shattered but we are adults so we should be able to handle a little bit of disappointment or for that matter a lot of it. I have come to a conclusion that it isn’t so much our beliefs and values but people’s hard core loyalty to their political party. Just like sports and the teams you support with every fiber of your body. Some of us are different in that it’s the people. I was infatuated with Bear Bryant of Alabama, I literally held Bobby Bowden of FSU in the utmost esteem. I super liked Jimmy Johnson when he coached Miami and later the Cowboys. On the other hand I detested Steve Spurrier of the Gators and later Urban Meyer who now coaches Ohio State. Am I making any sense? Getting back to the things both Democrats, Republicans and Independents share.

  1. I think all Americans want a secure border and want to stem the unabbreviated influx of illegals and drugs. America doesn’t want another 10 or 12 million illegals coming in the next 10 years. America needs to also stem the tide of drugs. We who live on the border know that less than half of the illegal aliens and drugs are seized, the rest get thru. Fact!

  2. I think all of us older people respect our Nation’s flag and it pains us deeply to see it desecrated by these hate organizations like the Black Lives matter or the Nation of Islam or our liberal left demonstrators against Trump. I have never seen a conservative republican disrespect or burn our flag.

Again it comes to party politics. If the Republicans want a wall then the Democrats don’t want one. If the one side wants to deport criminal aliens then the other side says no. If one side wants tax reform then the other side says we can’t afford it. One side says leave the ACA alone even though it’s failing but the other side says let's repeal it and start anew. If HRC or Obama would decide to be pro-life then I believe the Democratic Party would follow. Remember they evolved on that issue as well as same sex marriage. Party Politics-Support Your Team!

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Tax reform worked under Reagan, why won’t it now? Welfare reform happened under Clinton, why can’t we do it now? We are endlessly pointing fingers! The free money created by Clinton and then corporate greed caused the housing crisis, not Bush, but Bush got us into another war other than Afghanistan (Iraq).

What I am upset about; The US used to lead now we follow and are reactive instead of proactive, Russia, China and the EU now lead in Space exploration and the US is not in the picture. The US used to have 12 aircraft carriers that plied the oceans, now we can't deploy one on time. I am retired and on medicare but my insurance costs keep increasing and I'm on fixed income.My costs are up over 50%(doubled). Having a cell phone is not a human right! The poor in the USA are not poor, they are fat with cars and plasma TV's. No one in America needs to go hungry, too many services) Our southern border is not secure, they are pouring in(illegals) our legal immigrants assimilate, our illegals do not. I am a Christian and I'm tired of being persecuted as a racist and hater, I'm not! The liberal progressive left burn flags, riot, burn and pillage, they cover their ears and will not listen to different views. Our universities and academia are uber liberal and progressive, they want their safe spaces. Absurd! I deplore homosexual men because they seduce and sodomize young boys. Every homosexual male was seduced by an older male man. They all desire 10-13 year old boys. Yea! I'm homophobic and proud of it but they left just keep saying they're sick(pedophiles)

I listen to all the back and forth in the news and the Democrat’s endless onslaught toward the Republicans and Trump about Russia’s interference and supposed connections. There is no “there-there” (no evidence) The Republicans never let go of Hillary’s Benghazi or her Email server. It’s just politics, Party Politics. It’s the team you root for or the team’s coach or the great player, it has nothing to do with values. Like Patrick Henry and Barrack Obama, “as for me, give me liberty or I will cling firmly to my guns and to my Bible! Cum-si cum-sa, mas-o-menos, more or less!