The Mind, An Ineffable Mystery

Pejorative: Adjective: Expressing disapproval: using terms like nitwit or scalawag in a derogatory or disparagingly way, uncomplimentary in manner.

  1. Congruent: Adjective: Harmony, Agreeing, Geometric figures that have the same size and shape; corresponding in character or kind: coinciding when superimposed. Congruence , Congruency

  2. Hoplophobia: Noun: An uncompromising fear of people who own guns or a wariness towards people who own or carry firearms. This is a new word coined by an army officer, Jeff Cooper, to describe the prejudicial bias (pejorative) most democrats and liberals hold towards gun owners. It is not a medical disease nor a recognized phobia.

The above words are for your edification. I receive them spontaneously or learn of them and I just share them because I feel I should. Go Figure!

I visited the doctor yesterday to inquire as to some tests that might determine if I have had a mini stroke or worse, that I was acknowledging the onset of Alzheimer’s. This inquiry was a result of my ever increasing short term memory loss. Is it just old age and senility or something concrete that I can point a finger at?

I have knowledge I can no longer grasp or bring into cognitive view: Unnamable questions! Unnamable answers! Author: Unknown

The Room Is As We Left It:

By Marion Strobel

The room is as we left it but mellowed to a heightened dignity.

The chairs have summer coverings of cobwebs.

The teakwood lamps are there, and still the bed sags

To the center.

And the table throws its weight of shadow on the spread.

Folly to have left the room unused: You didn’t merit such a nicety

A ragged ache of light sifts through the dust.


A grotesque of the present upon the patterns of the past.

My hands are bruised by surfaces I do not see,

My fingers falter up and down,

A tracery of years!

I sense the echo of a voice I do not hear.

I am not sure the breath I hold

Is mine!

The above prose is about an unused room. After reading the poem, I was inspired to imagine a room that had been abandoned and locked, its former occupant long dead and the room abandoned. The room is still and the furniture is covered by sheets and all you see is the dust suspended or disturbed by your presence. Rays streaming in through the window bathe the room in sunlight when the curtains are drawn aside.

This, my imagination, inspired me to reflect upon a mind that has become senile or developed Alzheimer’s. This mind is present in physicality but void of cognizant knowledge. Its memories are there but covered by a plaque but in this instance the sheets that cover the furniture are the plaques. The sunlight shines in upon its countenance and thus its unknowing smile. To quote: The individual is at home but his light is not on”

My reflection: To understand what I’m experiencing; If you were to ask me if I’ve eaten, I would have to look down to see if I have an empty plate in front of me but yet I can remember what I ate yesterday or a week ago. My wife asks me if I’ve fed the dogs, I have no idea. Have I taken out the garbage- I’ll have to go look. This is my cicumstance!