Hypocrites! The Stench!

I just drank myself a cup of coffee while watching Fox News. The congressional inquiry into the Russian Hacking of our US elections and the distribution of Fake News were the subjects of the inquiry.

I want to stress my absolute disgust for our congress, both Democratic and Republican. The congressmen and congresswomen weren’t interested in fact finding but deemed it an opportunity to verbalize their political talking points. Every one of them are hypocrites and talking heads!

I was absolutely appalled by our government’s outrage and moral indignation! To think the Russians had actually interfered in our affairs by hacking into the DNC and aiding in the spread of Fake News. Do any of my fellow Americans actually believe our government doesn’t perform exactly these same activities? Such naivety my friends!

This factual information came from our fine and reputable intelligence agencies. The same ones that told us the NSA wasn’t data-mining its citizens, the same ones that said Benghazi was just a demonstration over a video gone bad. Our intelligence agencies have become politicized! The US did exactly the same thing to Israel and Bibi Netanyahu that we are decrying the Russians for doing to us. Such naivety my friends!

This is what all modern nations do to persuade events in their favor. All technological nations do this! For example: If the US develops a new stealth technology then the Russians and Chinese soon have the same technology within a year or so. They hack and spy and steal trade secrets and reverse engineer our technology and it goes both ways equally. In fact I believe the US is behind the proverbial eight ball and sucking hind teat as the saying goes. I actually think the US is not quite as good at this as they are! The US is quite arrogant, almost narcissistic.

Let me stress that our government spent extensive money, political capital and intrigue trying to get Bibi Netanyahu defeated in Israel. Our President, wanted a two state solution in Israel and opposed Netanyahu’s election because he was a right winger and a hard liner. Our government thought he was not conductive to a two state solution. Maybe we didn’t hack their computers but our President spent millions there and lost, Netanyahu won! Our interference in Israel’s election is the cause of the enmity between Netanyahu and Obama. We, the US, interfered in another country’s election and now decry the Russians for interfering in ours! We are the hypocrites!

I listened to Tim Kaine complain eloquently about all the Fake News that was put out against HRC. I distinctly remember Harry Reid standing at the podium in the US Senate and declaring publicly that Mitt Romney had never paid any federal income taxes. Of course it was fake and outrageous and everyone knew it. Just look at the mileage the Democrats got out of that, crying for Romney to release his tax records immediately. Its politics plain and simple but absolutely disgusting!

I am so disgusted with Washington D C and our Congress. Our new President Elect hasn’t even been sworn in yet and our present President has asked the Democrats to not help him in anyway. President Obama met with his contingent and Vice President Elect Pence met with his people. What happened to a smooth and peaceful transition? President Bush gave President Obama a great transition but I don’t believe President Obama will give President Elect Trump one. So Sad! Politics! I must assume with good reason that President Obama and the Democrats are like spoiled children throwing a temper tantrum. I will quote Vice President Biden “It’s Over” HRC lost! Like everyone else I thought it was a wrap, 18 points ahead in the polls of a left leaning biased media. The Democrats were dumbfounded! So was I!

This is so sad for our nation. I will digress here and say I would hope for some cooperation between the political parties. The past administration passed a trillion dollar stimulus and the ACA without any Republican input because they had a mandate. When the Republicans approached the table and said we would like to contribute our ideas to these issues for a bi-partisan legislation, President Obama famously declined their input when he said “I Won!” In other words “screw you!”

Now Trump has the mandate and the House and Senate. He will elect his choice for the Supreme Court and that justice will be a conservative. Harry Reid got the 51 vote majority passed and now it will bite the Democrats in the ass. President Elect Trump is a Deal Maker and has asked the Democrats their input and assistance in constructing a new Health Care Initiative. It’s been eight years and the US knows what’s wrong with the ACA and what is good about it. It (ACA) has not lived up to what was promised, let America fix it. The Democrats are seemly opposed to doing anything to assist our new president

I heard it put this way; if you were to build a building with shoddy materials and unskilled workers and a poor architect and on a poor foundation, do you spent a lot of money shoring it up and stabilizing it with continual upgrades or do you plow it under and start anew with a good architect and journeymen workers and skilled labor and built on a solid foundation? Trump doesn’t want to do away with the ACA but make it workable and applicable and affordable. One thing is competition which the Democrats left out because of the lobbyist. When you can go somewhere else and get it cheaper then you get competition between suppliers and prices fall. IT Works!

I will challenge all of you to look at your insurance and decide. When I worked for Halliburton I paid about $88.00 a month for my insurance. I believe it was a $1000.00 deductible and they paid 80% and I paid 20% but you could buy a $250.00 or $500.00 deductibles if you had children. I also had 5 times my base salary as life insurance and had a half million dollar accidental death insurance policy. It was good insurance.

That’s $88.00 times 12 months equals $1056.00 a year and I believe I had dental and vision coverage. I now pay $3348.00 a year for my insurance and I don’t have dental or vision and no life insurance and I’m on fixed income. The ACA lied to us! I had to change doctors and go to their facilities. An Advantage Plan was cheap but you have to use their network. The ACA promised prices would drop but they didn’t. Can anyone even buy a plan now without at least a $6000.00 deductible? Americans can fix this, please let us all try!

All this stuff about Putin is absolutely true! Putin is a despot and manipulates the world to his design. Mitt Romney was correct that he is the USA’s number one geopolitical opponent but President Obama laughed at him as being ignorant and that the Cold War had been over for twenty years. Please look at Crimea and his invasion of Georgia and his advances into the Baltic States. Putin wants warm water ports for his growing navy. He is out to weaken if not destroy NATO and control Europe and the Middle East. The Iran deal is idiotic, North Korea is building Iran’s bombs and missiles. North Korea is preparing to test an Intercontinental missile that can reach the western USA.

I sincerely believe if they (North Korea) succeeds in developing one then the USA needs a preemptive strike to destroy their atomic and missile technology. North Korea is a rogue and very dangerous nation. Does that bring in China into the fray? China is rattling their swords in the South Pacific? China wants control of that hemisphere. The world is a dangerous place!

Another point is the demonizing of Julian Assange. He is a piece of shit right along with Snowden and Manning. They all put a lot of American lives in danger and harmed the USA but what they put out or leaked is not false. Nothing they exposed has been proven to be false. We now know the NSA was spying on US citizens and we know how corrupt the DNC was.

My last point is; The United States Government is inept and inefficient. They do almost nothing efficiently, on time or under budget! We have hope that a businessman might do a little better than our corrupt politicians who are only concerned with being re-elected. They are like spoiled children (Democrats and Republicans) throwing a temper tantrum at not getting what they want. Remember! President Elect Trump ran as a Republican but he is not one nor does all the RNC support him. He is actually a nationalist and populist (the party of Trump) He is not beholding to the RNC, DNC, Lobbyist or special interest groups. WOW!

If President Obama has done so much, why can’t an American Aircraft Carrier deploy on time instead of being delayed for six months. America used to have twelve aircraft carriers that plied the oceans of the world with more firepower than most countries, now we can’t deploy one. I just heard that an engine fell off an ancient B-52 bomber in Minot, North Dakota. America is in sad shape after 8 years of reducing our strength. Reagan! Peace thru Strength!

I do not condemn President Obama, We have had relative peace and a growing but slow economy. My opinion is it could have been better. Less than 2% GDP growth for eight years. His presidency started at the bottom because of the housing crash so it had nowhere to go except up ever so slowly. I think he was timid and anal retentive and an ideologue and dare say a socialist activist but he was Our President and he kept us safe. History will judge him down the road, hind sight is always 20/20!

I think all military veterans(20 year retirees or disabled) should receive lifetime medical coverage at little or no costs because they served. Most of the people that got ACA coverage couldn’t afford it without the government subsidies which you and I pay for with our taxes. Twenty million people got insurance thru the ACA but there are still twenty million uninsured. Why? No one talks about that. I thought the ACA would cover everyone.

I heard another good narrative: Obama Care, The ACA, is like a wounded soldier with a gang green leg. He is in terrible shape and the Republicans are preparing to amputate his leg and save his life. The Democrats are hoping they fail and the soldier dies and thus they can blame the Republicans for his death. The Democrats are stealing the anesthesia, the lamps, the surgical saw or anything that hampers a successful operation. In short the Democrats know the ACA is spiraling down into decay but when it finally dies then they want to blame the Republicans for its demise. The Democrats don’t want the Republicans to fix it nor will they help with ideas to save it, they are just obstinate in their opposition to repealing it and coming up with something new. Politics!