I'm Your Dog

I Really! Really! Love my dogs and I have had many over my lifetime. In my opinion dogs are pure, they don’t have all the evil emotions of mankind. They don’t exhibit greed nor ambition, they don’t lie nor deceive nor do they gossip and liable their species.

Dogs live in the present and have no concept of their future. They cannot plan for their future or rue the past. Dogs are purer than humans as is most of the animal kingdom. Dogs give 100% of themselves in this free and joyous romp about one’s feet and expect nothing in return.

They are always there to greet you and genuinely miss your presence because they become so happy when you arrive home. Your wife may become irked with you but your dog never will. They are loyal in that they are always at my feet and follow me aimlessly around the house no matter the journey. If I go to the refrigerator or the bath or just anyplace, they are like my shadow.

They are super happy when we go outside and they can smell new smells and mark their territory. I can pick up my truck keys and they are beside themselves that they might get to load up and go for a ride but they are just as happy to visit the mailbox.

Dogs are a joy to own and I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs. Some people turn up their noses and snide at the thought and I hold those people in contempt. Some people keep their dogs outside or on a chain and I would like to tie them up with a chain and see if they like it.

Dogs are meant to live with humans, they are social animals. They perform their jobs as sentinels and will protect if taught too. My dogs will rush forward with a fury but will look back at me to see if I’m coming to support them.

Some people will say they can’t endure the pain of losing their pets to old age, again I would say the joy of having a dog out weights the sorrow of losing one. I believe people should be responsible in spaying and neutering their pets. It hurts my heart to see pets euthanized but I understand it.

If I live long enough to own another dog then I will adopt one from a shelter because they need and deserve a home. Dogs are God’s creatures and have a place with mankind and I do hope to meet my pets in an afterlife as well as my parents and siblings. They are life, the same as me. As God is my lord, I am their Lord and protector.

I’m Yours

By Thomas G Moore, March, 2014

What creature is this that seeks my audience?

This lowly knave that pleads with insistence!

Begging alms and favors so unashamedly!

Seeking crumbs from my table so pitifully!

I am its Master, the steward of its domain

It gazes into my eyes as if to complain

To grovel and kiss my hand with its assurance

Fidgety with hope, trembling with endurance

I gaze down into lipid orbs that gleam

Like reflecting coins of borealis green

I see iridescent opals glinting with fire

Tiger-eye gold circling that bottomless mire

So pure! No wallowing regrets of times ere gone

Blessedly naivety! No rosy expectations to it belong

Its humble supplication is but its desire to please

I am its world; it’s all consuming mystery!

Please Lord, I am yours, I belong to you

I require more than a miserly bone to chew

I need your touch, your hand upon my head

Show me you love me, so that my soul is fed

A moment of your time, bless me with your touch

I am your friend, your charge, to protect as such

Your guard, your sentinel so long as night lasts

Your companion thru all things until I pass

I am your faithful dog and your greatest fan

Please touch me Lord with your blessed hand

Master, acknowledge me, a moment of your time

I beseech thee; I worship thee is my only crime

My companion and my dearest friend,

Be thou my companion until eternity’s end

My troth I give to you thru all things cited

For in you I am most pleasantly delighted!