A Circumspect Critique of the Election

Well, the election is over and some of you are weeping and some of you are elated at the outcome. I did not vote for either candidate because I found them both deplorable and no one can point a finger at me nor blame me for the election results.

I now wish to point out a few things that will soon become blaringly apparent and even a glaringly “in your face” reality. Everyone was cordial to each other today but give it a week and the gloves will again come off. The Democrats will immediately begin what they accused the Republicans of, Obstructionism. They will do everything in their power to hinder and obstruct the Republicans, this is Politics

It will begin with their objecting to every conservative justice he nominates for the Supreme Court. The Democrats will be falling over themselves trying to get the Nuclear Option repealed. The nuclear option was instituted by Harry Reid, the Democratic leader of the Senate, when they had control of the Senate which only requires 51 votes instead of 60 to confirm a justice. Yea! It’s coming back to bite the Democrats in the ass.

I have several Hispanic brothers weeping over Trump being elected. I really don’t know why! I will hold Trump’s feet to the fire to build the Wall. America isn’t going to send any Hispanics back except for the criminals, drug pushers and traffickers. Please! Let the illegals come out of the dark and apply for citizenship especially if you have been here for years and have a job and children in school. But they must go to the end of the line behind the people doing it legally. In the meantime they will pay into Social Security if they intend to draw from it and pay taxes. By God I do!

We, the USA, will build a wall to slow the influx of drugs and illegals. Of course we will never stop it completely but we can stem the tide. Take our military and make our border to the south an armed border with the Army and Air force patrolling it. Our Navy and Coast Guard can patrol the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico. Let’s shoot down the smugglers using ultra lights and planes, let the Border Patrol control the ports and bridges. Two electrified fences from San Diego to Brownsville with a mine field in between and military patrols. Sure some people will die and some of them will be innocents until they learn to not cross a minefield. We need to get serious about the drugs and we don’t want another 12 million illegals in 10 years.

Next the US needs to renegotiate our treaties and foreign deals especially the Iran one. The US surely got hood-winked on that one. We need to repeal or fix NAFTA and the China Deal. We need our treaties and trade deals to be more equitable to the USA. Fix our Trade Deficit!

The most difficult thing will be fixing Obama care. It has blown up and is unfeasible no matter what the Democrats say. I am personally paying three times more for my insurance than when I was working and who wants a $4000.00 to $6000.00 deductible. We, you and I are paying the poor’s insurance thru the subsidies. If you take the subsidies away then they can’t afford it anyway. Of course we can address people with terminal and lengthy illnesses. We, the USA, want health care for the poor but we can achieve that through expanded Medicaid. Medicaid has been there all along. Do we repeal it? Do we fix it? We have to do both until the USA, can produce something feasible and sensible. It’s here and we can’t ignore the need but what we have doesn’t work. Capitalism might be the answer if we make the insurance companies compete across state lines. The Drug companies need policing. I already buy some of my meds from Canada.

What else has Trump promised? A stronger military to which I agree. Peace thru Strength. The US used to have 12 aircraft carriers and any one of them had more firepower than most of the countries of the world. Pay our military a living wage so that we can retain professionals. Let America get back in the game in everything. God! We put a man on the moon and built a Space station. Let the USA become exceptional again so that I can feel proud again. Russia, China, India and the EU are going to Mars and landing on comets. The US needs to lead and most certainly participate. What has become of us under Obama?

We, the USA, need to get a handle on our debt. Obama will have a 20 Trillion dollar debt when he leaves office. It was zero when Clinton left and only five trillion after Bush left but we were in two wars. Obama brought our troops home but tripled our debt. Yea! Yea! There was a depression greater than the Great Depression. Wrong! No soup lines and his trillion dollars stimulus built nothing, no shovel ready jobs and not one bridge or interstate fixed. It bailed out the Democrat’s public service unions.

Our taxes are horrible! Our Corporate Taxes are higher than any county in the world. Do what Reagan did and really stimulate the economy. Six great years under Reagan, eight great years under Clinton (balanced budget) that was accomplished by the Republican House and “The Contract with America”. Clinton even reformed Welfare but Obama nullified it. Bush rode on the same Reagan train until the Housing Bubble burst on his watch. All that free money was not his fault. A person used to have to look for a job to get welfare. Obama-just sit on your ass and we will send it to you.

Common Sense stuff like” Everyone in the USA should have a picture ID” even children. Some stuff like food stamps for the needy are necessary but not free Obama phones and almost every poor person in America has a plasma TV and a car-Go Figure!

What else has Trump promised? The USA needs a great plan to fight terrorists. Isis will soon disappear but they will go underground like Al Qaeda and reemerge later somewhere else. I don’t think large numbers of American troops fighting someone else’s war will work anymore. Specific, highly trained special ops troops (Seals, etc.) works well. Get over it! Assassinate the Bastards.

Hey! Let’s legalize pot. It’s no different than alcohol. Being a child of the sixties I would smoke a joint before bedtime rather than have a nightcap. It’s here and not going away so legalize it and tax it. The USA has a huge drug problem in heroin, cocaine and designer drugs. Stop the influx of drugs at the border but users will always find something else. It’s a disease! They will make it here in the USA.

The most important thing he promised and what got Trump elected was his promise to turn Washington DC upside down and alleviate some of the corruption (can’t get rid of all of it) Let us, the people, demand a Balanced Budget Amendment. Let us demand term limits on all our elected officials. Let us address the lobbyists and graft money in our government. It is evident that most politicians will say anything to get re-elected and mainly care about themselves than we, the people.

The first thing on Trump’s mind should be replacing the DOJ Lynch and the FBI director, Comey and deputy director and restore honor and morality back into those institutions. God! I wish we could eliminate the IRS (get rid of its leader also) but I’m now fantasizing. I would love to see tax reform of some sort. Flat Tax? Value Tax? Just something! I would even ask the poor to contribute a little something so everyone has some skin in the game.

Another fantasy I have is to put all the Senators and Representatives on Social Security like all of us. They would then address the problem and fix it. I would also like them to be on Medicare like the rest of us. Privileged Assholes!

I am a little pissed at our sitting President, Obama. He should be neutral in an election when he is the President of all of us, Democrats and Republicans HRC had the whole White House stumping for her. George W and George H can campaign for Jeb or Bill for Hillary but not as a sitting president. The English monarchy are neutral, they aren’t even allowed to vote.

Another pleasing note was Israel and Netanyahu’s endorsement of Trump. Obama and Netanyahu could barely be in the same room with each other. I’m with Israel, the only democracy over there.

The best thing I found in this whole election is: Donald Trump is not a politician. We don’t know what he is but he certainly isn’t beholding to any of the Washington DC establishment. The Democrats demonized him just like they did Reagan (I have the books and cartoons to prove it) Reagan was just a blue movie actor from Hollywood with no experience and walking around with A-Bombs in his pockets and his thumb on the nuclear button. To Reagan America was “the shinning city on a hill. “Now he was a GREAT president. His quotes are memorable “The scariest phrase in America is I am from the government and I’m here to help you” “Our Astronauts died and they touched the Face of God’ I loved that man and openly cried when they buried him. I will watch Trump and hope he surrounds himself with an able cabinet and takes their advice under consideration and governs wisely.