The Walls of Jerusalem

This past Sunday our church put in its bulletin some scripture for reflection. It was from the Old Testaments and it spoke of Zerubbabel, Prince of Judah, and his return to Jerusalem after the Babylonian Exile of the Jews. It was a short text and probably not reflected upon by any of our disinterested congregation. Our congregation is like most of the mainstream churches of today. Old people, white haired saints, maintaining tradition and half of them asleep or napping during the sermon which none of us remember what it was even about.

I am an Ancient Free and Accepted Mason and Zerubbabel and the building of the second temple play a prominent part in what we call The Ritual or The Work. I will attempt to give you a short narrative of our Royal Arch Degree and Zerubbabel and how it may apply to today,

King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon destroyed Israel and razed the temple to its foundation in 587 BC. He looted the country and took into captivity the nobles or ruling class of Israel (Babylonian Captivity)and installed a puppet ruler in Israel.

Persia later defeated the Babylonians and decreed the Jews could return to their homeland and rebuild Jerusalem and the Temple to their God in 538 BC. King Cyrus II even returned all the looted Temple vessels. Zerubbabel leads a remnant of his people( the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin and the Levites) back to Jerusalem in 521 BC but find it utterly razed to the ground.

In order to rebuild the Temple he must first rebuild the walls that surround Jerusalem being they were being harassed by the supplanted Assyrians and indigenous Samaritans who wanted to share the wealth that was involved in rebuilding Jerusalem. The Jews considered them all idolaters and refused them. These Assyrians and Samaritans then petitioned the Persian ruler to intercede on their behalf. The construction of the walls and Temple were postponed for 15 years. This dispute ended only when Zerubbabel went back to Persia and pled his case.

He was at first denied because he would not reveal the secrets of freemasonry. It is here that you may remember the parable; When a question was proffered; What has the most influence; wine , women or the king. Zerubbabel answered wisely that none were correct, that the answer was Truth. This is very Masonic! Masons believe in the Fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of Man and Truth. Deeming Zerubbabel to be wise, the King Darius ruled in Zerubbabel's favor and the walls were finished and the Temple rebuilt. The masonic symbol for the Royal Arch Degree is a trowel and sword crossed because the Jews held a sword in one hand and a trowel in the other as they rebuilt Jerusalem.

There is so much more to this masonic degree including the Three Sojourners who were the Jews thrown into the lion's den and survived and returned to Jerusalem and discovered the foundation of the temple and the Cornerstone of the new temple. All of you may know them as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. There is so much masonic imagery here but I can't explain because I can't reveal The Secrets of Freemasonry. HA! The secret is that we have no secrets.

The point I am trying to make is that I am depressed. When a person stands in the ruins of a city or his nation then he becomes depressed The Syrians in Aleppo are certainly depressed as a war rages around them. The Assad regime, the Free Syrian Fighters, the Iranians, the Russians, the Iraqis, the Turks, the USA, Isis, Al Qaeda, Peshmerga and who knows who else ravaging their city and their country.

How can I equate this with the USA. I am an old person and I feel as if I'm standing in the ruins of a nation that I once knew as extraordinary and noble. I am from an era where we went to the moon, we defeated the soviet menace with Star Wars. We built a Space station with our Space shuttles. we were the leader of the free world. We had the best Army and Airforce and we had twelve aircraft carriers plying the oceans of the world. I don't blame any one President but rather the Democrats and their progressive liberal, LGBT agenda. We used to be One Nation Under God, We used to recite the Lord's prayer and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. The white steeples of american churches were fuller and families dressed up for church and we were taught Bible stories in grammar school. we weren't perfect but we were proud and making great leaps in racial equality. We were moral and somewhat religious and righteous.

Like Jerusalem we are being assaulted from all directions. People immigrating to America legally assimilate and become Americans. The illegals come here in mass and form barrios with their own cultures and refuse to assimilate like the North Africans in France or the mass migration of Syrian refugees to Europe. They are an enclave of unemployed refugees who will remain poor and eventually revolt and destroy the identity of their adopted country. The US in being invaded and our culture is becoming diluted until you can no longer identify an American. Are we soon to become a bilingual nation like Canada? We are almost there(press one for English)

Like the Assyrian and Samaritans these illegal poor want to share in the wealth of America(US) but if you never assimilate or adopt our culture of exceptionalism. If they continue to demand and we continue to comply and assuage their demands then we lose our identity as a nation. The LBGT have almost destroyed God and Faith because our Bible and our faith no longer agree with them. The Democratic Liberals uphold and defend full term abortion and abortion is not evident anywhere in nature(God's blueprint)

It is sad that our ministers and priests can no longer speak about biblical Christian principles that are extolled by the book of our faith,The Bible. It is a blueprint for righteous living and is very specific on almost everything concerning morals and truthfulness. If our clergy were to speak against same sex marriage or abortion or sodomy then they would be accused of hate speech, bigotry and bias and would face federal hate crime prosecution and be deprived of the church's federal tax exemption.

I will state emphatically that the LGBT movement has gained such momentum that if you disagree with them, they will destroy you with the the full power of Democratic Progressive Liberals behind them. The Democrats and LGBT are out to destroy God because of our Bible and its opposition to their views.

All of you Democrats- this is your party! The party of higher intellect and enlightenment(academia) Hillary Clinton is in favor of full term abortion and so is the Democratic party. All of you Democrats are alright and approve of killing an eight month, 29 day old child that is only hours away from birth. Don't give me any crap! This is your Democratic Party! The Democrats say they are for the little man and the poor and the racial biased, the minorities of our country. Some will succeed and others won't. The Bible tells us that the poor will always be with us. The Democrats think they can legislate and mandate equality. That is socialism and communism and it has never worked anywhere in the world. What you get are despots and dictators.

I am not a religious zealot nor a prophet preaching doom and destruction. I am a Christian and an Ancient Free and Accepted Mason and I will fight the fight, I will finish the course and I will keep the Faith. I am one of Hillary's "Despicables" Help me rebuild our wall of Faith In God. I believe Hillary will win the election and she will never build a wall of any sort to stem the tide of drugs and illegals. Hillary and Obama state that we should let them all come, open borders, because they will one day vote for the free stuff-Undocumented Democrats.