I am returning to most of my poems and entering a short history about how and why it was written. This particular poem was a result of a dream I had. It was a vivid dream as most of my dreams are and it was about this woman.

Most dreams you can associate an event, a conversation or an occurrence with the dream. The dream usually pertains to that day and is revisited that night. My dream was not rational, nor did it make a lot of sense. I believe this to be typical with most dreams. In this dream this lady and I were partners in crime in that we stole this bronze door frame that was somehow magical.

The woman was named Esmeralda and this was the unusual part of the dream. I woke up and asked my wife about the name and if it was Spanish. My wife stated that she had heard of the name and that it meant emerald which could denote the color or the gem by the same name.

I did not have a clue, being that I had never heard the name nor read about anyone by that name. I then proceeded to research the name on line and discovered she was the heroine in the novel “The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I have never read the novel or even seen the Walt Disney movie.

The name was completely alien to me and thus produced the inquiry and as a result the poem. Why she appeared in my dream was a mystery to me and caused me to ponder the experience which evoked the quizzical poem.


Esmeralda! Esmeralda! An Emerald Sea!

A name, a word not known to me.

Appeared in my dream and called me to task.

From whence came she I inquiringly asked.

My dreams often don’t make sense to me.

A setting sun reflected on an endless sea.

A glimmering pathway merging earth and sky.

A bronze door frame stolen by she and I.

Research defines her as a witch abused.

An innocent Gypsy girl wrongly accused.

An insane girl engulfed in blood and fire.

Why did she visit my dream, what is her desire?