Restless Leg Syndrome

The above stated medical anomaly is an actual condition of which I have experienced. To set the stage I will say that I received a heart stent that eventually failed( closed up or clogged up). I then had emergency open heart surgery(triple bypass). The surgery messed up my heart beat and I developed atrial fibrillation (a-fib). I then underwent several heart umblations(mapped the heart and electrocuted the nodes) to correct the a-fib. My heart used to beat about 60-70 beats per minute normally but I would go into a-fib and my heart would beat at 250 bpm or become unmeasurable. Thru the umblations and medications my heart now beats about 40-50 bpm normally( I'm now laid back!). I still get tachycardia(up-tick) occasionally where my heartbeat goes up to 80 bpm. It is during these episodes that I experience the restless leg stuff.

Gawd! I hate writing about medical stuff. We old people tend to discuss our ailments with each other because there is nothing else to talk about except politics or sharing pictures of our grandkids.

I am writing this article to make fun of myself. With the national elections just a few days away I am experiencing another type of restless leg malaise. I want to go vote! My daughter and I entered into an agreement that we would vote for neither presidential candidate this year as we found both of them deplorable. We promised each other that we would not let our voter registration make us agents of injustice.

Each night I lay there trying to ignore the itch in my legs to rush to the polls to cast my ballot(pun).Today is the last day of early voting and I hope I survive it. I have always voted as I deemed it my constitutional duty as a citizen of this nation.

The real restless leg syndrome is pretty annoying also. You have an almost uncontrollable urge to move or reposition your legs when you are in bed trying to go to sleep. If you are like me and stubborn then you think you have mind over matter and can ignore the compulsion. This is not always the case. I have gotten up and taken a cold shower to dissuade the urge(when I was young it was another kind of urge!HA!) or just stayed up until my heart decided to beat normally again( go back to 40-50 bpm) It is only when I get the tachycardia that I experience the restless leg attack

It is now Friday, November 4th, 2016 and I will survive early voting. Next Tuesday will be a huge test for me. I have thought to myself that I will just go vote and not tell my daughter but dang it! I'm too honest. I want with all my heart to run to the polls and cast an anti-Hillary ballot.. I have wrestled with myself that I needed to go vote a down ballot for the Republican Party.. HEY! Get Over IT! I am pro-life and pro gun. I am for a secure southern border and legal immigration. I am for the LORD'S Prayer in our schools and saying Under God in our Pledge of Allegiance and on our money.I am for supporting our law enforcement and military. Peace thru strength.I am for respecting authority and common sense.

I cannot abide by this liberal progressive agenda crap that is put forth by the Democrats. I want boys and girl bathrooms and standing up for yourself. This bullying stuff has gone too far but I acknowledge it but our students don't need segregated safe zones. This Political Correctness crap has gotten way out of hand. I am for people taking responsibility and being held accountable for their actions

Everyone in Washington DC is corrupt especially the Clintons and Trump is a narcissistic prima dona and loud mouth and I think bully. Yea! Bully! I don't like Donald Trump but I absolutely despise HRC. I am reminded of Marion Barry, the Mayor of Baltimore, who was caught on film and tape by the FBI doing drugs, with prostitutes and embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars but the people of Baltimore re-elected him and he did it all over again. We know who Hillary and the Clintons and The Washington establishment are, CORRUPT! I will include the Republican Party also! Again, they all swim in the same pool and it's full of crap!