Crystalline Man

This poem was inspired by a program about the Universe on TV. In the documentary it stated that there are no straight lines in nature other than a few crystals. I pondered the statement and realized the epiphany of it. Nothing in nature is straight, not a raindrop nor leaf, soil, grass or trees. The clouds, the heavens and all of nature is invariably not straight but round, oval, lumpy, nothing in nature is straight. What a revelation!

Everything in our world that has straight lines is manmade. Our highways, buildings, streets, telephone poles, etc. are all made by man. It is my supposition that mankind seeks to instill order in what he perceives as a chaotic universe. If you abandon a city or any man made structure then nature will reclaim it with dust, vines, mold, mildew, leaf rot, trees and shrubs. Given time nature will do away with mankind’s intrusion.

I like the mythical realm of the elves who live in harmony with nature by living in tree houses and domed dwellings, harvesting only what they need from day to day and controlling population. They live hundreds of years and don’t overpopulate becoming wiser with age. Living in harmony, observing natural law, not polluting, the healthy and strong survive, avoiding politics, ambition and greed.

As long as this earth has an atmosphere then life will exist here and mankind may destroy himself but life will endure. Mankind is not essential to the earth.

Crystalline Man

By Thomas Gregory Moore, October, 2014

So perverse is man! To confront Creation!

To wage war against GOD! Assuring damnation!

Seeking to change that which is Divine

A damned angel drawing his straight line!

The whorls and sinuous trappings of nature persist

In convex curvatures and myriad shapes they exist

How vile and impetuous is this creature Man!

A Heretic imposing his will just because he can!

With concrete and asphalt he smothers the Earth!

Polluting and depleting the oceans is his curse!

That which sustains and nourishes us he plunders!

With selfish greed leaving his world asunder!

A line is a dot extended is geometrically correct

Mankind’s assault upon this world is suspect

The Universe resists all that is straight

The Curvature of Space was Einstein’s debate

Why is Mankind so displeased with Creation?

Seeking to install order is his vile allegation

Always changing that which was divinely ordained

Man seeks to name himself a Deity proclaimed

Soaring peaks reduced to grains of sand!

Oceans existed where deserts now stand

Ancient seashore astride mountain tops

Continental movement that never stops

The Great Architect of the Universe as defined

Has no pencil with which to draw a straight line

Mankind is nothing in the breadth of time

His demise from Earth would be no great crime