Begotten or Created

I have often sat in church and recited the believer’s oath where it is stated that Jesus was begotten and not created. It is to this I wish to opine.

I believe Jesus was a man because I do not believe GOD is human. I believe God is the Life Force that permeates the whole of the Universe. I am begotten from the Life Force as is all life on Earth and the Life Force has always been since the beginning as have been Gravity, Radiation, the Strong and Weak Forces. I am created from the elements which have always been since the beginning. Matter can neither be created or destroyed, only changed in form.

I was a new thing created from my mother and father and am made from the elements which formed to create me. All things new are created; a baby, a painting, a poem, etc. All these new creations are composed of the elements which have always been.

My question would be, what gives the impetus to start. What makes the sperm swim upstream to fertilize the potential egg? What makes the embryo begin cell division? What is a thought, an idea, a remembrance? Certainly not tangible matter nor a force? Are GOD and the Life Force separate identities? The Forces and Matter have been here since the beginning but what brought the beginning into being from the Chaos?

I do believe Jesus to be divine as were the Buddha and Mohammed. Men who received visions or insights that changed their worlds forever. There are many things I don’t have answers for; miracles, angels, karma and fate. I believe in the power of prayer and the laying on of hands only in that it inspires positive thinking. I believe when we pray we tap into the Life Force. That which is within us communes with that which is without (Life Force). I do not believe God is listening and will heal you. Cancer kills the Christian and the Pagan unequivocally.

So! What do I perceive as being important? Like King Solomon I believe we should acknowledge God, the spiritual part of us. The Bible is a good blueprint for a righteous life. Most of all I feel parenting is the most essential element in today’s society for it is from them you learn compassion, sympathy, love, trust, strength, fidelity, ambition, work ethic and strength of character and the Golden Rule. Thru them you are introduced to God.“Faith, hope and love, the greatest of these is love.’ These are divine in my opinion and are spiritual. I don’t love everyone, I do not hold out any hope for mankind (we are evil and self-centered) I believe in science and hate ignorance, I hate zealots of all sorts (my way is the only way.)

There is a divine plan out there and it’s called nature and the natural order of things. Male and female and offspring, the strongest survive and pass on their DNA. If you don’t produce and contribute, then die. Man increases and uses up nature, do away with mankind and nature will rebound. Mankind contributes to the pollution of the earth just like nature, cow dung, thawing permafrost, volcanoes, earthquakes and droughts, floods, wars, famine, exhaust emissions, etc. The earth will do what it pleases and mankind can’t stop it.

I pray to God and Jesus Christ every day because they are my source, my refuge and fortress in times of trouble. It is inherent for me to believe as I was taught by my mother. Faith takes you beyond what science can. God may not cure me but I can be healed and be at peace.