Our Godish Government

I was watching a Youtube presentation about harmonics and them being a free source of clean renewable energy for the future. It was all about how the ancients used harmonics and resonance frequencies to levitate all those huge stones. Hey! Say what you will but I have seen those stones and those people had to have had something or someone to help them.

You Got It! I am one of those ancient alien buffs. I have been to Egypt and Lebanon. In Lebanon there is a 1500 ton stone that those people(ancients) lifted and placed in a wall. 1500 tons at 2000 pounds a ton equals 3 million pounds. You tell me how they lifted it? We can't do it today even with our technology.

I listened with interest until they started on about doing away with money and everyone contributing their resources and energies to the welfare of the common good. GADS! Communism! Like I have something of worth to trade for a nice new car or maybe my wife wants a diamond ring. Basically his whole premise was the ancients didn't have money and got along fine so why can't we. Idiots! They walk among us! Doesn't that scare you? This guy actually sounded intelligent.

As with all the Socialist, Communists, Progressives and those belonging to the Democratic Party, they think it will all work. The aforementioned doctrines have never worked for very long in any country of the world where they have been tried. These doctrines have always failed and are usually initiated by a strong man or dictator coming to power. They preach and promise commonality for all and equality for all and seize power. Where is the USA today with our socialist president and our liberal progressive Democratic Party?

There are hundreds of parables concerning this very thing. A socialist progressive liberal democratic government will only last until they run out of our money. When they can't tax you anymore and when they can't print enough money and they can no longer borrow any money, then there is revolt and chaos and a dictator emerges. It actually results in war when these nations attack their neighbors to loot their wealth.

Governments keep on preaching fairness for all, equality for all, free healthcare for all, free education for all, trying to get the people's vote and the people vote for the free stuff even though it's a pipe dream. There will always be the poor among us, the drug users and street people(beggars) There will always be those less ambitious than the rest or those less blessed with intellect. Unless you were to create an Aryan Race like the Germans tried to do then there will always be discrepancies among us. People are not equal!

All you hear is "make the rich pay their fair share". All our government wants to do is loot their wealth. They want to punish success and ambition. How dare you consider yourself smarter and more successful than the lowest of us. You VILE! Republicans! Our government has taken prayer out of our schools and claim that some of us cling to our guns and our Bibles. They want to take the word God off of and out of everything and make us a secular society and replace it with our Godish government. Don't pray to God but look to your government for your welfare. We(the government) will take care of you from your cradle to your grave. Just vote for us. I Wretch!

These politicians want Microsoft and Apple and Facebook founders to surrender their wealth, they didn't earn it, the people who worked for them did. Sound Familiar? These politicians are also rich but don't mention that and they will hide their wealth as readily as do the industrial and technology giants. Hypocrites!

I fear God is on his way out in America mainly because of the L.B.G.T. Movement. Christians nor Muslims or basically any faith condones Adultery, Sodomy, Bi-Sexual conduct, same sex marriage, or abusing young adults and children or changing your sex which used to be unheard of.. Since the spiritual faiths don't agree with them then they want to be rid of us. This is a movement people, to unseat God from The United States of America. Our preachers, ministers, priests, mullahs and rabbis have been quelled and not allowed to speak out lest the church lose their tax exempt status or be convicted of Hate Speech. This is the USA today! Again I accuse President Obama of being an Anti-Christ or Anti- Any Faith and Hillary will be his surrogate and thus the end of times. MY OPINION! I believe Obama will continue on probably as the leader of the United Nations or IMF or some World Authority. DOOM! DISPARE! AND AGONY ON ME! DEEP DARK DEPRESSION, EXCESSIVE MISEY(Hee Haw), IF IT WEREN"T FOR BAD LUCK I"D HAVE NO LUCK AT ALL! You Got It !