Greg's Whigmaleerie

My daughter named me the "Wordsmith" and it's my title on the wallpaper of my blog . I found this word when I was writing a previous article and I became delited with it.. I liked it so much that I chose to use it for this article. The word, whigmaleerie, is to me a whimsical word and is it's true definition and connotation.

Whigmaleerie Definition: Noun; (whig-ma-lee-rie) (wig-ma-lir-e)

Origin; Scottish(auld scot)(old scottish)

1) a whim or fanciful notion

2) Capricious in nature

3) An odd or fanciful contrivance

Words are wonderful. When I researched this word I found "auld" which means old in the old scot language. I also found "Tattiebogle" which is auld scot for "scarecrow" I also found words like "Paean" which is a hymn or song of praise. I proposed using "vagarious" which means roving or wandering which certainly applies itself to this article.

A few months back I birthed a notion to do an Australian walk-a-bout. A walk-a-bout is a term used by the Australian aborigines to describe just leaving home and wandering about the country taking in the sights, reconnecting with nature and just soaking up the scenery. No particular destination nor time requirement. (I'll be back when I get back)

I would also describe it as a spiritual journey concerning myself and my innermost being. I mean it to be sort of an escape from the modern hustle and bustle of everyday life. I intend to flee somewhere and escape the election stuff and political correctness and just get off the grid.

I've heard within my inmost soul

Such cheerful morning news

In the horizon of my mind

Have seen such orient hues

Fragment; "The Inward Morning" by Henry David Thoreau

I realize I am not a young man anymore and I cringe at thinking of this trip as being my final swan song. I wanted to drive my pickup and take one of my dogs along for company but my wife put a quietus on all my intentions with stern recriminations. She says I'm too old to travel so far and that I may lose the dog or let something happen to her(the Dog) or myself.

With hands on her hips,she stated emphatically that the two dogs were co-dependant and I shouldn't separate them. Excuses,excuses! I wanted to sleep under the stars in the bed of my pickup. I wanted to sit beside a subdued campfire and watch the embers. I want to see a true night sky again and take in the billions of stars up there that we can't see nowadays with all the light pollution.

I have seen the heavens in their celestial grandeur when I was young and camped out under the stars. I remember a meteor lighting up our camp like daylight as I stared in awestruck wonder. I have viewed the heavens while aboard naval ships in the middle of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. I cannot describe what it's like to view a billion stars in a truly dark sky. There aren't many places to do this in the modern world, there is just too much light emanating from our cities.

I have since proceeded in negotiations with my wife and will now fly to my destination and rent a car and will have time limitations being I have a return flight.I will now drive about leisurely for ten days in four states;Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York, taking in the fall foliage of New England. I have rented an SUV and will sleep in the back of it away from the bears and wolfs my wife seems to think will eat me. Of course I can lock the doors to keep away the murderers and thieves that will attack me. I have agreed to stay in a motel every other night so as to take a shower and not offend anyone or embarrass my wife.(hint! nobody knows me there)

I have booked a four day cruise on a Maine windjammer that was built in 1871. It has no AC or heat nor electricity. We, the passengers will serve as crew and raise the sails by hand(no electric winches) My wife was horrified when she learned there was no toilet facilities aboard. I will leave that to your imagination, just picture an old outhouse that is open to the ocean. Ha! my wife would never! ADVENTURE!

I am not naive in that I know it will be hard not sleeping on a mattress. I am taking a small pillow; such is old age. I am also taking my sleeping bag and will sleep topside, weather permitting. OORAH! I am carrying my flyrod (foldable) just in case I find the perfect trout stream surrounded by a lush verdant New England forest interspersed with the deciduous oaks and maples in a kaleidoscope of reds, yellows and browns. (one day: out-of-state fishing license: about $11.00) My imagination in expectation.

I have always enjoyed going somewhere I've never been before. I have seen New York City but not the Adirondack Mountains in upper state New York. I have never been to New Hampshire or Vermont and I look forward to seeing Fort Ticonderoga on Lake Champlain(history) I anticipate eating local cuisine such as I may find. I have eaten fresh fish from the Gulf of Mexico all my life but have never eaten fried Walleye. I have tried local beers no matter where I have traveled in the world and look forward to trying the local home brews in these states.

I know I will eventually be homesick and want to come home but during the interim I expect to sit beside a campfire in a lawn chair and drink beer and have a Cuba Libre( rum, coke and lime) for a nightcap and then crawl into my sleeping bag. I will arise during the night and sally forth to pee and behold the magnificence of God when I view the heavens and of course shiver from the coolness of a New England night. GOD IS GOOD!