A Paradoxical Conundrum

What a title for a new post. Take a moment and just think of the insanity that is gripping the United States of America at present. I am sick at heart and nauseated at what is occurring everyday in our society. There seems to be an inexhaustible parade of incomprehensible events that plague my sensibilities. I am exhausted and ready to flee and become some inconsequential monk in some unknown monastery secluded away in an unfindable retreat from human existence.

I guess the above paragraph is my vision statement for another tyrannical rant on my part. I deem myself to be insane and unsensible as is this blog post's title which doesn't make much sense even to me. I guess I should define what the two words mean.

Paradox: (1) A statement that seems to contradict itself but may nonetheless be true.

(2) A statement that despite apparently sounding reasonable and true leads to a self-contradictory or logically unacceptable conclusion.

Example: All people are equal but some are more equal than others. A paradox communicates irony to its reader.

Irony: When someone hides their true intentions. A difference between reality and expectations and is often used to convey insults or scorn

Conundrum: (1) an ambiguous pun.

(2) A difficult question

(3) A riddle or puzzle

Example: How did the ancient peoples build such massive stone structures without the benefit of today's knowledge and technology?

God! I feel like a Thesaurus or Webster Dictionary but these words are what I am feeling. So just what is goading this old goat into this fanatical diatribe? I will begin with the new fad (rage) of black athletes kneeling for our national anthem. Hey! I wish they would all stand and just give the finger to our country's flag. It would be the same thing but it would be a little more insulting to the American public. Idiots!

Can anyone out there still believe Hillary isn't lying about almost everything. It is called Hubris: Hubris is a typical flaw in personality of a character who enjoys a powerful position who crosses normal human limits and violates morality codes.I will be fair here because it is also applicable to Donald Trump.

She stated she had one device for convenience but it turned out she used thirteen devices that she instructed to be destroyed by hammers and had had her emails not just deleted but wiped and bleached to destroy yoga schedules and Chelsea's wedding plans?REALLY? She by passed the US Government and the Freedom of Information Act to conduct private business and destroyed everything to keep from being convicted. Whom of you can't see that?

I say again I am not a Trump fan either! Trump is not a conservative nor a Republican nor is he an evangelical. HELL! I don't know what Trump is except a narcissistic prima donna who is only concerned about himself. He has literally been on both sides of every topic. Again I am not voting for either. I have thought of voting for Trump as an anti Hillary vote but he is as deplorable as she is. By the way, she referred to half of all Americans(those voting for Trump) as being a "Basket of Deplorables" and neither she nor her campaign has walked that back yet. She is an Elitist no doubt, HELL! FOR SURE!

Yes! I am Old! I was in the seventh grade when John F Kennedy was assassinated. I remember Nikita Khrushchev beating his shoe on the UN podium and yes we practiced hiding under our desks during a pretend nuclear detonation. I actually thought a fallout shelter would be cool, sort of an underground fort. Yes! our schools were segregated and I remember the riots in Birmingham and the governors of Alabama and Mississippi standing in the entrances to their university's. God! I'm old as dirt!

The USA has come so far in racial equality. It has made leaps and bounds in promoting racial equity. We (the USA) are no longer that nation. America is ever improving and making great strides for its people. A time will come when we look back and appreciate how far we have come but change doesn't occur overnight.

As I have stated in previous articles, I believe the blacks in America have contracted a contagion and it is spreading to every member of that society. Why? Because the news media(cycle) is obsessed with obsessive "Got You" articles. If they would just ignore the Colin Kaepernick drama or the white police versus black criminal shootings, America would be the better for it. The news media sensationalizes everything and fuels the hatred and disconnect of our society. The news media ignores the twenty plus black on black murders in Chicago every week and ignores the twenty plus killings a week in Nuevo Laredo and the drug war. They just report the sensational stuff that rips this country apart. The news media is the "carrier" of this virulent disease, this pathogen that is making the black race insufferable. The other minorities are not rioting and burning down their neighborhoods or assassinating police officers. The Hispanics, the Asians, the Pakistani, the Indian, the eastern Europeans nor the Haitians nor anyone who came to this country are in revolt, just the blacks. I would state that almost everyone who emigrates to America find what they hope for and make a better life for themselves.

Now I will be a bigot and racist but I am not one(everybody has prejudices though). The poverty level in the USA is about 13% and the black race is about 13% of America's population. The War on Poverty implemented by President Johnson made the black race dependant on the US Government. It destroyed the black family as a unit. It became more convenient for a woman to have several children out of wedlock so as to be a single woman with children and receive a government subsidy the rest of her life and never pay property taxes and live in and on America's safety net: Section Eight housing, food stamps, medicaid, daycare, WIC, school lunches(breakfast and lunch). I really feel bad by saying all this but this is what America believes. Where are the black dads raising their children? Why do blacks not marry(70% of black children are illegitimate)? Why do black teens drop out of school. Where is the two parent traditional household in black America? Where are the traditional Christian family values in black America?

Of course I am generalizing and it's not all blacks. Please look at the statistics, blacks commit an exponentially greater percentage of crime than all the other races combined because they live in the inner city ghettos and barrios. My daughter is a high school teacher and they live in a predominantly upper middle class suburban white town. There are blacks in her school but those blacks are military or professional people that have chose to raise their children the proper way. Those blacks chose to join the military and escape the urban inner city squalor and raise their children in a traditional family and Christian based way. They broke out and burst through that ceiling and made a better life for themselves. Why not join the military and learn a new way of life instead of living in the squalor of the inner cities?

I am incensed and I believe every American veteran is also incensed. That stupid guy( Colin Kaepernick) taking a knee behind an American Marine in uniform holding the American flag. I AM ANGRY! BY GOD I AM SO ANGRY! I have a case of RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION! ( my white disease )