We all heard the High Baelon Priest and nuns chanting Shame!---Shame!---Shame! as Queen Cersei walked thru the streets naked from the Great Sept to the Red Keep in the HBO hit "Game of Thrones" as a penance for her transgressions against God. I saw a promo on TV with this lady(Pamela Adlon) chanting the same at the checkout counter at a Starbucks. I thought it funny, it was promoting Season 1 of "Better Things To Come"

I would like to apply this same penance on America. SHAME!---SHAME!---SHAME! ON AMERICA! Why am I accusing America of wrongdoing? I believe America has crossed the proverbial "A Bridge too Far" I believe in God and I believe with all my heart that we are somehow accountable for what we do on Earth. I don't want to start a dialog amongst us about Heaven or Hell or eternal damnation or salvation. This is how I think and I realize I will not change anyone's mind.

It is my belief that there is a finite amount of life(life force) upon Earth. I believe God is that spark or flame or light that dwells within me and is my conscious. I believe in the physical laws that govern our universe; Example;

(1) matter can be neither created nor destroyed but only changed in form.

(2) we have forces that aren't matter; light, gravity, radiation, the strong and weak forces and I include the life force among these.

(3) "I think therefore I am" My physical body is not who I am(my body is elemental)

(4) " I am that I am', the great I Am! An unknowable God

(5) I believe in evolution, that mankind has evolved to where we are today

Do our souls improve and do we ascend to higher and still higher planes until we are perfected and become celestial creatures. Angels? Can our souls be improved? These are philosophical questions which we can debate forever.

I believe God is the Creator and or The Maker of all things. I believe God to be synonymous with Mother Nature. If you wish to know what God's plan is, I believe you must observe Mother Nature. After all we believe God created all things, the Universe is not an accident.

I already know I'm treading on some toes. I wish to remind people that nowhere in nature do I see females destroying their young. When times are bad; droughts, famine, plague, etc. females choose not to breed. The female needs her strength to survive and produce future generations when conditions permit.

I believe mankind has gone astray. There are over ten forms of contraception out there that can prevent pregnancy; Birth control pills, IUDs', diaphragms, monitoring the estrous cycle, propolectics, spermicidal foam, withdrawal, abstinence, the morning after pill, sterilization. I realize this falls upon the female and males aren't too cooperative. We can argue over when the fetus becomes a viable human being and at what term lengths abortion is no longer an available alternative but I don't want to be argumentative.

I believe in birth control and not abortion. I believe a woman has a right to choose. To choose not to get pregnant. I realize some pregnancies are not a woman's fault as in incest or rape and these are acceptable reasons to abort a child. A child that is deformed or not viable would certainly be reasons. Just because you broke up with your boyfriend or got drunk and got laid aren't excuses. I was shocked to learn that most abortions are from married women who have children and don't want more and get abortions without telling their husbands. A teenage girl who made a mistake should be able to tell her parents and let them help her make the decision. It is far too easy to get an abortion in America. It's convenient for all concerned, the boy breaths a sigh of relief and the girl is scarred for life and what a horrible secret to keep.

I believe a fully formed fetus with a beating heart is a human being and where are its rights. It sees light and feels discomfort and squirms around to get off the mother's backbone and kicks. It's a child that hasn't been born yet. I literally hate Nancy Pelosi ( a professed Catholic) who believes in full term abortion, Most of the Democratic liberal progressives secular bastards believe it is okay to kill a baby that is 8 months 29 days old and an hour from being born. How inhuman can we be?

We, the United States of America have murdered millions upon millions of our children.( Seriously!- MILLIONS) I believe mankind is no longer deserving of God's Grace and that we should face the consequences of a righteous God. I am talking about a nation and not an individual woman. We are all worthy of redemption and forgiveness but not as a nation which condones such barbarity and horridness.America has allowed the deaths of millions upon millions of children. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

I know a lot of Democrats that say" personally I am not in favor of abortion but it is the rule of the land(America) and its the Democratic party's platform so I support a woman's right to choose" If God is sentient and asks you on judgement day if you supported killing what he had created, would you stand by your Democratic platform?