Mountebank (Moun-tuh-bangk) Definition of:

(1) A Charlatan selling his antidotal message to an uninformed public.

(2) A dishonest Person as in politicians

(3) A person who cheats or tricks people.

(4) A person who sells quack medicines as in placebos(snake oil)

(5) A person who charms people into buying into their whigmaleerie( whim, notion, idea)

(6) A hawker or flamboyant charlatan.

My daughter called or named me "The Wordsmith" because I tend to find words that I like and have always shared them with her. My daughter often admonished me in that she had to have a thesaurus or dictionary when she read one of my articles or blog post.

Chide me no more, I'll mountebank their loves, cog their hearts from them and come home adored. Wm Shakespeare

I found this word and I liked it and it seemed appropriate concerning the politics that have surrounded us or literally bombarded our consciousness of late. I personally have turned them off and tuned them out with an iron resolve. I still watch the news and follow the Olympics and take note of the terrorist's attacks around the world. The moment Hillary or Trump appear on TV, I change channels. I sometimes have to run to HBO or Netflix to avoid the preponderance of the media because their faces are everywhere. I am almost finished with the seven seasons of "Voyager"(Star Trek/ Yea! I'm a treky) Even Seven of Nine, the Former Borg, in her skin tight jump suit is beginning to bore me.

I thought this word and it's action form of mountebankery was synonymous with chicanery( basic deceit / trickery, deception) on the part of our politicians. Another good word is blandishment(blan-dish-muh nt) or the act of coaxing the public by flattery so as to entice them into believing their hogwash. I will give you this stuff for free if you will vote for me. GAG! Democrats! the populace will always vote for the free stuff.

There is nothing so impossible in Nature but the mountebank will undertake, nothing so incredible but they will affirm- John Bull

The Democrats and Republicans are both very adapt at practicing these deceptions and actually expect the public to agree with their antidotal information (not based upon fact)If you were to fact check all of our presidential candidate's numbers and facts then you will of course see their corruption and out right lying. Basically they will say anything or take any position just to get elected.

I believe the Democratic Party is a little better at this than Republicans being our President is a democratic socialist and Hillary has been in politics for forty years so we can absolutely point to their contradictions and flip flops. I will mention just a few beginning with the latest and progress backwards;

(1) Does anyone really believe that the release of our Iranian hostages and the arrival of $400,000,000 dollars was not a ransom payment. They first said it was coincidental but have now walked it back and said it was an agreement. WOW!

Both political parties throw stuff out there and see if it sticks to the wall, if not, then they change it or walk it back.

(2) President Obama actually said that ISIS is not Islamic. What part of the Islamic State in Syria(ISIS) doesn't he understand. Really? They have the word in their title.

Another word we use for this is Rhetoric(double talk)

(3) Does anybody actually believe Hillary used her private server for convenience? Of course we don't! She had several servers that she used to by-pass the Freedom of Information Act. The other reason is supposition but probably true in that she used them to conduct her Foundation Business while she was Secretary Of State. Who wouldn't? Like the Chicago mayor, Rod Blagojevich, saying" I've got this thing and it's fucking golden" Hillary had something golden, being Secretary of State and selling access to her and President Clinton for donations to their foundation.

(4) Let us pick on Trump. His slogan is Make America Great Again but where are his specifics? Trump is not a politician so we don't have as much to work with and he has no political record other than his contributions to both parties. Trump has literally been on both sides of every issue so how can we believe him.

(5) Trump says let's build a wall to keep the illegals out and deport 12 million illegals. Does anyone actually believe he could get that done? Of Course not! Personally I would like to see double chain link fences with a mine field in-between from San Diego to Brownsville with our military patrolling it.

I live here and our border is not secure. A wall is a monument to man's stupidity but let our nation do something positive. There is a war going on just across the Rio Grande River in Mexico. Why isn't America hearing about it? There was a fire fight last Friday night and Saturday morning. We, in Laredo, Texas, heard the gunfire. It sounded just like Vietnam to me. Over twenty people were killed and not one mention on American News Media. Do yo think our government is suppressing the news? Absolutely! Obama doesn't want the USA to know how bad our border is.

The Democrats say our border is more secure than it has ever been. Bullshit!, Bullcrap! Hogwash! Absolutely false! but they expect America to believe their talking points and rhetoric.

(6) Does anyone believe Hillary's 30,000 Emails she deleted(wiped)(srubbed) were about Chelsie's wedding and her gymnastics? Of course not! She got rid of evidence that would have convicted her and ruined her chance at becoming president.

(6) Both parties propose programs that say they are paid for or will be. Like Trump saying he will make Mexico pay for the wall or Hillary saying all her tax increases on the rich will pay for everything(Hogwash) The middle class will get stiffed again and the rich will find shelters to hide their wealth.(wouldn't you)?

(7) Both candidates say they will save America money but our debt keeps going up because we keep borrowing. Obama said he has decreased the deficit (where?) Where did his trillion dollar stimulus money go? there were no shovel ready jobs. The money was just siphoned off by graft and used to bail out the public service unions. Now everyone, especially Hillary, is clamoring for more infrastructure money again or as the politicians say Invest in America. Invest is synonymous with spending!

I am talking about all politicians, especially the two big liars we have running for president. I have looked at The Libertarian and Green Party candidates but I can find no solace in either of them. What I would condone is getting rid of both Hillary and Trump and let us vote for the Vice Presidential Candidates, Kaine and Pence. Both of them are God fearing Christians and we have their voting records and no scandals for either.

I'm am Pro Life, I am for the 2nd Amendment, I am for decreasing the size of Government. I am for a Balanced Budget Amendment, I am for Tax Reform, I am a Veteran and support our Military, I am for Law Enforcement and Civil Authority. I avow that no one deserves anything they haven't earned. I am for voter ID and against voter fraud, I am for prayer in school, for In God We Trust, for standing for the National Anthem with your hand over your heart. I am for pulling over for a funeral, for saluting the American Flag, for God and country, duty and honor. I am for children saying yes sir and no mame, I am for saying grace at meals, for praying for others and also myself. I am for what's good in America. I am for family with both a dad and a mom. I am for Traditional Family Values

I am against the Black Lives Matter, the Black Panthers, Occupy Wall Street, I am against a 17 or 18 year olds making $15.00/Hr. I am against rioting and the burning of neighborhoods, I am against generational poverty in our big city ghettos. I am against free health care and free tuition thru college( if you don't earn it then it means nothing.) I against slothfulness and gaming our federal programs . I am against illegals drawing on my social Security (I paid in, Its my money and not a government benefit.) I am against the burning of the American Flag, I am against all forms of disrespect. I am against same sex marriage and abortion but I don't hate gays.

So which candidate do I support? Certainly not Hillary, she is the apex of deceit and corruption.( 15000 more Emails she failed to turn over) Certainly not Trump because he is a loud mouth, bore, a narcissist, a demigod, a racist, populist, xenophobe and most of all "A Prima Dona". I don't even know what Misogynist means! Trump is all about Trump and his pretty hair. He makes me throw up! Hillary is no better in her blubber enshrouded pants suits. Little Fat Mama! I also dislike hearing her speak. I do like Trump's wife, now she is beautiful and finally someone good looking.(a model) Yea I'm Shallow! Who cares? (She is eye candy)

Certainly not the Green Party because they are Socialist, damn near Communist. The Libertarian Party is Pro Choice and for open borders. I do like their plan to abolish the IRS(absolutely)

I am not a politician but why can't America do something simple like a flat tax. I am willing to give the US Government 15%, The state 5%, the city 5% and the county 5% . 30% in taxes for everyone be you're an individual or a corporation. No deductions for anyone. If you are below the poverty level then maybe 5% Federal and 2% for everyone else (11%) or less but you see what I mean. Everyone, ever citizen, has got to have some skin in the game. It makes you a citizen.

Let's face the problem head on America and say what we feel. That we, the public, are pissed off and dissatisfied with our Federal Government and our corrupt politicians. Half the people of the USA don't contribute or pay taxes, they just subsist on we tax payers. OH! I hear everyone saying we all pay taxes but half the people get all the money they paid in back and some even get more with the unearned income provision. Graft! Most people in the USA rent or lease their homes so they don't pay Property Taxes. Our property Taxes pay for our schools.

I am 68 years old and pay Federal, State, City and County Taxes in addition to my Property or School Taxes and I'm on a fixed income. I haven't had children in 30 years. What is wrong with America? Johnson's War On Poverty made people dependent on government. It was meant to help and provide a secure safety net, but people soon learned that they could live comfortably by gaming the government. A woman could have tree or four children and never get married and receive a permanent salary from the government. Of course the father had to hide when the welfare worker visited. Government subsidized housing, food stamps, school lunches and free daycare. Healthcare by Medicaid and so much more. People learn to use the system to their benefit. This is our inter city ghettos and our minorities and illegals. They are parasites( living off their host)! It's not their fault! Every part of society learns to use any system to their benefit, it's human nature but it's our governments fault. They meant well!

Another rant on my part, I hope I didn't bore you. I picked on both political parties and both presidential candidates equally I thought. My daughter and I will not vote in this year's presidential election. We are practicing our civil disobedience in that we will not let our government make us agents of injustice, electing a deplorable candidate.