A Sailor

Aloft above the rolling deck

Beneath the billowing sails

Buffeted by trade winds

The lookout searches a horizon

For telltale signs

Of what might transpire

Upon the verge of his sight

A magnificent panorama

Which man does lust to see?

The awe and grandeur

Of God’s artistic hand

Waving a maestro’s wane

In radiant streams

Blending morning’s yellows

Into crimson reds

Watercolors melding

Effortlessly wet into wet

Ere the seaman

Upon the oceans long swell

Of the sea’s endless expanse

But cringing

At the sea’s terrifying depths

For it is there in the deep

That you are pulled

Relentlessly downward

Into Neptune’s dark realm.

How terrifying to be drawn

Downward into the abyss

Leaving forever

The light and sweetness of breath

Might I were to die

Afloat and on fire

That my soul and ashes

Would be carried upwards

Towards the heavens

Upon the breath of a breeze