A GOD Thought

I wrote this a long time ago when I first started my poetic endeavors. It is short and to the point. I am an Ancient Free and Accepted Mason and my beliefs are such that I do not believe there are a lot of Gods out there. There is but one God and he (it) isn’t human.

Humans tend to try and put a human face on God to make him more familiar and understandable. We humans want him (it) to have all our petty emotions; anger, jealousy, ambition, lust, deceit, etc. and so forth. Aren’t we a little silly? The Creator, the Maker, has to be so much more.

In this universe nothing is created nor destroyed but is just changed in form. There are energies that have no mass such as gravity and sunlight. All the matter that was created 13.8 billion years ago is still here. None of it has been destroyed and no more created so everything has been re-used or changed in form.

My supposition is that my body is just a collection of atoms and molecules which will wear out and die and turn back into dust or whatever. The real me is life and it will survive the grave and as we Masons say “Shall return from whence you came” Okay! I know I have already stepped on some toes. Am I a Christian? Yes I am! Do I believe Jesus was God? I do not! Was Jesus divine? Yes he was! I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and I follow his teachings and it is by his name I am called” A Christian”

I would ask you to put yourself on a spaceship exploring space, when you meet another life form, would they have a God? Probably! Would it be Jesus Christ? NO! To me, God lives within me and he and I are one in the same. When I die, will my spirit jump into the next available vessel? I don’t think so! Is the soul capable of improvement? Can we ascend to higher levels of consciousness? These are the questions I ask myself.

Are we really who we appear to be

I think we are something different you see

Life comes from an ancient foundation

Were we not created at creation?

Matter can’t be created nor destroyed

Only changed in form is the rule deployed

A new life comes from something very old

From the GOD Force if I may be so bold

GOD is not a white haired old man

Star Wars” The Force” of this I’m a fan

GOD is not “Out There “beyond our purview

GOD is within, permeating all things new