Grumpy Old Men

I am in a dark place this morning. I awoke about 8:30 AM as usual and laid there about half an hour just musing as I usually do. I say my prayers and contemplate the day ahead. My dogs usually get impatient and the older one starts barking as if saying "Get Up!, Where's our breakfast"?


I finally stirred and proceeded to the bathroom and discovered the tap running. I questioned myself "Did I leave it running all night"? I then remembered I had gotten up about 3:00 AM to pee as we older people do. At that time I had taken myself a couple of Nyquil Caps of water being I didn't have a glass and evidently left the tap running.At least it hadn't run all night.

Why is this upsetting to me? I see it as a sign of my ever encroaching old age and senility. Rest assured that" as God is my witness" I can avow that all of you will reach this point in your life one day. I walked around the house grumbling to myself and proceeded to make myself some coffee. I then went outside on my back porch and fed the birds. I then sat down and watched them feed and observed all the life and going's on in my back yard.. My wife joined me but soon fled because of my dour demeanor.

I then called a former preacher of mine and a Masonic brother and friend. I needed someone to talk to but he was on the way to a funeral so we signed off. I am not really connected to my present Methodist minister nor am I a friend of the Baptist Minister where I visit occasionally.

I went back inside and told my wife jokingly that I felt suicidal. She laughed and stated she did too and would see if she couldn't locate some suicide pills for the both of us. She then departed to run errands and left me to my own contemplations. I then decided to come in here and write. This does seem to placate me somewhat. I was up late last night writing my thoughts about my attitude toward abortion. I perceive my articles of late are very dark as is my mood. I am self aware of my gloomy attitude but I don't know how to psychoanalyze my demeanor.

The world troubles me but my Bible and its scripture strengthens me;

I am the good shepherd, I know my sheep and they know me"

John 10:14

Like a shepherd, he will tend his flock, he will gather the lambs and carry them in his bosom.

Isaiah 53

My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me

John 10:27

As I sat outside this morning I viewed my world, the world of Mother Nature. This is God's blueprint for creation no matter what the liberal progressive L.B.G.T.'s say. I heard a bird chirping that I didn't recognize so I watched. Soon a beautiful Mountain Jay appeared with it's mate and I delighted in watching them in my bird bath. I wish to state emphatically that Same Sex Marriage is not natural. If this male Mountain Jay were to chose as its mate another male then there would eventually be no more Mountain Jays. Pretty simple logic! I would also avow that this male would never sodomize another male Mountain Jay. It's unnatural and perverted and not part of God's plan.

I found another word today; Stultify (stuhl-tuh-fahy) Definition; To make or cause to appear to be foolish or ridiculous. To render something absurd, ineffectual or wholly futile. This is what the secular liberal progressive movement is doing to our culture in the name of enlightenment. I sincerely feel they are destroying the Godly family principals of America.

A general dissolution of moral principals and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued: But when once they lose their virtue, then will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader.

Samuel Adams

From low to high doth dissolution climb

And sink from high to low, along a scale

Of awful notes.

Fragment: Mutability, by Wm. Wordsworth

I feel a little better now deeming I have gotten my ill mood off my chest. I will now go prepare myself some lunch being I didn't eat breakfast. A "Hot Pocket" sounds appetizing.