An Affinity

An affinity: The definitions are multitudinal as I discovered when I looked the word up. The word just came to me this morning while in church. I was doing my usual abstract musings about assorted things as I listened inattentively to the sermon. I often find myself destitute of inspiration when I finish a blog post or article. What more is there to write about being I have sworn off politics? Oddly, there was no poetry sprite dropping this word into my dream, the word just appeared like a light bulb being turned on.

  1. It’s a force that attracts atoms together( all matter attracts)

  2. It’s kinship by marriage or adoption

  3. It’s a close connection such as common interests or similarity in nature and structure.

  4. It’s a natural attraction such as an affinity for blonds or politics.

  5. And finally, it’s the purpose of this article: My affinity for God, the mysterious affinity between me and God.( God and I)

I also discovered a new word which was in my thesaurus as an antonym of affinity which was consanguinity which means a blood relationship. So much for your education, the word impressed me.

I found myself reiterating the Apostles Creed in church this morning and I always cringe a little when I say the words. My definition of God is different than the doxology or dogma of the church. I am a Christian because that was what my mother taught me and it’s the experience I have had growing up. When I pray to God I always end my prayer by exalting the name of Jesus. This we are taught! As I have grown to this ripe old age, I have continually revised my thinking and formed the precepts and tenants that determine what and how I believe. I will try to summarize;

  1. I do not believe in the resurrection of the body. I believe God is life and that he, (it), (she) is unknowable. I believe there is a finite amount of life on earth and we are in some way recycled but I am not a reincarnation advocate.(Nothing can be created, nothing can be destroyed)

  2. I do not believe in a heaven with mansions and streets of gold nor like the Muslims with their seventy virgins. Heaven can’t be a place but more like a dimension, I like the term purgatory where we abide until reused. Simple, I see nature declining as man increases and when something like Chernobyl or Mt St. Helens occurs, then nature comes roaring back.(man decreases, nature increases)

  3. All life is the same whether you are an amoeba, elephant, giant redwood or a human. We are born, if you feed and water us, we will grow, then we mature, have sex and produce offspring, eventually we wither and die. It’s the never ending cycle of death and rebirth. (Nothing is lost, a word spoken is still out there, and who we were is recorded and somehow retrievable.)Just as a memory of your childhood or deceased parents can be recalled.

  4. I do not believe Christ will sit on the right of the Throne of God where God will sit. There is no throne, nor palace, nor pearly gates, and no shining city on a hill.

  5. I do believe in the forgiveness of sin but in that we have to forgive others as well as ourselves.

  6. I believe that all the people of the world will find their way to God if they are kind and God fearing and that Jesus is not the only way. In others words I believe there are many roads leading to God which is against Christian doctrine.

  7. I apprehensively believe in angels and ministering spirits that aid us and give us insight (guardian angels) there I said it! Where they reside is a mystery. I don’t care for the term, “ghost”

  8. I am a spiritual person but not a religious one. The Baptist say you have to be dunked, the Pentecostals say you have to speak in tongues and the Catholics say you aren’t going to heaven if you aren’t Catholic. Sort of silly isn’t it?

  9. I believe God is inexplicably a mystery, undefinable, unmeasurable, indescribable and most of all, unknowable.

  10. Mankind tries to put human features and characteristics upon God to make him more familiar but God is not human.

  11. I am a sceptic and pragmatist in that I question the virgin birth and Jesus being raised from the dead which is the basis of our faith. I am just a realist in that some sort of sex has to happen to give birth (copulation) and once you’re dead and start decaying, your body is not coming back.(it will become elemental, to be reused for something else. Our bodies are not who we are.

  12. I wish there could be one universal church but I don’t foresee one being the dividedness of the world.

  13. I do believe in the Holy Spirit. That being (or God) inside me that convicts me of wrong doing, my conscious.

  14. If I had to put a name on God then I would call him Mother Nature. There is a plan created by God and it's called Mother nature, the natural order of things, God's blueprint, design or plan. Just look at Nature, it is the natural order.

I believe that God is that spark or flame that resides within me. That which I recognize at my deepest core to be real. God is that which is absolutely real! I dutifully recite the Apostles Creed but I don’t necessarily agree with all of it. Does that make me an apostate? Am I a blasphemer of my faith? Remember that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I can’t say that unless it were true. I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and by his stripes I am healed. I have always relied on scripture and the Bible because it is a blueprint for a righteous life but none of us are righteous. We can only aspire to be righteous.

He has shown you O man, what is good: and what does the Lord require of you but to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God. Micah 6 vs 8

Every morning when I awake and roll over, I am greeted by my dogs. They sort of scoot or snuggle closer and stare at me urging me, as if by mind control, to get up and feed them. I lay there and look out my bedroom window and say the same prayer I have said most of my adult life; “Thank you Lord for one more day to see, the light of thy countenance, so I might be; found worthy, faithful, honorable and free. In the Name of Jesus I pray. I ask that you continue to mold me and make me into a Godly man, one that is worthy in thy sight. Amen!”

I really don’t have a problem with how I believe because history will teach you that the church argued over these same issues for about 300 years until they arrived at a consensus and Christian doctrine or dogma for the church. Men decided what books would be in the Bible and men wrote the Bible as they were inspired by God. I believe all the great visionaries such as Buddha, Confucius. Mohamed, Moses and Christ all received visions from God but they were interpreted differently and comprised of what their experiences were at the time. I literally detest: My way is the only way.

The Cold heaven by W B Yeats

Suddenly I saw the cold and rook-delighting heaven

That seemed as though ice burned and was but more ice

And thereupon imagination and heart were driven

So wild that every casual thought of that and this

Vanished, and left but memories, that should be out of season

With the hot blood of youth, of love crossed long ago;

And I took all the blame out of sense and reason,

Until I cried and trembled and rocked to and fro,

Riddled with light, AH! When the ghost begins to quicken,

Confusion of the death-bed over, is it sent

Out naked on the roads, as the book say, and stricken

By the injustice of the skies for punishment

Am I a pseudo Christian? I don’t think so because I have an abiding faith in God but I question mankind. I have no confidence that mankind can get along with each other. I believe the hypothesis that when mankind reaches the point that he can reach out his hands among the stars, he then he destroys himself and his world.

I know some of my Christian brothers and sisters are aghast at my position. They are certainly asking how you can stand there and say that Jesus Christ isn’t our risen Lord and Savior and that he isn’t the flesh and blood of God, his only son, who was created, not made. So are the dictates of our faith. Every religion and every faith worships God differently. I do not believe one is more correct than the other: Catholic versus Protestant, Baptist versus Methodist, Hindu versus Buddhist, or Confucius versus Taoist. I believe that people, all people, should acknowledge God and seek to live a righteous and God fearing life, practicing mercy and doing justly and walking humbly with their God. I consider myself as both sides of the same coin, one individual with two personalities. I am God loving and God fearing and connected to the Earth and to nature on one side. I am a indifferent self righteous monster and killer on the other, duality/ yin and yang. My mother would tell me "Honey, you are saved, sanctified and set aside. Hot dawg!

That mirror

What makes of men a transparency

Who holds that mirror?

And bids us such a breast-barred spectacle to see

Of you and me

Fragment by Thomas Hardy(Moments of Vision)

This article is fairly long so I will terminate it and start a new article about the apoplectic me.