The Mysteries

The ancient mysteries of old unfold

In antiquity’s tomes we are told

Of rituals practiced by aeonian priests

At their primeval equinoctial feast

The Druids of Stonehenge, the Priests of Baal

Initiation and rituals were practiced by all

Rites of passage young men endured

From darkness to light the rites insured

From all these Ancient Masonry did arise

No written records, we can only surmise

Only theories and suppositions need apply

On common sense and rationale we rely

The Ikhwan Al Safa, of Levant fame

Islamic ascetics, The Brethren of Purity named

From their epistles the Knights Templar learned

The sacred Geometry for which they yearned

Knights Templar on trestle boards drew

Designs for castles, masons on stone did hew

With sacred geometry they had learned anew

From the Saracens, great cathedrals grew

Warrior monks, priestly vows they took

Away from prying eyes before the Book

On John the Baptist’s head they looked

The Holy Ark or Grail they may have took

Secret knowledge over the church they held

In Provence, Mary Magdalene, the Blood Sangral

Rich and Powerful the Knights Templar became

Of their fall maybe their arrogance was to blame

The king and church, their plot rehearsed

The Knights Templar were dispersed

A few burned but thousands escaped

Where they went is today’s debate

Some say Switzerland became their domain

Scotland and Portugal we think the same

Masonic symbols on Kilwinning scroll

On Ancient Masonry and the Templars I’m sold

With The House of Stuart ancient masonry fled

The Hanoverians and Windsor’s claimed their bed

Victorian Masonry became the new norm

The Invisible College and Royal Society were formed

Sir Francis Bacon’s Atlantis of Rosicrucian fame

Newton and Boyle, Hooke and Wren were early names

From the Church and King, secrets they kept

From behind closed doors, Masonry leapt

The French Revolution on the Masons was blamed

The new government in America they also claimed

A new world order is said to be our ideal

Conspiracy and intrigue the Masons conceal

To these accusations we do not reply

Humble and silent in brotherhood we sigh

Dogma, religion and politics we do not supply

A handshake, a smile and comradeship we vie

The secret of our order is easy to define

We seek the “Lost Word” and Truth in kind

To perfect the noble aspirations in mankind

For a better world, to perfect Deity’s Sublime