Au Contraire Mon Cher!

I am contemplating a new piece but this computer is acting very strange. I may go eat something and then come back and see if it works better. I am suspect of machines in that I sometimes fear they are more intelligent than I (Artificial Intelligence or A I ). Some of you may recall one of " Murphy's laws": "Don't ever let a machine know that you are in a hurry."

I want to write a simple poem, or some prose that will address my feelings concerning the current sentiment among the Democrats and the Black Lives Matter to scandalize and demoralize our nation's police. There are a lot of public servants out there such as firemen, sanitation and water departments, etc. that we depend on everyday. But our law enforcement and military are being thrown under the bus and demonized. This current fiasco really upsets me.

As usual my dreams influence what I write and thus the "contraire mon cher".Who knows where that phrase came from. I had to look it up this morning( definition-on the contrary)and I don't speak French. I am fearful in that I awoke humming a hymn this morning and my dream was about a person I hadn't seen or heard from in forty years. Nearer My God To Thee!

Twas a scream that stiffened your spine and shocked you awake

It's piercing shrill caused your heart to pause, your breath to take

It chilled your soul and rent your frame, not knowing its name

Oh contraire mon Cher! What troubles beset us in this evening's air?

Oh Lord! it's a creak of a rusty hinge, of a door infringed

It's the thump and slide of a window, Alas! a dark shadow!

Do I hear the tread of a foot or furniture sliding across the floor?

Awake, awake !The howl of your dog, please hurry, make haste

I changed the title to this piece this morning after contemplating what I wanted to say. As always my creative intuition spans several weeks or even months as I continually think about what's troubling me. I reflected on the quatrains above and realized that I wouldn't call the police. I would arm myself and go in search of the disturbance. A woman alone may but the women I know have firearms and would confront the problem as I would with the exception of one or two.

Calamities shout in midnight chorus, at those who snore so late

Of the smoke alarm's frantic beating pulse, grating!, awake I must

Do I sense the smell of acrid smoke, is there fire? I choke

Desperation, my wife, my children, the pet, I frantically invoke

As the title implies, what if there was a fire (contrary) I would certainly be dialing 911 for the police and fire department because it would be bigger than myself and I would of necessity need help( wow! another rhyme). Now if I was in a gun fight with a bunch of gang bangers or a home intrusion or possibly getting my ass beat by a bunch of liberal Democrats then I hope my wife or neighbor would appreciably be dialing 911.

Who cradles the neglected child, cruelly abused by a pedophile?

Who wraps the blanket round the young girl raped and bound?

Who holds the hand of the dying man beneath the overturned van?

Who inquires about the child abused or checks on the elderly recluse?

Who protects the beaten wife, who intercedes to stop the fight?

Who steps in the blood of a suicide, his nausea so difficult to hide?

Who handles the chaos of an auto crash, who barricades the road awash?

Who salutes his fallen comrade, who pays homage to our nation's flag?

The above quatrains explicably describes what the police do for us, the American citizen, everyday. They are the situations police are involved in continually and that are taken for granted. Yes! they see the worst of society, the bottom rung of that ladder they have to descend to and yet maintain their sanctity and composure.

I have seen the horror of war and I have talked to policemen who have had to enter abodes where there are brains on the wall from a suicide; where there are bodies of children who have been killed by their parents; they have seen the bodies of children slain for no other excuse except drugs and abuse. God! I want to scream at these killers and abusers and cause them pain. Let me have a pedophile who has abused, raped and killed a baby boy or girl; I would hang him by his toes and skin him slowly over hot coals. Yea! I would! I hate pedophiles that much but of course it's against the law. The Democrats say they are just sick and can be rehabilitated. Bullcrap!

I really try to be civil but I always lose it and proceed into a rant. I always say Democrats and Liberals, I know a lot of Democrats that share my views especially on gun control but it's their Democratic Party that holds these views and of course there is identity politics( I've always voted democratic and I always will until I die) Slaves to their Party! Ha! I've crossed over many times because I am a critical thinker: I have voted my conscious; I voted Carter, I didn't vote for Reagan the first time but I did the second, I voted for Ross Perot, I voted Clinton the second time and I voted for Bush both times But I disagreed with him on the Iraq War and the bail outs(GM was not to big to fail) Enough of my rant; back to the topic

Drug dealers from behind closed doors plot and scheme on roach filled floors Criminals smile smugly nearby, tattooed harlots in pimps confide

Broken windows on trashed streets gape, leered at from behind closed drapes

Despised, spit upon and cursed of late, looked upon with such dreadful hate

Who stands in the breach and holds the line, unselfishly abiding the time

To be suspicious of all he must though he is not paid nearly enough

To stand so tall, to risk his life, the drawn pistol and switchblade knife

We must respect and give him his due, please stand for!, the warrior in blue

The downtrodden(beggars) depravity(child molesters),ghetto sprawl(gangs).The dealers, the users, the thief's, domestic fights, abused and neglected children, crack houses and prostitutes and whores, illegals, auto thief and homicides, hit and runs, arson, vandalism and so on and on and on! These are the people the police deal with and yet Black Lives Matter accuse them of racial bigotry.

I think most of these people are black because who occupies the inter city sprawl? Not all blacks but certainly the generational poor(welfare) minorities and the illegals who steal to support themselves or their habits. Yea! I am everything a liberal democrat hates.

It is my supposition that no one is entitled to anything they haven't earned. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is all our constitution guarantees. There is no mention of free health care or free college tuition. I am a home owner and my taxes pay for public education(property tax) My federal taxes pay for our military and our interstates. My city and county taxes pay for our police and city and county roads. YES! I pay for my stuff! I am disturbed a lot when I see all these people swiping their LONE STAR Cards(Food Stamps) and here I am, on fixed income, paying cash. I watched a lady today walk out of HEB with two carts of groceries and load them into a new Ford suburban. I Know There Is Corruption and They Are Steeling from me. She had a new IPhone(The big one,6 plus or 7) not an Obama phone and I bet she lives in a nice home with a 62" plasma TV. I should have followed her but that would be stalking and of course I'd be Racial Profiling.

The government creates no revenue! GET IT! They take our money and spend it and enrich themselves in the bargain. Now you know for certain I am a Conservative, right wing, evangelical, gun carrying, Bible toting, white male who clings to his gun and his Bible. I really try to be nice but I just can't. The democrats hate me and wish they could just shoot me because I will never be quiet.

The policemen is my friend and I am akin to all law enforcement. I am a veteran and comrade in arms to all our Military. I like seeing the police about but not behind me. When you look in your rear view mirror and see that black and white, you become apprehensive. What have I done or is there something wrong with my car? We breath a sigh of relief when they turn or pass us, Now Don't We? Just be appreciative that they are about doing their job and that is to protect and serve us.

Not many people are willing to die for you

A soldier, a policeman and a fireman will

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends" John 15:13 KJV