Civil Disobedience

Here we go again! Last night I was asking my daughter to help me with this article and she accidentally deleted the whole article. I was reprimanded for not having the article backed up somewhere. Like I really know where to put something and find it again. It's just like a woman to turn it around and make you feel like it was your fault and make you apologize.

The topic is as it suggests and I will elaborate. My daughter up-loaded her blog article to my Facebook page and she stated she was not going to vote in the up-coming presidential election in November. I found this to be exceedingly strange in that she teaches twelfth grade history and government and is quite the activist. I have always preached to my daughters that it was their civic duty to vote. I harped that if you don't vote then you can't complain.

My daughter told me that she felt that both the presidential candidates were equally deplorable and weren't worthy of her vote. I absolutely agree with her but can I force myself to stay home? I am mulling over this predicament while chewing on a sixteen penny nail as a tooth pick(pun). It's our God given civic duty to cast our ballot, it's the American way. Can I relent and abscond from my duty?

I am so anal retentive that I began doing my due diligence and began researching Civil Disobedience.

I found that Henry David Thoreau had written an essay concerning this very topic. Thoreau was thoroughly disgusted with our government and the way it addressed the issue of slavery which led to his diatribe in the essay. I will try to paraphrase here: Civil Disobedience is an individual's right to disobey certain laws in order to influence legislation or policy. The government, according to Thoreau, is not just a little corrupt or unjust but in fact the government is primarily an agent of corruption and injustice. Corrupt government! Now where have I heard that? According to Thoreau, we as Citizens, have a duty to avoid allowing the government to make us agents of injustice.

So! Our government is corrupt and certainly most of its members are. They are only concerned about getting themselves re-elected and self enriching themselves monetarily. Cronyism! I believe that!. If they aren't rich going in then they are certainly rich coming out and they have the gall to criminalize and demonize the rich and successful. They just want to loot their wealth so they can spent it or embezzle it. Good Grief! I would like to start a movement and ask everyone to do what I am considering. Staying Home!

For the first time in my adult life I don't think my vote will count. I believe the fix is in! What do I mean? I believe the female will win because of this political correctness crap. America elected a black man last time and now they will elect a woman and I suspect an LBGT in 4 to 8 years. I just can't help myself, do you really think Bill Clinton talked about their grandchildren on that airplane? No! They offered the DOJ a job or promised her money. Debbie Wassermann Schultz was fired from the DNC and was hired the next day by you know who. It was to buy her off and keep her quiet. They gave Bernie Sanders some kind of deal for his endorsement. I imagine FBI Director Comey got some kind of deal. I am not a conspiracy theorist, I am just a critical thinker who sees through the Bull Crap. I am a Curmudgen: Look it up!

I have been pretty civil up till now but now let me expound on a notable topic. All of you, I assume, saw where the courts overturned the voter ID requirement in North Carolina at the urging of the Democratic Party and the NCLU. Let me describe the voting process; You register to vote and you are either Democrat, Republican or Independent. On voting day or early voting you proceed to your precinct voting place. The pollsters ask your name and while they are looking you up in their book, they ask you for an ID to prove who you are. They then line out your name so you can't vote more than once. You can't vote in another precinct because they will turn you away and tell you to go to your precinct and will give you instructions on how to get there(its happened to me, they changed my precinct to another place) It Works Just Fine!

What we have in North Carolina will be voter fraud and the Democrats love it. They and their cronies, like ACORN will round up all the street people, bums, hookers and pimps and load them all on a bus and go register them. If you are an American citizen you can vote but illegals and criminals can't. They will then take this same bus load of newly registered voters to several precincts to vote and they will continue to do so until the Democrats or ACORN give them the beer or MD 20/20 money they promised them. These new voters are not on the books so they get away with it and the democrats laugh. The Democrats even register the dead from off tombstones. This is true! So! What do we do? No same day registration! If you want to vote then register now. Get a picture ID, they're free at the DMV. If you can go buy groceries or see a doctor then you can go get a picture ID. It's so simple and common sense but all you hear from the Democrats is voter denial or voter infringement. That is how Democrats get 250,000 voters when the precinct only has 200,000 registered voters. Ha! 150% turn out and not one republican ballot cast. Now isn't there something wrong here? I don't think they stuff ballot boxes any more but I wouldn't put it past them.

Now if you want to hear a real conspiracy theory then what about the Clinton's arranging for Trump to defeat the good candidates which would assure her beating Trump in the general election. Did the Clintons buy Donald Trump? They are certainly capable of it. What would Trump get for his participation? What goes on behind closed doors is corruption and the Clintons have a machine that excels in it.