The Watcher

A man stares at a far horizon

A splendid mélange gaudily wed

Watercolors blending wet into wet

Blending morning’s yellows into crimson reds

Hovering mists evaporating into sunset’s haze

A pristine canvas mirrored in his tranquil gaze

Sinew leaning languidly against a tree

Listening intently to nuances’ nearby

What is his hope? To hear, smell or spy?

Perhaps a rustling, unseen, passing by?

Something back-lighted against the sky?

Upon threadlike tendrils vaporous odors vie

Crouching tentatively upon knee

Like a feline regaled in supercilious pose

Like a fairy nymph or woodland muse

Melding effortlessly into its ruse

Alert senses! Eagerly savoring its intent

Hoping to hear, see or smell its scent

The smell of rain upon the wind

To feel in every awakened sense

The autumn, with its winter’s scent

An absence, a lack of substance,

To touch water, to know its source

Ominous clouds, denoting a storm’s discourse

Atop isle’s promontory, sentinels watch

Frightfully dreading the Viking’s red sail

Ere the seaman upon ocean’s long swell

Ignoring the vastness of the sea’s deep well

The sailor is aloft amid riggings stream

Deciphering the waves, with eyes that glean

Ever the watcher that peruses his world

As he reads the signs, evidence

Of what will come, providence

Inklings upon the wind, credence

To that which he sees and his mind beholds

The watchers watch as their worlds unfold

The Watcher

I wrote or rather composed this piece in about three days working a few hours each day. I really just get bored doing my everyday chores or watching the tube so I usually quit my chores and turn off TV off and proceed to the computer. The computer is so nice because you don’t use paper or pencil and it spell checks your spelling and grammar. There is also a world of knowledge in the synonyms and thesauruses.

I was thinking of my grandson sitting in his tree stand watching for deer and remembering all the hours I spent doing the same. I read somewhere that someone posed the question; why do young men stand by idly and stare off in the distance or at the horizon for no reason other than being lazy? It’s as if they become dumb and spell bound and stop what they are doing to just stare at nothing(other than girls).It’s as if they have lost interest or became disinterested in what they were doing and stopped to ponder some inconsequential event.

It’s poetic as if walking down the beach and beholding the magnificence and grandeur of a setting sun over the Gulf of Mexico or it going down behind the Rocky Mountains. Nature’s canvas with God, our Creator, making the brush strokes. Such is the beauty of nature when one stops to behold it. I have been privileged all my life to have been part of the outdoors. To have hunted in the early morning mists, to scan groves of aspens looking for tell-tell signs of game. To read sign and decipher deer scrapes and follow tracts and often blood. I have dove into the blue depths and spearfished I have traveled over the great oceans of the world and fished in the Gulf of Mexico. I have lived it! Now my grandson is doing the same and I exhilarate in the knowledge that this is his inheritance. Too just sit and watch, to hear everything around you and smell the denseness of nature.

To answer the question: the article stated that young men are genetically programed to do just that, to stop and stare. It is in our genes, our DNA, we can’t help ourselves. Just like deer or elk or birds, they stop foraging to look, smell and listen to their surroundings. Thru the ages we have learned to scan the horizon for game, for approaching enemies, to determine the incoming weather. To look for schools of fish on the surface or fish tailing in the shallows. Young men don’t need to be taught, it is inherent. Learning to decipher all you glean is passed down thru their elders or thru experience. So young men are just being young men as they stop and stare at a vacant horizon but it is never vacant because there are signs there for them to learn to read and to decipher.