Great Speakers

I now arrive at the reason my daughter acquired this blog for me. I can sit here and write out my thoughts and not have to argue with anyone on Facebook or any other media. Unlike most people in the USA I did my due diligence and watched the DNC Convention as I had done the RNC convention. I deem this appropriate if you are to hold a logical stance on the issues that concern us.

What I was struck with last night was the awesome speaking ability of President Obama and the equal ability of Bill Clinton the night before. I thought Michael Obama gave an impassioned speech as well on the first night. People! These are great speakers and I heard nothing near to these from the Republicans except for the exception of Rudy Giuliano who gave an impassioned speech but it wasn't delivered with the expertise and nuisance of the two presidents.

I was enthralled and mesmerized by President Obama as he distributed the cool aid and worked the crowd. He is a master as well as is Bill Clinton in working a crowd with the perfect inflections and pauses and accents to promote their points.The other speakers can put forth their cases effectively but can't bring you to weeping and standing with rapacious applause and heart wrenching emotions. As I sat there and listened to President Obama I was drawn in and hypnotized like the sirens who sang to the Greek sailors and lured them to the shore to shipwreck their vessels. He was sooooooo! cool! and collected and inspirational. If I wasn't a pragmatically, logical and thinking man then I can see myself being drawn into his web of misdirection and untruth.

I can't believe I am sitting here exhorting the praises of President Obama. I see the President as a good example of a father and husband. He has the perfect family and of course it's the first family. He has not been racked by innuendo and scandal as his previous democratic predecessor. I do not consider him to be a man of faith because I have seen nothing to indicate it nor do I deem Trump to be so either.

Now we arrive at the point of this piece. If you listened then you might have been convinced to follow his advice and elect Hillary Clinton as president. God Help Us! Hillary is the epitome of deceit and corruption. A Truth! Hillary and her (past) husband have been embroiled in scandal their whole political lives. Please! You younger people look up or google White Water, Travel Gate. The fact that President Clinton omitted in his speech was that he was impeached and disbarred as a lawyer for lying under oath. Both he and Hillary were involved in his womanizing and persecution of his victims.

Hillary has proceeded admirably in her own scandals or should I say poor judgement. The Reset with Russia was and is a disaster. Her use of her own Email server was intentional so that she could by pass congress and keep her business private. Can anyone reasonably say she didn't conduct her Foundation business along with her Secretary of State business. Can anyone reasonably assume she didn't expedite favors for those who donated millions to her Foundation. Please! Countries don't donate millions of dollars to your Foundation unless they are getting something in return. I want to pull my hair out if people can't see that.

Can anyone not reasonably assume that the thirty three thousand Emails she deleted would not have convicted her of so much more and that their destruction was an obvious obstruction of justice. Hillary just didn't delete them, she delayed for a year and wiped her server continually so they couldn't be recovered. I would imagine they involve her transactions with all these foreign countries for their donations to her foundation and her doing them favors as secretary of state but of course that is all supposition. If you don't realize that then you are drinking their cool aid.

I understand politics and the world is run by politics. The democrats want to see Trump's tax returns and the republicans want to see Hillary's speech transcripts of the speeches she gave to Wall Street. "One-up-man-ship". The Democrats talk of loving one another and of world unity and universal health care for all and equality for all. It is called Socialism and Communism. Its a hoped for Utopia and Perfect World.

The republicans see the world differently in that we live in the real world and not a pipe dream. Senator Pelosi stated that Trump supporters will vote Trump because of the three G's: Guns, Gays and GOD. I am a white blue collar worker and I will vote for the those three G's. For guns certainly! because I am guaranteed the right to protect my life and property and refuse to be a victim. For Gays is a misnomer because I don't' hate gays and you can love anyone you please but sodomy is perverted. Because no where in nature do I see males sodomizing other males and Nature is GOD's Plan. For GOD! absolutely in that I cling to my guns and my Bible. Pelosi alluded to God as a Woman's Right to Choose.

I would stipulate that a woman has the right to choose NOT TO GET PREGNANT. There are a least ten forms of contraception including the Morning After Pill. Use Them, but don't kill millions of babies for the sake of convenience. I gasp at the thought that Democrats believe in destroying a full term completely viable child(full term abortion) The child is ready to be born and they are alright with killing it. The horridness of it takes my breath away. I really hope that God is a sentient being and would ask the democrats if they were actually alright with that? I bet they would all crawfish and blather or cry because they might lose their salvation. Republicans don't want to punish women for having an abortion, we want to prevent the practice with mercy and contraception.

I agree with Trump in that I wish someone would turn up the thirty three thousands Emails Hillary wiped(Not deleted) from her server. They would convict her of so much more and I believe even Democrats realize that.

I am not a Trump Man! Really! I think he is a loud mouth, self centered narcissist, a populist, a nationalist and a lot more. I don't like Hillary either, she is probably is the most qualified but she is part of the problem which everyone recognizes as Washington and the Establishment. Hillary is corrupt! corrupt! and corrupt! some more. I would rather take a chance with someone who is not a politician. If you want what you have had for the last eight years then vote Hillary. If you want a change then vote Trump. I want someone to upset those elite assholes in Washington, those better than us snobs. Those who enrich themselves at our expense. Those whose only concern really is being re-elected. I believe Obama ran on Hope and Change didn't he? How has that worked out for you?

I still describe President Obama as the Anti Christ described in the Bible. He has not been a unifier! He pits black against white, the rich against the poor, the haves against the have not's. He would rather promote division instead of unity. He says one thing and does another. He demonizes our police and military and tells us everything is fine. He has weakened our military(all democrats do)to below WWII standards. He demoralizes our police and military with political correctness. Look at the world, It is not a safe place! There is an element out there that would kill every man, woman and child in the USA and Israel. Isis and Al Qaeda are the killers but Islam is the religion that wants to evangelize the world by the sword. Muslims are sympathetic in their ideal to convert the world to Islam just as our Christian missionaries are to bringing people to Christ.

As for me, I live in the real world and I know it's dangerous. It's nice to fantasize about an Eden or the perfect Utopia but that isn't reality. I will vote for a change and against Hillary. Like the stock market, it's a risk and a gamble but I can't abide the Washington Establishment and the Corrupt Entitled. As much as I don't like Trump, he is a successful businessman. We need a successful nation.