Pastor Peter

My Take on GOD


You asked me to reflect on my view of God and the Universe. I’m not sure if you were humoring me or being serious. Maybe you can make a sermon of this. In ages past a man could be excommunicated or tortured for his thoughts. There was a movie once called “The World According to Garp”, this is the world according to Greg Moore.

The ancients had five known forces: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Aether, the fifth element (The Realm of God). These are also represented by the Five Platonic Solids. That is another subject you should look up because they are quite unique.

In today’s world we only recognize four “Energies or Powers”. They are: Gravity, Electromagnetism (radiation), The Weak Force (Geiger counter stuff) and the Strong Force (that which holds an atom together (protons and neutrons). Today’s world does not recognize the “Life Force”, the soul, spirit or essence of what we truly are. Our bodies are not who we are, our bodies are a collection of elements that can be used for anything (dust to dust, ashes to ashes).

One point you must grasp. Matter can neither be created nor destroyed but only changed in form. The elements of our body as well as all the earth were created at the moment of creation, 13.7 billion years ago so the scientists say. Stars go nova and explode into stardust and again forms new stars. “All that is, was or was before, will be again”

Our earth is made of the stuff that was created 13.7 billion years ago even though our planet is only 4.5 billion years old. In other words we are very old, at least what makes up our bodies is


If all the elements were created out of “The Chaos” (before creation) and all the known energies were also created at that time then it is my supposition that “Life” originated at the very same moment. In my opinion “God” is the total sum of all creation


God is bigger than this planet and bigger than Jesus Christ and bigger than our Universe and bigger than the Cosmos. God is an Unknowable God, there I said it. If there is a finite amount of matter in this universe then the same must apply to the Life Force. Remember that these energies are not matter, they are energies.

Sunlit comes to us from the sun (electromagnetism) and it travels to us on waves but what is waving? We are just now exploring dark energy and dark matter. I am a firm believer in dualism; male-female, good-bad, light-dark, up-down, etc, etc. Everything is proportional; the sun compared to a campfire, an ant hill to Mount Everest. What holds an atom together (strong Force) also holds the Milky Way together and our solar system and keeps us from spinning off into the void.

I believe the universe is absolutely teeming with life. It is everywhere out there just like it is on earth. If you were to meet another life form would he know God? Absolutely! Would he know Jesus Christ or Mohammed, Buddha or Confucius? NO! Would they have their own great spiritual leader? Probably!

There is a theory out there that states that about the time a civilization reaches a state that it can communicate with and receive extraterrestrial messages and gains the ability to reach out into space to explore and colonize it that it destroys itself. Looking at the state of affairs on Earth and our inability to cooperate with each other (selfishness, greed and ambition) I believe it to have merit. I do not have confidence in the human race or our ability to live in harmony.

Does that mean I’m not a Christian? Certainly not! Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, my redeemer and advocate, my fortress and refuge in times of trouble. God is within me, I in him and he in me just like Jesus said. The secret to the Kingdom of God is “WE ARE SPIRITUAL” When I lift up my prayers to God it’s my spirit communing with God, we are one in the same. When we pray we tap into that life force which permeates this world and the Universe and the Cosmos

Our concept of heaven is absurd just like the Muslim’s Paradise. There are no streets of gold or mansions or seventy virgins. We won’t have bodies; our essence can only be memories. We try to put a human face on God with human attributes to make him familiar but God is not human. He is not a white haired old man sitting on a cloud somewhere; “HE or IT” is much, much bigger. Mankind cannot grasp God anymore than we can grasp infinity or endlessness.

I have said a lot but I am a searcher. These points I have resolved but there are so many more that I haven’t. The Apostle Paul is a thorn in my flesh. On the road to Damascus he was blinded by God and Jesus spoke to him. Paul was a zealot and intellectual but turned his whole life around at this one moment and preached the Gospel until he died. I believe Paul’s account as factual. I have personally seen the” Light of God” twice in my life in near death experiences. My brother visited my dreams after he died and re-assured me. I had prayed reverently for six months that he would and he did so. I can’t really tell you what Heaven is like except that my brother said “It was flat as a flitter”.

In my sixty six years I have unraveled and sorted thru most my questions and arrived at a comfortable position with God and myself. You must remember that nothing can be destroyed nor created so DEATH IS NOT THE END. It will be just one more great adventure.

I almost forgot, all life is the same stuff whether it is us, my dog, a tree, a worm or an amoeba. We are born, “all things” from an egg and sperm, a flower’s stamen and pollen to produce a seed. Or self fertilization. If you feed, water and nurture us then we will grow and reach maturity. We will have some form of sex and we will produce progeny or offspring. We will live for a time in the sun and then we will grow old, wither and die. It’s the same for all living things weather you’re a blade of grass or a mighty redwood. Our bodies are not who we are. There is something in all of us, all life, which shall survive the grave. Enjoy!