Of Solemn Thought

Of solemn thoughts I wish to opine

From birth to death is a time

Of memories and thoughts we reminisce

The vision of age and death we resist

On occasions I have seen

Death comes calling, so serene!

In Vietnam's war I do recall

Again at Neptune's beckon call

With stunned realization you cry

“Oh My God! I'm about to die!”

Your life, it does not pass by

Only glimpses of love ones, on you rely

Our lives are but brief shadows

Light going down to night’s gallows

The Realm of God is what we seek

The Aether, Nirvana, of Heaven we speak

In death aren’t we arriving?

Forevermore our souls surviving?

As stepping thru a door: a new reality?

The nature of life, an ancient actuality!

Its dazzling light you first behold

The radiance of the sun ten fold

The brightness of God is what you see

Reverent before it you must be

The mystery of life needs defining

Heaven and Hell require refining

Of duality I deem to be true

If Heaven exists, then Hell does too

Pearly gates, mansions and streets of gold

Winged angels, harps and music I’m told

These await me when I cross the bar

Disembodied memories are what we really are

Knowledge and memories set adrift

No eyes, no ears, no nose with which to sniff

Our concept of heaven is absurd

Paradise we would certainly disturb!

I in him and he in me

God and I are one you see

Alone with God, the Great I AM

The Universe hums, I too am I am

An unknown God we can’t define

Is not God the sum of time?

Weren’t we with God at creation?

Is not life, his emanation?

Countless births, endless deaths

By-gone cycles of eons past

From the Chaos my elements came

Did not life, do the same?

Something within us, something old

As old as the universe I’m told

The entity within us shall survive the grave

In incorruptible eternal light we bath

One precious memory I wish to tell

Of my brother long gone beyond the veil

To answer my prayers he came one night

To tell me about God’s ethereal light

Without words he spoke, my dreams he filled

He showed me his hands thru which gold tilled

I asked him” how he’s doing since he died”

He smiled with mirth when he replied

“Heaven’s flat as a flitter” was his song

“All you do is mow grass all the daylong”

He loved me enough to assure me he’s fine

With tearful joy I thanked God in kind

With Resurrected bodies I can’t agree

Our essence is spiritual you see

That which lives within us is” HE”

An unknowable God: his nature “INFINITY”