Betwixt and Between

It is a good thing to give thanks unto God, to show forth thy loving kindness in the morning and thy faithfulness every night. Psalms 52:1-2

I just got home from Sunday school and church and proceeded to get myself a glass of iced tea. I then turned on my TV. I remember when we called it the tube. I am not certain what to call the thing today. I guess I could call it a flat screen discombobulation in that it incites me to hysteria. Another police slaughter in Baton Rouge, La. Will America's flag ever fly at the top of the pole again?

The above quote from the Bible was on the front of my church bulletin this morning. I enjoyed myself this morning and was at peace with the world until I turned on the TV. I am struck by the divide in our country today and all our politicians using the tragedies for talking points.

I went to church this morning with Whites, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and there were even some Native Americans(ironic pun). We worshiped God together with like minds and like hearts. What is wrong with the rest of America?

There is racial divide for sure but these are elements within each race. I am an Anglo, White or better known as Whitey by the Blacks. I am called a Gringo or White bread by the Hispanics, Pale face or Long knife by Native Americans and so forth and so on. There are elements within each race that are radical such as the Black Lives Matter or the Black panthers. There is the KKK and Arian Brotherhood, the Barrio gangs and drug Cartels from the Hispanic community. These people are all HATE ORGANIZATIONS. That is all they preach!

I am upset with this white police and black people crap. It is a lie that is being perpetuated by Black Lives Matter and Democrats and it's spreading like a contagion among the Black people of America. I refuse to believe that police officers wake up every day with the sole intent of harassing and killing black people. I would think there are a lot more black criminals out there than there are corrupt police officers.

I was curious and had the opportunity to talk with a black friend of mind who I used to work with. I asked him point blank if he had ever been threatened by a policeman? He stated he hadn't but that he HAD HEARD of numerous instances. Again as I stated in a previous article, it is a contagion spreading rapidly in the black community and inciting young men to violence as we have recently seen.

I can watch TV or You Tube on Facebook and see all these blacks getting in the face of police officers, shouting insults, throwing things at police cars and showing absolutely no respect for the police and basically no respect for anyone in authority. It is everywhere and I fear America is going to burn because I see no placating or appeasing this black insurrection. Hard word but that is the way I see it.

I align on the side of law enforcement. Just think what it would be like with no law enforcement. Total Anarchy, looting, raping, burning etc. We have laws and the police protect us. Who comes when you call 911 for help? Who are the police dealing with? Criminals! Even when they cite you for a ticket(which we all hate) it's our fault. The police deal with the worst of our society, they are kicked, spit on , and cursed. They see child abuse and neglect, they see dead bodies and suicides, I don't want that job but they protect and serve us. There are bad policemen out there but with body cams and cruiser videos, they are becoming exposed. I would aver that there are a lot more black and minority criminals in the enter city ghettos and barrios and that's who the police have to deal with. Of all the incidents that have been put forth by the black community as police brutality and murder of young black men; Only Travon Martin, was not a convicted felon but he was beating a man unconscious. Maybe Michael Brown but he had just robbed a convenience store. Criminals doing criminal things.

I also witnessed Turkey's failed coup and its prime minister, Erdogan, purging his military and opposition and becoming President Erdogan. Turkey was a secular democracy but will now become an Islamic Theocracy like Iran. The Military has done this several times in the past and always returned power to the elected but not this time. Only in today's world can a leader get on his I-Phone and urge his people to resist if they are good Muslims and put down the coup. If we don't learn from history then we are bound to repeat it. Remember the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Caliph. His palace is still in Constantinople, Turkey, I've been there.

America and the world is beginning to burn. My daughter posted on Facebook yesterday that we should all turn our TV's off and take some respite from the turmoil but I am addicted to it besides I'm retired and have nothing else to do. I feel like going to the Democratic Convention with a megaphone and shout like all the idiots at the Republican Convention are doing. It's going to blow up! The protestors are looking for trouble! They want it! The Democrats are pushing for it! I'm going to turn on Netflix and make me a stronger drink and watch a funny movie and smile at my dogs.