If you have read any of my anthology then you will know that a lot of what I write about comes from my dreams. All of us dream, it's an institution of the mind, even though most of you don't remember your dreams, we, all of us, dream every night.

My dreams are a little different in that I recall most of what I dreamed about during the night. I hurry in the mornings and make note of them(if they are notable) so that they don't dissipate as the hours pass because dreams do fade very quickly. We have all awakened from a dream and remember it vividly but can't remember it 30 minutes later. I am also different in that I seem to be outside my dreams and can participate and manipulate them to some degree. If I don't like the dream then I change it into something I am agreeable with. I often manipulate my dream as in stopping it or pausing it and reflect on what its source and motive is. "A dream is like a river, ever changing as it flows and a dreamer but a vessel that must follow where it goes." author unknown.

Most dreams can be associated with the events of your day or some past memories and this is common. I am intrigued by what I deem to be inappropriate dreams in that they are about people who I haven't seen or heard from in years and these cause me to inquire as to their health. I don't like being visited by the dead but some dreams are okay if they concern a passed loved one.

I often talk about my poetry sprite or muse that visits me. Laugh if you will! but I receive words and pieces of prose that are completely foreign and old English as if they come from the middle ages. I have often attributed this to my having read the King James Version of the Bible and singing Methodist Hymns or being a Mason. Who knows but it happens frequently.

Last night was especially invigorating in that the word "Devour or devouring" was there in a consuming way like as in a fire burning down a house. It had nothing to do with eating so I made note of it. The dream revolved around me not knowing how to spell it properly. I could not picture the word or recall it. Again, dreams are strange.

I was also involved in some critical thinking in that I explored "Infinity". I was wrestling with the concept of our third imagination. This is hard to explain but infinity is the same in either direction whether you go smaller into the quantum or larger into the cosmos. If you were to go smaller into the quantum then an atom might be a solar system and the nucleus of an atom but a galaxy. If you were to go larger then our solar system might be an atom and our Milky Way, just a molecule and then Universe but a piece of matter. Our human mind cannot wrap itself around the concept of infinity or endlessness. The universe is expanding exponentially in every direction, there is no center from which it started.(Big Bang) In other words, no matter where you are in the universe, it is expanding from you in all directions equally, there is no center. I know! I know! Who is this guy and what's he talking about? HEY!, It was my dream!

I also dreamed that I had been destroyed somehow and that my daughter and someone else were trying to rebuild or reconstitute me from scratch. I am not sure what that means but it was like they were beginning from a thought or remembrance and up-loading me back into existence. It was sort of like the movies Tron and The Matrix and it was all zeros and ones and computer circuitry. I even had to pause to catch up several times and there were instances that I rested. I was conscious and unconscious which was probably a reality being I was on the edge of waking up. I remember vividly standing in front of a mirror and seeing myself as a disheveled mess. I then took control of my dream and straightened myself up or made myself presentable. I vividly remember noticing that I had a gold filling on one of my teeth which I pondered as too its meaning. I remember my mother had a gold filling that you could see when she smiled. I remember I resisted waking up because I was enjoying the dream so much. This is what I mean when I say I am outside my dream looking in."Dreams are illustrations from the book of your soul writing about you." Author unknown

I remember reflecting on the singularity of the event in that I was nothing of substance but there was something before and of a higher illusion. I deemed it to be God because God said he knew you before you were born and thus he was preeminent to me before I was even a thought. Can any of you grasp that?​​

Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, before you were born, I set you apart: Jeremiah 1: 5, KJV

I really did delay waking up because I was enjoying the dream so much and have pondered its meaning all day. I think it was around 9:10 AM when my dogs insisted I get up and feed them. I have a poem called Dreaming which I will repost, I hope you enjoy it.

It's about 8:00 PM and I will now make me a Double Martini to drink as a nightcap, I will take two Advil PM's to help me along and then a shot of Nyquil before I go to bed. Hey! I like to sleep and dream and it really disturbs me when I have to get up and go pee.