Jephthah, Judge of Israel said " I and my people are engaged in a great struggle but I sought your help and you denied us". The Ephramites became angry and sought war with the Gileadites and were defeated and at the fords across the River Jordon the Israelites said

"Say thou unto me Shibboleth", The Ephramites could frame to speak the word a right and said "Sibboleth" which trifling defect in pronunciation, proved them to be enemies and cost them their lives and there fell at that time of the Ephramites, forty and two thousand. Judges 12: 4 thru 7

I must apologize beforehand for what I deem will be a bigoted, racist intolerant diatribe on what I am viewing in the news media and on the social network videos that I am seeing on Facebook and elsewhere.

All of you know what I am talking about, it is the black people versus the police situation that is occurring everywhere, especially in the predominate black neighborhoods of our inter cities.. Our law enforcement people are under siege all over the United States of America.

I want someone to convince me that law enforcement officers go out everyday and purposely seek out black people to arrest and persecute. That the police purposely single out blacks for traffic infractions just because they are black. Silly! Isn't it?

We have all received tickets for various infractions and incidents that were our fault. Some of us, in our younger years, were even placed in those back seats with no door handles and yes I have been locked up a couple of times for an overnight slumber party. Believe me! It was nothing I didn't deserve!

There seems to me that there is a fever spreading among the black community. I can't find a better word unless it were to be a contagion. It is all propagated on lies that have been spurred into epidemic proportions by the news media and the black race activists(black lives matter, Black Panthers, Naacp) that make their living stirring up racial sentiment in the black community.

What I am observing is alarming and asinine. I am hearing that black people in the USA fear for their lives every time they are pulled over by the police. I have even heard black lawyers say as such on Fox News and elsewhere. I don't believe it! I would assume most police officers don't know what race you are when they pull you over. It's only after they talk to you and run your license and registration. Race has nothing to do with it.

Another myth that has been perpetrated by black activists is profiling. Every human being profiles in that we make decisions and develop opinions and insights on everyone we meet. This is the human psyche. It works, just like Stop and Frisk.

I have heard about how young black people are couched as to how to act when they are pulled over by the police. I think all good parents have had that talk with their children. Be polite and it's Yes Sir and No Sir Officer. If you are disrespectful or under the influence of something, then you are going to jail. Even if you aren't guilty, you may be in the wrong car with the wrong people or acting stupid. I would think all children get that talk, be you're black or white.

What I see on television and Facebook is disrespect and in your face by the black community to law enforcement and authority. Like I said, they all have a contagious fever, that is spreading like wildfire to every black person in America. I see resisting arrest in almost every incident involving police and black people.

I watched five black teenagers in Dade County, Fla. who had been arrested for stealing two autos and joy riding, creating complete havoc and unruliness in the courtroom All their friends showed up and there was pandemonium in the courtroom and they too were arrested. They were all sent home under house arrest. Why? Because we fear the black community and the perceived riots and turmoil that has plagued our nation as of late. These black children demonstrated that they had no respect for the law or anyone in authority.

I watched a black neighborhood assault a police officer as he attempted to arrest a black person. I don't know what the individual did because he escaped after men, women and children beat and kicked this officer allowing the criminal to flee and then cheered his escape. Was he a drug pusher, pimp, unlawful firearm or drug possession or just avoiding child support, stolen property or what? I am positive he wasn't innocent.

Every encounter between police and black people now has the potential of a national outbreak of violence: riots, looting, burning of buildings, protests, and so forth. Almost every peaceful protest is now accompanied by violence. I saw where the police arrested and confiscated half a dozen weapons in one peaceful rally, why were they armed? The black community has been incensed and emboldened by our President. Yes! I said it and I believe it!

It seemed it started with him being our first black President. He was outraged that his former Law Professor, Mr. Gates had been arrested. He called the police dumb and racist(it was a white officer who arrested Mr. Gates) because a neighbor had called the police after witnessing Mr. Gates trying to break into his home because he had forgot his house keys. The policeman was doing his job.

Shall we name the other incidents, I might get them in the wrong order: Travon Martin, an unarmed young black man, beating the tar out of a 5 ' Hispanic neighborhood watchman, he got shot because he confronted the neighborhood watch and was beating him unconscious, If I were being beaten, I would have shot him too.

Then there was Michael Brown, who had just robbed a convenience store and then wrestled a policeman for his gun and got shot. HANDS UP, DON'T SHOOT was a lie but the blacks rioted and burned Fergusson, Missouri.

Then there were the 27 boys at Duke University that were accused of raping this girl, again proven to be a lie but all those young boys had to go on trial(they were presumed guilty). Then there was the man who died of a heart attack after he was wrestled down by a several police officers. He was 6' 3" tall and weighed close to 300 lbs. and resisting arrest. He had been arrested 27 times and was out on parole and selling illegal cigarettes. The store owner called the police. Again they were doing there job.

Let us not forget Freddy Grey, again a convicted felon, resisting arrest and dying in the back of a police van, those officers were doing their job and were vindicated. It didn't prevent the blacks from burning and looting Baltimore. I could sit here all night and recount them but that is unnecessary because you all know them from the media. When there was a bad incident on part of law enforcement then that policemen were charged and sent to prison. I know that police will protect and vouch for each other as in any organization but with body cams and patrol car videos they are being properly arrested and charged in most cases. There have been bad shootings and arrest I admit but wait for an investigation and see what is done before rioting and burning your neighborhoods. Sometimes I think it's just an excuse to loot. Chaos and Savage Anarchy!

I would proffer that a black man is intimidated by the police because his race is arrested more than any other. I would point out that most of these instances are in large cities and within the inter city ghettos of lower income minorities. We do not see this in rural America or suburbia.

I was going to quote all these statistic about black crime and murders but it would be to lengthy for this article. Really! A couple of points: Blacks only represent 13 % of America's population but have committed half the homicides in the USA in the last 30 years. There have been more black people killed by black on black violence in Chicago and Detroit than were killed in the Iran and Iraq Wars. Black people commit 1000 % more crime than whites and all the other minorities combined. Fact check me! In short black people commit a grossly disproportionate amount of crime.

I see a serious problem in Black America. I am reminded of the book that Charles Manson, the famed cult leader, wrote, "Helter Skelter". It was his insane rant about the black race rising up in revolt against the white man. Is his prophetic vision coming to pass?

I can't lay this all at the President's feet but he is in somewhat responsible in that he has sympathies for the black race because he is of course black, but he is also the President of all of America. I would also say that he has Muslim sympathies because both his fathers were Muslims. I would also say he is a Socialist because his mother was and his grandparents were communist. It was the way he was brought up and of course he was a community organizer which gave him his Democratic Progressive Liberal Bias. Our up bringing makes us who we are. These young black men are wild and unruly and undisciplined. They have had no fathers to guide them. Another fact, 70% of black children are illegitimate. WHY?

It is only a step from boredom to disillusionment which leads to self pity which in turn ends in chaos. Manly P Hall

The black race has come so far since America did away with segregation and discrimination. I will admit that I have not walked in a black man's shoes but I would bet money I was poorer and more deprived than most blacks. I had an abusive alcoholic father but also a devote mother who did the best she could with me. I learned by trail and error and became responsible and built a life. I joined the military and learned respect. I learned that hard work pays off and I kept pulling myself up by my bootstraps every time I failed and got back on that proverbial horse.

It seems the black race has now come full circle and want to be separated from whites and allowed to have safe zones where whites aren't allowed. Sounds pretty racist to me. It is my stipulation that the blacks are now the racist. They want their own beauty pageants and their own magazines. They want segregation from whites like in the past which is so strange to me. It seems to me that the black race, just like our President, don't want a solution but would rather have the conflict Like I stated they are incensed and emboldened and I fear America cannot placate or appease them.

What do I see in our future? I am no prophet but I do dream and receive prose and insights. I see chaos and riots and looting and cities burning like Watts in LA, Calf., Fergusson, Missouri, Baltimore Maryland, Indianapolis, Ind. and so, so, many more. I see the National Guards putting down the riots with violence

like at Kent Univ. during the Vietnam protests. I think the arsonist and looters should be shot on sight as they scurry thru the streets with their contraband. I see an insurrection!