I Sigh!

The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Like soot stained cobwebs

That hang from the rafters

In the dark recesses of our souls

Hollow children plead

We weren't allowed to be

Like dreams evaporating

Like wringing a tear

From a handkerchief

Down the lonely colonnade

We shuffle along as sighing fades

Remnants of ourselves promenade

Like dusty mannequins in parade

The above prose is what I receive in my dreams. I began this piece by jotting them down so that they don't dissipate like most dreams do. I then attempt to organize them into something of merit and that stirred me into writing this article. Progression!

I found my Sebright hen missing this morning. I had not latched her pen door and she had inadvertently opened it and she had escaped her enclosure. She had two chicks that were about two weeks old. I looked for her late last night and had found them at roost upon my hay bale under my bench. I was too lazy to capture her and her chicks and put them back in their pen last night.

I am mad at myself for being so presumptuous in that I felt they would be alright. I have a walled-in back yard with gates and wire mesh, to keep out snakes, possums and skunks That doesn't deter a cat, be it a large male house cat, bobcat or ocelot,

There were no feathers or signs of a struggle. Whatever had taken her had done it with a single bite while she was asleep. I imagine her chicks were under her and had escaped the attention of the predator.

Something else also upset me this morning. I was watching the news and saw that the US Supreme Court had overturned a lower court ruling in Texas on abortion. I will leave it up to you to inquire into that. What upset me was the throng of people outside the Supreme Court building celebrating. They were jumping up and down and waving their signs in jubilation and proclaiming victory. OVER WHAT? Their freedom to murder the innocent.

I believe that God creates life and now mankind wants that eminent domain. Most people in the USA would deem themselves acknowledging God and a higher being no matter what faith you belong to. I think most people think they will be held accountable somehow for their behavior on Earth. If God were sentient and were to ask you: You were actually okay with abortion? You agreed with those destroying what God had created. Millions of babies destroyed, they simply weren't born yet, they weren't allowed to be.

Am I sad? Yes! Am I aggravated? Yes! I have always been appreciative of Mother Nature and the natural order of nature. Parents, especially mothers, are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their young. Most female birds will play like they are injured to draw attention away from their young. Almost all mammals will fight as best they can to preserve their young from a predator. We have all seen the videos and movie clips showing a mother or a herd animal defending their young against any number of predators.. It is the same with all warm blooded creatures and some reptiles.

It is inherent for almost every species on earth to protect their young, often sacrificing themselves to preserve the species. to ensure their lineage. The strongest survive and pass on their DNA and their genes. Nowhere in nature do I see a female destroying her young. In nature there is a plan and it is basically adhered to. If there isn't enough food or maybe there is a drought or some other circumstance, females choose not to breed.

What has happened to mankind? For eons it has been a struggle to raise a child to maturity. Throughout the ages, disease, pestilence, wars, droughts, floods, etc. have taken our children and mankind has grieved and rent their clothes in sackcloth and ashes, mourning over their lost children

In the past few decades mankind has destroyed several million children in the United States.

YES! Millions! I am awestruck by the sheer horridness of abortion.

I know I'm howling at the moon.You are either Pro-Choice or Pro Life and nothing I can say will change anyones mind. Democrats are basically slaves to the Democratic party and support abortion and a woman's right to choose. Republicans are usually conservative and abhor abortion. There is not one evangelical conservative republican I know that wants to punish a woman for having an abortion. We want to stop the horridness of it. There are at least 10 forms of contraception( including the morning after pill) so why not use them? In today's democratic liberal agenda no one is held accountable for their actions. Actions have consequences! I believe in contraception! There are too many humans on earth. We must control population growth somehow. But I don't believe in murder as in Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Treblinka, like the Nazi death camps

I would agree to a woman having an abortion if the pregnancy endangers her life or if there is something wrong with the unborn fetus.I would also agree if the pregnancy was from rape or incest. Let us all face the reality of today. A woman can get an abortion for having a headache or basically any excuse. It has become a matter of convenience for the modern woman.

Oh! The two little chicks are back in their pen with water and chick feed. I found them this morning at the pen gate just standing there. I don't know if they are aware they no longer have a mother to scratch and peck for them. They are orphans but no worse than people getting the yellow dyed chicks for Easter. Maybe I can raise them so they are able to fly to roost and perhaps lay me some eggs. I haven't named them as yet. Life goes on!