Curious and Aggravated

My daughter recently remarked that when I become agitated and aggravated about current events and have no one to share my questioning opinions with, I then write them down and send them to her. Bless her heart! She gave me this blog(avenue) to express myself and not plague her. She is a smart girl, don't you agree?

I am an ex navy veteran and a self proclaimed ancient warrior of sorts. I still have the spirit but age has withered my acumen and agility in that my body suffers more than than my self perceived opponents.

Something has been gnawing at me for sometime now and I wish to visit the subject. Recently we were all informed that two of our navy gun boats were captured in the Red Sea off Iran's coast.

We were all informed that they had strayed into Iranian waters and were captured by the Iranians. Our President and Secretary of State apologized and our sailors were returned the next day.Our government said" End of Story" but inquiring minds like mine want to know the whole story. I realize that some material has to be kept confidential for security reasons and I understand that but I have a grip!

Our government is not as transparent as they so often promised us they would be. In fact they are the most secretive and opaque aristocracy I have ever witnessed. Like Benghazi, everyone involved, had to sign Nondisclosure Agreements and everything was kept hush hush because it might have jeopardized national security, but it wasn't national security they were protecting but their own ineptness.

When I look at the videos I see two 50 foot, fully armed, gunboats. These boats are top of the line and impressive. They have 50 caliber machine guns and possibly M-60 machine guns. They have radar and electronic jamming and cloaking devices. They have the best radio coms and satellite communications in the world. The crew has access to all sorts of weaponry, Ar 15's that are fully automatic plus I would assume some grenade launchers and other highly technical weaponry.

When I look at the Iranians, they are in 14 foot open fishing boats with old hat Ak 47's(Russian made rifles). How did these antiquated boats and poorly armed Iranians take down the finest boats the world has to offer? Someone please explain this to me.

We were told they had engine trouble and drifted into Iranian waters. Bull Crap! There were two boats and one would have taken the other under tow and towed it to safety. I am certain there was a US Navy Carrier in the vicinity and where was our air support. The same place it was when our people were dying in Benghazi? We (US Navy) have the best coms in the world so we(the US) knew what was transpiring and we(US) were in battle ready condition( or supposed to be) to respond to anything.

Why didn't our people offer resistance to being boarded and captured and why wasn't assistance rendered to these boats and crews to keep them safe?

I offer this, that our military is being run by an inept white house staff who have no military experience or expertise. We already know the President doesn't listen to his military admirals and generals. We know he is a pacifist and doesn't want to confront anyone or anything that might entangle or embarrass him. It is America that is being embarrassed by him. With world communications as they are, the white house is involved with military decisions that the military should be handling. White House staffers are calling the shots making our military look and feel ashamed and embarrassed.

We(The USA) are the strongest military power in the world, we are the Roman empire at its zenith, and we can't confront some ill armed Iranians in fishing boats. I am not sure if our boats were returned to us or seized. I would think the Iranians now have two of the finest, state of the art, military swift boats and all our technology. If I had been there as I know most of my military and veteran friends feel, I would have made a stand. We would have fought the boats until we were killed or captured. The first thing a sailor learns is that you must"FIGHT THE SHIP" We had a carrier nearby with an air force bigger and better equipped than Iran or any other country in the region. Yet! We surrendered

I watched the movie "13 Hours" the other nite. The one thing that stood out to me was there was no American participation in any of it. Of course the people there were State Dept. and CIA operatives along with their protection. Their protection was a composite of ex-military specialist, namely ex marines, ex Seals, ex special forces, etc. but no United States Marines which are usually stationed at our embassies and consulates. The people that rescued them had to change into civilian clothing before getting on a non american plane that carried them to from Tripoli to Benghazi.

There was no american air support even though there was a US carrier in the Mediterranean. not to mention air bases in Italy, Croatia and Turkey. A non american airline transported our State Dept. and CIA Operatives from Benghazi to safety.

We were informed the logistics weren't available. AGAIN! BULL CRAP! Put em in the air! we will take care of the refueling in air. At least there was an american drone overhead so all of the dip shits in Washington could watch the proceedings from the WAR ROOM or ready room in real time. The white House is group of do nothings that protect the OBama's legacy. They are more concerned with being politically correct than acting decisively.

The end of the movie was particularly sad and disturbing. A non american plane came to pick up our heroic dead. The White house washed their hands and then lied about the whole incident and america will never know the truth. Point! The USA only arrested one terrorist in Libya, what happen to the hundreds of others that were responsible or played a part in this atrocity? Our intelligent services can identify and hunt down every one of them. Why haven't we?

Note! Today I listened to the results of the Benghazi Report. which confirmed my suspicions. During the first three hours of the attack, the white house was in council for two hours spinning their story so as to be politically correct and not disparaging the President and our objectives and to put our mission there in a good light and not disparage the libyan government.There was not one wheel turned towards libya or one order given to send assistance. No communication! Even though they were watching in real time they thought the fighting had subsided and no help was ever pointed in their direction to save them.. All the help that was given were the people in Tripoli that self deployed on their own. SO SO SO SAD!