Beside Myself

The above title is all I can think of at the moment and I'm not sure I like it. I was watching TV this morning as I ate breakfast and drank my coffee(10:00 AM) Hey! I'm retired. I am not even sure what its connotation is but it's a term I have heard most of my life. Basically I am just aggravated and disgusted with American politics. I think it means fidgety and on edge like a child that can't be still. I will research it.

The state of our presidential elections is horrendous. I emphatically declare that we are in a race to the bottom of the compost pile. I must remember that I am now posting online and can't express myself with as many descriptive adjectives as I so frequently did with my daughter or friends. They are of like minds in that they are all southern, all Christian, all conservative and all of them are over burdened with a lot of common sense. As I stated in a previous post,"they are my people"

I am tuning the election out and thus not watching much news being the media is consumed with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I don't like either nor do I support the Libertarian Party. It seems probable that this will be my last election being I am now a grumpy old curmudgeonly senior citizen.

What I want to address here is what I deem is Common Sense. The Orlando shooting incident has again brought gun control to the forefront of American politics.( when hasn't it been?) Pause! I really want to express myself in a clear common sense dialog. The shooting was horrid and it didn't matter if they were LGBT or not, no more than the 26 children at Sandy Hook or the teenagers at Columbine. These are names etched in America's consciousness. The people perpetrating these disasters were insane and I think we would all agree.

I think most gun owners in America would agree to the sternest background investigations you can mandate to prevent insane people from getting firearms( law abiding individuals needn't worry). I think America will agree to closing gun show exchanges(trades). If you buy a new gun at a gun show then the same background search is performed. People must remember that removing everyone's guns will not lessen crime. You will still have the same number of rapes, robberies, assaults and murders. What you won't have is mass murder by gun with large clips. Clips are magazines that hold 30 or more rounds of ammo. I listen to these idiots protesting the use of a 30 round shotgun; There is no such thing!

A rifle is a rifle no matter what it looks like(assault rifles are patterned after military rifles which in my opinion is cool). The difference is the number of rounds it can shoot at any given instance. The exchange thing at gun shows is controversial because you are telling me I can't give my grandson my old hunting rifle( 270 BAR with a 4 to 12 power Leopold scope) It's a beautiful gun and cost over a $1000.00 so it is an heirloom to him. What if I want to trade my 22 rifle for a 22 pistol with my brother. New gun legislation will hamper or impair legitimate transactions between friends. Gun show trades are a little different in that it may be a stranger who you are dealing with but then again he already has a gun he wants to trade.

Forty nine people lost their lives to an insane, religious muslim zealot who had become radicalized by watching online radical websites. Do we get rid of the internet? Silly! Of course not! In the same context and I love these quotes; Does your car make you speed? Ha! Try to tell that patrolman it was the car's fault, Does that pen or pencil make you misspell words? of course not! It's people that perform these dastardly deeds. It's the evil human condition that performs these atrocities.

Common Sense! We dictate or mandate measures preventing insane people or unbalanced people from obtaining guns of any kind. Don't You Agree? But this steps on your civil liberties, who decides if we are stable or not. I must remind all of you of the most common sense idiom I have ever heard. There are over a million hunters in Florida alone, that own firearms and manage them responsibly. That doesn't even include the 93 million other people in the USA that hunt and own firearms. That doesn't include the millions that have a pistol in their night stand beside their bed.

Common Sense!With a gun I am considered a citizen, without a gun I am a subject. If someone breaks into my home or threatens my wife, children or even my dogs, I am not a victim. Not everyone is brave but some of us are warriors and "with my last breath I will grapple with thee" I have a God given, constitutional right, to defend my life and property. The 2nd amendment absolutely affirms this. I do not trust the police to get there in time. There are now home invasions that have become popular and you wouldn't even have time to call the police

Now I will address the political objectives. If your government takes away your guns then you can't overthrow an oppressive government. Please! All of you, look at history! Seizure or registrations of guns are the first steps of an authoritarian government seizing power. This is Socialism people, look at the third world countries and decide. Socialism is not about taking care of the poor, providing free health care, providing free education and maintaining lower food cost, higher minimum wages,etc. etc. It is about control, getting the vote( Republicans are as guilty in wanting control,power) and then seizing power and with no guns you can't resist. Our founding fathers understood this." Periodically the Altar of Freedom must be sprinkled with the blood of tyrants and patriots" Thomas Jefferson. I feel as if I'm howling at the moon. I can see and understand all of this. Call it old age wisdom. I am sure the Democratic Liberal Progressives will absolutely disagree. Be a student and peruse history and fact check me. I am astonished that there are those that will argue with this logic. My wife is from Mexico and absolutely abhors guns because her country didn't allow them and that was the way she was brought up. A few years ago there were more people dying in Mexico from the drug cartels than were being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Again! taking away guns does not prevent murder! The criminals will always have guns.

The last point and this scares me to death. The Democratic liberals say they don't want to seize our guns but just prevent mass murders. Please note Australia, one day everyone in Australia were told to turn in their illegal firearms or go to jail. You say it can't happen in America because of our Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. WRONG! With Hillary as President and if they(Democrats) get control of the House and Senate and she can appoint one or two Liberal Supreme Court justices then you will see it. Please remember it's about power! Remember the Stimulus Bill(A trillion dollars) that only bailed out the public service and federal unions. There was also Obama Care(we have to pass it before we find out what's in it) I ask all of you, has your insurance costs and your deductibles went down? Of Course not! The Democratic Liberals say "well it would have been worse if we hadn't passed them.Wrong! Maybe! They don't have crystal balls and it's just political talking points. I am signing off now before I become hysterical.