Whiskeys and Scotches

I had a dream last night or rather a dialog with myself and it turned into a sort of epiphany of sorts. This week I decided to become a whiskey drinker or at least try the spirit. I am resentful of the substance being my father drank straight whisky (Seagram Seven) and chased it with Seven Up. My father was a mean drunk and often beat my mother and I can still recall the wretched smell of it on his breath.

I performed my due diligence and researched the subject on line, sipping fine whiskey or scotch. The subject was quite exhaustive to my surprise and I learned a great deal. I learned that most whiskeys are blends and that Scotch is only distilled in Scotland. I learned that the way it’s distilled and in what containers makes a difference and there is such a thing as copper pot whiskey. Of course whiskey can be made from almost anything; rye, barley, corn, potatoes, rice, etc. How it’s stored and aged also makes a huge difference and that charcoal plays a huge part in its taste.

I learned that drinking it straight is called “neat” and I learned this was not the normal way to consume it. The proper way is to add a few drops of water at a time to arrive at your preferred palate and then remembering that amount so as to add that exact amount to your ounce of fine whiskey. I learned that you aren’t to use tap water because it has chlorine which destroys the taste. The best water is mineral water or tonic water. I learned that you shouldn’t even use natural well water because it has sulfur and hard minerals. I also learned that ice cubes are not preferred because they dilute your whiskey and that mixed drinks shouldn’t be made with fine whiskey because it covers the taste and the ambiance of the fine whiskey. I learned that chilled whiskey was acceptable but you should use the artificial ice cubes or stones and freeze them and add them to your drink.

I learned that whiskey is usually rated according to how long it was aged and that the youngest whiskey was the stated age. To explain; if you were to blend a 20 year old scotch with a 12 year old bourbon, then the age is 12 year. Like I said almost all whiskeys are blends.

Yesterday I shopped for a fine whiskey or scotch. I had my list from the favorites that I had perused on line. I visited two liquor stores so as to compare prices. A fine bottle of whiskey or scotch will set you back over $100.00 such as Glenfiddich 15 Scotch. An average middle class whiskey like Maker’s Mark will run you $55.00 a bottle and then of course you keep coming down to like Jack Daniel Black Label and then way on down to cheap whiskey or rot gut stuff. The assortment is huge and quite baffling and I was thankful I had a list of good whiskeys.

Last night I had my first whiskey in the form of a gentleman’s drink. I had purchased an above average whiskey called Woodford Reserve and it came in a gift set which included a bottle of the Master’s Selection and a bottle of Rare Rye Selection and they came with whiskey glasses in a wooden display box(Father’s day). I am always a sucker for a deal and of course the woman recommended it since I was talkative and had given her my life’s story and the reason for my quest.

I know I’m just too friendly and runoff at the mouth especially around pretty women who are attentive to me.

I poured me an ounce of the spirit and took a sip. True to the research I had done, it anesthetized my tongue immediately. I then added a cap full of tonic water and took another sip. A note; I had received these artificial ice cubes years ago for X-Mas but couldn’t find them so I used a couple of my own polished agate that I had frozen to cool my drink. I then proceeded to add another cap full of tonic water and this was more to my liking. I savored the experience and sipped and analyzed the experience, my first gentleman’s drink.

My epiphany was this, America (USA) was or used to be a fine whiskey especially after World War II. It is now a lesser country but still a good one so it’s come down from a $100.00 a bottle to a $50.00 a bottle whiskey. Good and still heads above the rest of the third world counties and on par with other good countries in western Europe


Immigration is good just like the tonic water you add but it should be mineral water or tonic water (educated professionals) in small amounts in order to maintain the excellence of the whiskey. Too much water dilutes the whiskey as does too much immigration dilutes our culture and our national identity. The impurities such as chlorine and sulfur gives good whiskey a bad taste as does the drug dealers, criminals and so forth that come with the immigrants and so defile our country and corrupt it.

The liberal progressive agenda and socialistic attitudes of our Democrats and the Europeans cover up the fineness and extraordinary nature our republic and we are still a good representative republic. I equate Liberalism as covering up the natural order of things just like coke covers the excellence of a fine whiskey. It’s not bad and its tastes great but what’s the purpose of having a fine whiskey only to cover it up in a mixed drink? The coke or whatever you mix your whiskey with is sweet just like what all the Liberals promise you; free health care and free education and the forgiveness of educational debt, subsidized housing and food stamps, unending unemployment checks, etc., etc., etc.

Our country has had good and bad. We suffered thru the corruption of the Nixon Presidency and the ineptness of the Carter Presidency and reemerged from them stronger with Reagan and Clinton. I think that was the end of our greatness. From here on we declined from a tax revenue surplus into two wars with Bush. The housing crash was not Bush’s fault that went back to all the free money Clinton created for housing and American greed (flipping houses)

We then come to Obama and the recession and it was a bad one but his “Stimulus” (A trillion dollars) went to bail out public service unions(no shovel ready jobs) and bouncing along the bottom for 8 years with our GDP under 2% has not helped nor his progressive regulatory policies. Porto Rico now wants a bail out as does every big city in America, Detroit and Chicago. Miami and LA, hell the whole state of California. Socialism doesn’t work and it has never worked anywhere in the world but our Democratic friends believe it does somehow and want it for the USA.

America is no longer a fine $100.00 a bottle whiskey and I think we have passed the middle range stuff like Maker’s Mark and now are somewhere between Jack Daniel Black Label and Seagram’s Seven but we are not drinking Mescal yet.