This poem is actually a Shakespearian sonnet which I have researched. It is comprised of three quatrains and a couplet and is written in iambic pentameter. In short; a quatrain is four lines and a couplet is two. Iambic pentameter is five syllables or doubled as here to ten. Total of fourteen lines.

So much for your education. I got the word “jeremiad” from my on line subscription to “Word-a-Day”. It originates from the Biblical context of the prophet Jeremiah lamenting the sins of Israel in the Book of Lamentations. In short it’s a prolonged lament about anything of your choosing.

In my case it’s the way the world is bowing to the L.G.B.T. agenda and it has metamorphosed into a hatred of Christians since we don’t approve of their lifestyle or other things such as abortion. In other words the liberals accuse us of being bigots, haters and racists if we don’t agree with them. Conservatism is now being equated as being Christian and we are deemed intolerant. I am ready for the world to end and clean up this mess. Bring on climate change and let God do away with mankind because we, “mankind”, are the problem, not climate change. I heard on the news that the shooting in Orlando is being equated as Radical Christians opposing the L.B.G.T. agenda in equal proportion to Radical Islam

This is just me ranting in my curmudgeonly way about all this progressive liberal shit.


Angry rebelliousness is my refrain

I gnash my teeth, I bemoan and wail

In sackcloth and ashes I do disdain

Like Jeremiah lamenting Israel

“Jeremiad”, an inconsolable lament

A loathing for this decrepit charade

Political correctness gone rampant

LBGT agenda in parade

I shout in protest, I glare in defiance

To stride among them with resignation

Cleaving to the left and right with vigor

With my sword of righteous indignation

The world is but an incoherent facade

Where is common sense? My inane tirade