Greg's Flowchart

What do I want in my candidate?

  1. To be decisive, let’s do something now, we may have to modify some things but get the ball moving. I hate all the planning and comprehensive management of our “Establishment Government”. “Coalitions”

  2. He has to be Pro-life in that he holds Life as sacred and protected. Common sense, no abortions for convenience.

  3. He has to support our 2nd Amendment and the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

  4. I want someone who will support our Military and bring our Military back to full strength, “Peace through Strength”, “The Pax Romana”

  5. I would like him to have been a Governor or a Business Magnate. Someone who has run something and made payroll, made decisions, balanced budgets.

  6. I don’t want him to believe in Nation Building, Do our thing and get out.

  7. I want him to support our Police and Emigration, go back to what works “Stop and Frisk”, “Profiling” get rid of “Sanctuary Cities”. Enforce Federal Drug Laws or” legalize it and tax it.”

  8. Put our agriculture on the global market with no subsidies to farmers not to grow something or grow corn for fuel; Are we to feed the hungry or put gas in our cars? Get rid of subsidies and tariffs and let our economy compete on the global market which will absolutely inflame the Unions.

  9. I want him to build a wall on our southern border; two electrified fences from San Diego, Calif. to Brownsville, TX(700 miles) and put a mine field in-between them and clear cut it ½ mile from the river or border. Put guard towers up and station our military along the border since they aren’t involved in a war anymore. Let the border patrol handle the bridges and crossings. Cut illegal immigration and drug trafficking to a trickle.

Who are the past Presidents and politicians and others I most admire?

  1. Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt (even though he was progressive) George Washington, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, George Bush” even though he spent money like a Democrat” Abraham Lincoln because he preserved the Union and was the 1st Republican. Robert E Lee, Douglas MacArthur, George Patton, Bill Clinton because he worked with congress, balanced the budget and reformed welfare and our economy rocketed during his 8 years but he was a skirt chaser and womanizer.

Let’s look at the candidates.

  1. Donald Trump. I thought he would have self-destructed by now. One word to describe him” Prima Donna” It’s all about Trump but he is a leader and a great businessman. A sort of General George Patton. He says what America wants to hear but nothing specific. No specifications! He is turning out to be good at politics and now has a 50/50 chance of winning the nomination.

  2. Ted Cruz. My initial favorite, a Tea Partier and NRA figure head. Brilliant, a great debater and with Harvard Law credentials, Pro Life evangelical. Not part of the Washington Beltway Establishment. Ambition has made him flip-flop on some issues in order to appease the voter consensus. Makes me sick (stick to your guns) don’t say something just to get elected if you don’t believe it. Cruz may have some torment in the future over the turmoil he will have to endure over the lawsuits about whether being a “Natural Born” means being born on US soil. He is a Citizen but is he Natural Born? Makes my head ache to thinks of all that’s to come.

  3. Marco Rubio. A great looking young guy with a future and with all the conservative credentials. I am wary because he is a Senator and there is really hardly any difference between him and what Barrack Obama was when he became President. First year Senator and has never ran anything. I was amused when he and Cruz got into a brawl during the debate just like they would on the Senate Floor and never accomplished anything. This is what’s wrong with Washington.

  4. Chris Christi, A governor and I like the way he speaks, in your face type and comes across as a definite leader. A past federal prosecutor and will up hold the letter of the law. He is from New England and some of his past decisions have been iffy such as Common Core and Gun Control (it takes a Federal Judge to sign off on someone getting a CHL Permit in New Jersey.

  5. Rand Paul, I love the Guy because he is a Constitutionalist and will stand firm on everything and anything pertaining to the Constitution and Rule of Law. He is an Isolationist and would bring everyone home, no more interfering in world politics. A Tea Partier or Libertarian and States Rights guy. I really, really like him but he just hasn’t gained the momentum.

  6. Carly Fiorina, I really, really like her too. She has come up with the best answers in all the debates. She is a business magnate and very successful. She has run a company and made hard decisions, met payroll and laid people off but you do what you must to meet the bottom line and appease your investors. I think she would match up with Hillary very well and being a woman could jump with both feet upon Hillary. I think her looks hold her back some which is very shallow but true. I think she would be an excellent choice for a woman Vice President along with Nikki Haley of South Carolina.

I think this wraps up the ones that have a chance at getting the Republican Nomination with the exception of John Kasich. John is in play because the Republicans need Ohio to win the election and John Kasich would pretty much give them Ohio if he was on the ticket. John is from the past and he is running on his past record but he is part of the Washington Establishment. Old hat!

This bring us to Vice Presidential Candidates which I think would be one of the following.

  1. John Kasich(Governor Ohio)

  2. Marco Rubio(Senator of Florida)

  3. Carly Fiorina(woman)

  4. Nikki Halley(woman, Governor South Carolina)

  5. Chris Christi( Governor New Jersey, New Englander)

So where am I? I want to start supporting a candidate with my resources, money and time. Donald Trump was not my first choice but he may be nominated so I may begin to run with him.

Ted Cruz was my first choice but I see him getting entangled in the Natural Born issue.

Marco Rubio is too close for me to being an exact replica of Barrack Obama. Great looking guy, ambitious senator, no experience. The future of the Republican Party, Good vice Presidential candidate.