A Proclamation

It is my wish that all of you pay heed to what I perceive as a grave and impending threat to our way of life.

This morning I listened to Israel’s Prime Minister, Netanyahu’s, impassioned plea to a joint session of the U.S. Congress in which he asked our present administration, the White House, not to finalize the treaty it is proposing with Iran.

Netanyahu stated that Iran is a rogue nation and the principal supporter of worldwide Islamic terrorism and I agree as does the world. He said that even though they are allied with Iraq to fight ISIS we should be reminded and I quote” the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy” Netanyahu is pleading for the survival of Israel which Iran has sworn to wipe off the face of the earth.

Netanyahu stated with certainty that Israel would go it alone and stand alone if required to do so and this is what I wish you to see. Everything in world events is determined by politics and our President Obama is playing and he is at his best in this arena.

The deal President Obama is proposing is a bad deal for Israel and the world and will only look good on his legacy sort of like the Oslo Accords, another failed endeavor by another naïve president.

Israel will be forced to take action against Iran and this treaty will divide America’s unwavering support of Israel and thus leave her vulnerable to the savages of a unified Islamic State whose reins are held by Iran.

Appeasement never works as we remember with Hitler and Japan. Netanyahu is right in that this is not the only deal. Iran is desperate to get rid of the sanctions that cripple its economy and will come back for another deal and then another. Let us, the world, call Iran’s bluff. If they continue with their nuclear ambition then the world and Israel needs to meet the threat now and not postpone the inevitable.

I have often proposed that our President Obama is the Anti-Christ and I suppose some of you may see me as a raving lunatic which I myself ponder as I write but the Bible assures me “That I will know my sheep and my sheep will know me”.

President Obama is a divider who pits his opponents against each other. He is the consummate politician and is not a unifier. I suspect that I will pay for my audacity and be punished in some way by this regime but I feel obligated to shout what I deem is a chilling foreboding of what is to come.

Please remember that we did force South Africa to give up its nuclear ambitions thru sanctions, a success story but also remember we made treaties and appeased North Korea, not successfully. I think we can cause the Iranians enough discomfort to oblige the world and become a peaceful nation but we may have to defeat Radical Islam as well. I do not believe President Obama is a Christian and I believe he has more Muslim sympathy’s then he lets on. I believe him to be a socialist (Obamacare) and a quasi-communist (his mother and grandparents)

One final thought or visual imagination, please see that Netanyahu is like John the Baptist or one of the Biblical prophets crying in the wilderness or like Winston Churchill proclaiming the evilness of the Nazis. Please pay heed and decide for yourself and pray. Thank You.