Poetry is possibly an art form to express not what you see but that which you perceive. Maybe it’s only purpose is to preserve the self.

Poetry is falling in love with a word like pierian, which relates to poetry or poetic inspiration. It also refers to the Pierides,(the women who challenged the muses and were turned into chattering Magpies), also to the nine Muses, the mythical daughters of Zeus.

“I am here where poets come to drink a strong poison with tiny shards of ice to loosen my primate tongue and its syllables of debris.”

(Fragment by Terrance Hayes)

Dreaming is an ode to the mystery of moonlight when in slumber we transcend ourselves to walk paths that are in a fantasy world, to escape the reality of the real world.

The Moon, that pale orb that traverses the night sky, unreceptive in its observance of the earth below.

Bombarded by the pinpricks of a million stars, passive, pale, luminous and unconcerned.

“It’s the stars that pitch white needles into the pond”

(Fragment by Kathleen Ossip)


An ode to the inexplicable moonlight

Thou art luminous and never fiery

Thou meters time better than thy brother

Thou who wears Mother's Milk as a shawl

Thou who looks down upon Earth palely

Seemly unconcerned with its constancy

When thy pale face transcends the night

And witches in moonlight conjure

As the wolf howls in lonesome echoes

Or the mythic lycanes metamorphe

It is in this arcane ritual we partake

In moonlight slumber our souls awake

Bombarded by the pinpricks of a million stars

Needled softly so the muses might pour

Sweet dew upon our tongues and reveal

That second sight which is shrouded

In an arcane mysterious veil which

Is obscured by the brightness of day

The moon that pulls the waves back to the sea

That moonlight that glimmers like tinseled seafoam

Bathing the Muses in a hazy radiance

As they walk and sing in sorrowful pining

We have but to call their names, come Erato!

Come Calliope, Aurania and Cleo! Embue me

With a divine voice that I may delve the future

To voice in prophetic prose: A Foretelling