Opinion Piece

Every so often I seek to find enlightenment from whatever source as I may find. As of late I have become discouraged by the news and the progressive Liberal Agenda and Political Correctness.

My church and minister disappoint me in that our church is on the verge of ordaining gay ministers and bishops. This would certainly put gays in the vicinity of children and that is an accident waiting to happen especially gay men around young boys. How many scandals do we have to experience before we learn the lesson?

I got into a tiff with the minister’s wife the other Sunday at Sunday school. I stated there was a plan out there by God and it was called Mother Nature. I voiced my opinion that nowhere in nature do I see males sodomizing other males-nowhere! Nor did I see females destroying their offspring.

The minister’s wife quipped that we should be tolerant of gays and they deserve God’s love just as much as we do. I asked her if she was alright with grown men sodomizing young boys and if she was okay with abortion. She hee-hawed a little and remarked she had once seen a cat eat her litter. I remarked that if it had been up to me that cat would never eat another litter because I would put her down or as I posed it” I would give her a shot she wouldn’t recover from”

At this point the other members separated us as you would two boxers and in silence we didn’t agreed to disagree. I was fine in that I had stated my opinion but the minister’s wife was in a tiff.

That was last Sunday so this morning I bid my wife adieu and went in search of a more fundamental church. I attended the Baptist Church up the street from my house. I had attended there previously when we had had a woman minister at our church (yea! I know but I’m just not comfortable with a woman preaching). I walked in and recognized some old friends and was welcomed. I attended their adult Sunday school and now I will get to the point.

God works in us and with us in manners we aren’t capable of understanding. The Sunday school lesson was directed solely at me in my opinion. It was about Paul being struck down on his way to Damascus. If you are familiar with that Bible story then you will realize Paul was a Jew and a zealot who was on his way to persecute Christians. He thought the Christians were blasphemers of his Jewish faith.

I related to this in that I am just like Paul. I have been a Christian all my adult life. I am schooled in the Bible and my faith. I understand all the tenants and of Grace and redemption and the whole Christian logos. I feel like I am going down that same road and I want to scream and shout and with righteous indignation put down this rebellion against my faith. I see the LBGT as blasphemers and the Abortion rights people as evil. I look with horror at the Black Lives Matter and the liberal progressive agenda. The nation is becoming more and more secular and we as Christians are being accused of hatred, being bigots, and homophobes, intolerant and biased.

Being Christian now is being equated as being a conservative republican. I am all three and proud of it. Where has common sense fled to? Was today God’s plan for me to see myself as Paul lamenting the rebellious nature of the Christians and striving to put down their thoughts and purge the world from this insanity? How are we different? Is there a new religion or faith on the horizon? Is God ready to strike a new covenant with mankind so that we are all inclusive? Everything for everyone, there is no right or wrong, you can do it if it feels right and there are no consequences for your behavior?

I recognize I am old and from a different era but I am so dismayed. I am ready to pass on and let the world go it’s on way. “This world no longer let me love, my faith and hope lie above”’ is it possible for me to change?

Unisex bathrooms is the latest thing Obama has mandated. Ridiculous! If a child is confused about their sexuality then accommodate them by all means. How many can there be at any one school? “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” Let the one or two use the faculty bathroom. Don’t let a boy dressed like a girl use the girl’s restroom, we know they will be ridiculed and vice versa. Girls don’t want boy’s pee-ing on their toilet seats and just wait until you catch the male pervert standing on the toilet and looking over the barrier down at the girls. We don’t want boys showering with girls but I am sure the boys wouldn’t mind seeing a naked girl. This crap is insane but our President Obama mandated it without any debate. Crazy!

What about a six foot male wanting to play on the girls’ basketball team or swim on their swim team. No more ridiculous than making nuns offer or take birth control pills and then having the DOJ sue them for 70 million when they refuse. Yet he gives all these unions carve outs so they are exempt.

Today our president in in Vietnam apologizing for that war and then off to Japan to apologize to them for dropping the A-Bomb on Hiroshima. Can it get any crazier? Yesterday he visited the Trayvon Martin Memorial in Florida. The young black man was over six foot, over 200 lbs. beating the crap out of a 5 foot Hispanic Neighborhood Watch guy and he got shot. All the rest of the black guys shot by police were also criminals but yet it’s the police’s fault and they can now rumble with and shoot police officers. Let me tell the black community that if you keep this crap up then no one will come when you really need help. But then again it will be their fault because they aren’t protecting the poor black folk as well as they are protecting the rich white people.

Tomorrow I have jury duty but they will probably exempt me because I am near crazy. As far as I’m concerned we really don’t have a choice for president. Certainly not Hillary least we forget Whitewater, Travelgate, Hillarycare, Pay to Play Secretary of State Hillary, the E-Mail Scandal, I am sure the 30 thousand Emails she deleted would have convicted her of a lot more, not to mention Benghazi. I believe she has a “Get out of Jail Free Card” from Obama for that.

Donald Trump is no better. He is not a conservative nor an evangelical nor a Republican. He is a Populist and a Nationalist but so was Hitler. Bringing Germany from a defeated power to world dominance in twenty years was great but then power and evil corrupted him and we know what history has taught us about how this could affect the world. Ambition can be good but it’s often evil.

Just another tirade on my part. I am seriously disgusted! Maybe I should seek some psychiatric help, I have seriously thought about this. I have nowhere to vent my frustration in that I don’t want to offend the young people in the Sunday school class because they are millennials and seem to be alright with abortion and the LBGT and the progressive agenda. I need a serious debate with someone or people of like mind to re-enforce my beliefs. Or I need to die! Problem solved!