I received the impetus for this poem in a dream as is usual. The first terms were “I am here, you are there” besides the title, the word “Soon”

Dreams are hard to remember precisely. Even now I can’t remember what came next because I get this stuff over several nights. I think the seasons were there also. I didn’t get the watermelon and fly swatting thing until a day later. Last night I received “red rouge or ruddy red rouge” in an evil sort of context. I received another text or term but I can’t remember it at this moment (this really vexes me to no end) because I lay there and repeat these phrases over and over so that I will remember them when I finally get out of bed and sit down to write.

I am a little disturbed because this is sort of a “Love Poem” to my wife but I can’t find a way to insert the word “love” into it. It starts out fine but gets dark as does most of my prose. Thinking back, the words “expectancy and anticipation” were there on the first night also as were some Purple Martins. I am really beating myself up over not remembering the other phrase I received last night. Its right here, at the edge of my memory, my recall, but I can’t grasp it. Maybe it will come to me later.


The word soon, a fragrance of expectancy

An ambiance of fate’s inevitable destination

With just a hint of anticipation, a recipe

To hopefully contrive an idyllic future

A foretelling of what’s wished for

Soon spring will come

April showers and May flowers

Soon summer will arrive

Away on holiday

Soon we will see autumn

Arrayed in radiant foliage

Soon we will feel winter’s icy chill

Barren trees, quivers and shivers

As a child you ate watermelon

And spit the seeds as far as you could

You knew the flies would soon come.

You spent the rest of the afternoon

Swatting flies

And the rest of your life

Swatting problems

The eternal optimist in me is remiss

As it saddens me to be the pessimist

The seasons will eventually fade

Heralding in the grave’s somber façade,

The withering winter of our years

Soon a shroud shall clothe my heart

Soon I must depart from you,

Tis the way of the earth

As all who doth breathe must

Soon I will exist in a world unbeknownst

Fret not for I will tarry there

In the alpha and omega

I will wait for you

Until eternity’s end

I am here, you are there

But remember!

I am now the light of a million stars

Sheltering you in celestial light

Waiting for You

Just beyond the veil