Plaza de Toros

I called last night and wanted some input but knocked out a draft this morning. my endeavors at contemporary and modern poetry. You recent blog inspired it. Can you liable me for plagiarism? The last line I got from you. DAD


It’s just 103 degrees, sol or sombra?

Sombra costs more, the orchestra plays

I pay the man $5 dollars to keep me supplied

With Modelo and lime

My mood and the shadows lengthen

The Matador and his entourage enter

Like Caesar in triumphant

The Brave Bull bursts forth!

Bewildered! But unafraid

The Ritual begins, the dance,

The Passé Dobli, the Matador, clad in his

Suit of lights with its golden brocade

The Bull, regal and magnificent!

The flourished cape, the passes, the Oles!


Death is on the wind, blood glistening wet

Blood staining the Matador’s blouse and trousers

Blood and saliva drench the sand

What is this thing that torments it?

The matador turns his back to the bull

And kneels!!!!

The tumultuous roar, the bravado

I am beside myself, lost in the moment

Torn between empathy for the bull

And cheering for the Matador

The duel is over

The Matador poses with sword to cheek

With a rush and a thrust, it’s over

The bull is still standing, not knowing its dead

The bull always dies