As an old man I have endured numerous operations such as implanting heart stents, heart ablations and finally open heart surgery not to mention both laparoscopic and catheter procedures for numerous kidney stones. I've also had a knee replacement and two colonoscopies.

They are basically all the same. You are uneasy and apprehensive right up to the time they give you the anesthetic. No dreams, no pain or anything until you wake up in recovery and then the pain comes on exponentially. I thought this to be a nice bit of prose to describe it. Enjoy! All of you will endure this stuff one day.

A doom transfixes my soul

As I wait in somber solitude

Patronizing priests attend me

Garbed in their crisp ephods

Scribbling sanctimonious platitudes

Upon papyrus with their egret plumes

My litter carried thru temple crypts

By un-tongued and muted slaves

Past shallowest idols and thru great portals

Ere I reach the cold grey altar

Solitary under a silvery dome

Of inverted crystal goblets

I am lifted and offered up

As a living sacrifice to the Gods

My arms splayed, and bound

Eerie red rubies pulsate

Vein like vines entwine me

I feel my pulse quickening

I fight the urge to flee

To scream and careen heedlessly

To escape my pending doom

Imagining the knapped flint descending

My disgorged heart held aloft

Glistening in the Mayan sun

Eyes from behind veiled masks stare

Down into my withered soul

My blood drained into miniature vials

Will they never have enough?

Oblivion! My essence fled, my soul in limbo

Aaah! I’m awake, Have I been pardoned?

My death mask is removed

A bitter taste, vinegar and gall

I am robed again in warmth

Have I been ransomed?

I am soon spirited away

Down indiscernible colonnades

In my dazed stupor I see

Flashing lights passing overhead

Figures in blue and green pass

A Whiteness! Solitude! A Quietness!

Hushed whispers! Where am I?

Pavilioned curtains are pulled aside

I open my eyes and perceive

My beloved queen as she enters

I am safe! I smile!

The light of my countenance glistens

In wet teary streams