A Rock

Hi Guys, Did this in two nights. Last night for an hour and tonight about 2 hours after coming home from lodge.


Pobre piedra, what haste thou done?

To abase yourself to such low rung,

Just a tier above the filthy grunge!

Thou art rock, strong, tried and true?

Who was born in the fires of the earth?

But now lie just above the dirt and strew

At last to come to reside atop the rest

But below heaven and its celestial abode

Was Simon not named Petra at Jesus’ behest?

Upon this the Christian Church was built

I am a stone, coarse, hard and uncouth

Was once a pagan, a heathen with a sinner’s guilt?

A rocky stone is cold, hard and unrefined

Reminds me of myself and many at times

But put me in the lapidary’s hand so I might shine

Ground in the grit of life and polished by his hand

Take my heart of stone and turn it into one of flesh

So that I shine like glass and glint like

Notre Dame's Cathedral Grand