This poem was written as a result of a dream I had and it was distinct and clear. I have tried to describe the image I saw in my dream and this poem is it. I have hunted in the Rocky Mountains and I am familiar with aspen groves that sort of glitter when blown by a strong gust of wind. The undersides of their leaves are silver and put on quite a display. The image in the dream was haunting and I couldn't remember if it was the tree trunks or staving faces I saw. There was certainly falling snow and a barbed wire ranch fence.I jumped out of bed and proceeded directly to the computer to record it before it passed from memory as so many do.

Faye, I had a dream about the Rocky Mountains and I did the "Faces Poem" The "Planting Poem" is now finished as well. I bought a book on how to write poetry but it just confused me so I will continue to write my amateurish poetry


Early morn between dream and wake

Golden aspen and silver leaf quake

Leaves shimmering in meadows green

Fluttering tinsel reflected in mountain stream

Leaves falling, gold and crimson red

Untrodden upon Rocky Mountain’s bed

Stark white trunks in snowy alpine glen

Starving faces grimacing against an arctic wind

Mascaraed bark with hollow eyes stare

Frail frames behind barb wire, helplessly fare

A vison, a portent, I can’t help but think

But a dream is only an irrational wink