America Is Insane!

There is a proverb or quote stating “insanity to doing the same thing repeatedly expecting a different result each time”

Insanity to me is trying to save a murderer from death (death row) while simultaneously sanctifying the slaughter of the innocent (agreement with pro-choice)

You can be arrested by the federal government for destroying a sea turtle’s nest and eggs but we can destroy millions of human eggs in the name of research.


America debates giving amnesty to the illegals in our country but won’t secure our borders to keep millions more from coming in.

America has opted out of the space race, the Russians Chinese, India and the European Union are going back to the moon and on to Mars.

America’s President, Barack Obama, insists on a treaty with Iran even after all our allies walked away from the negotiations. Iran will not recognize Israel’s right to exist and has sworn to wipe Israel, our ally, off the face of the earth.

America is allied with Iran to defeat ISSAL but allied with the Syrian rebels against Assad who is supported by Iran. We are allied with Saudi Arabia, Jordon and Egypt in fighting Iran in Yemen and Libya. Iran is our enemy but we are seeking a treaty with them and throwing Israel under the bus.

Can any of you make sense of it?