Compounded Complexity

I awoke in the middle of the night with this term,” compound complexity”, echoing around in my head. I got up and jotted it down on a piece of paper and went back to bed thinking I had performed what was expected of me least I forget the phrase as we do in most dreams. This was not the end of the tirade in my head so I again arose and penned the first four lines of which three surprisingly rhymed.

I really do believe I may be becoming demented as I don’t believe this is normal. I mentioned this to my wife this morning and stated there were demons in my head making me do this. I shouldn’t have used the term demons being that my wife agreed! Maybe I should say voices but that is just as bad! I am trying to be funny or make light about this but I am not sure my wife feels assured as to my mental competency. I guess these topics are on my mind being that the news is full of these startling items.

I believe there is an impending catastrophe about to befall the USA and possibly the world. I am re-enforced in this by three prominent people; Ron Paul (Texas Congressman), Mr. Jim Rickards (Economic and Financial warfare specialist hired by the Pentagon and CIA) and Porter Stansberry, of the Stansberry Research, a financial resource media to which I subscribe. They are all predicting an economic collapse of the dollar within the next year and a world depression maybe lasting as long as 25 years.

The world seems to be tittering on the edge and is literally on fire and in turmoil! There is too much going on here to mention but it is everywhere; Russia invading; China expanding its sphere in the Pacific; ISIS attacking western civilization all over the world including in the USA; Chaos and anarchy in our cities; The moral decay of our government and society as a whole; the persecution of Christianity around the world; and so much more.

I have spent the rest of the day putting this poem down on paper and it was quite easy being this is how I see things and you may not agree but please feel free to disagree. I am a fiscal conservatist as well as a moral one. I am a practicing Christian and I am being persecuted by being called racist and hater. I don’t like homosexuality, I don’t agree with same sex marriage’ I am entitled to my religious beliefs. I am prolife and shouldn’t have to apologize for it. The government is seeking to force its system of beliefs (socialism and communism) on everyone and its wrong! It has never worked and will never work so why do they think they can legislate equality?


The world is a befuddled place

It’s so very hard to stay apace

Morality seems to have been misplaced!

A spiritual dementia! A shameful disgrace!

Something is amiss I have found

Chaos and anarchy rule our towns!

Corruption and deceit everywhere abound!

There is a dreadful madness all around!

What is the cause of such a mess?

What caused us to soil our nest?

Why the discord and unrest?

An absence of Godliness I suspect!

Millions spent to defeat death row!

Millions of innocents dealt a death blow!

Christianity assailed and suppressed!

Our police and military needlessly distressed!

Teachers can’t teach or discipline in our schools

Academia no longer teaches the “Golden Rule”

No ambition! Tolerance and equality must reside

Work ethic and achievement we won’t abide

I’m made to celebrate a perverted creature

The natural world doesn’t have this nature

It’s unlawful to harm a turtle’s egg

But okay to destroy our human eggs?

Our government is out of control

No accountability if I may be so bold

Incompetency rules the day

Oppressive taxes holds sway

No government employee can be fired

Must be a minority to get hired

Government dependency is the norm

The successful have been foresworn

The black race occupies the ghetto sprawl

Gang warfare and drugs practiced by all

Fatherless families is the fad

Irresponsible men, where are the dads?

It seems our politicians can be bought

Political favors purchased for a speaker’s cost

Bengasi, who ordered the stand down?

No one responsible can be found!

We have abandoned the space race

China and Russia will conquer space

Our space station! We must hitch a ride

Where is America’s extraordinary pride?

Our President chooses to be black

Racial equality his chosen fiat

Sharpton and Farrakhan on his right

Discord and confrontation his chosen plight

Government enforced equality projected

Opportunity for all to succeed rejected

“Atlas Shrugged” you all should read

A faith in God must be your creed