I did this today but I need to make a poem of it. Why am I overwhelmed at church that I have to start scribbling on the back of my program lest I loose the thought? Is there a sibilant inside me somewhere that has to be heard? Your DAD

After my conversation with you today I realize I may have written this poem for you. It is dark as is all my poetry but reaches so deep that I apologize for my inability to put it into better words this is the struggle of the human character. We all have those treasured memories of loved ones we embraced that have gone out of our lives. The memories will always be there forever and we choose to remember the good and ignore the bad but the memories are what made us who we are and are a part of us. I can apply this to your mother, to Cindy and Nadine, women that I have loved but moved on out of their lives and I always wonder "what if?" But the stark realization is !: I am where I should be and I am happy! No arguments about money, sex, or in-laws and no confrontation, no infidelity or strife. I love Ruth with all my heart and soul and this is my home now. No-one can ever go back, we are always propelled forward by time and fate(Karma). You are where you should be and you make a difference in so many people's lives. Will you find love? I hope with all my heart that you do but don't let it burden you, you are strong! "Worry not for tomorrow, for tomorrow will have enough worries of its own" I, We, all love you. DAD


Thoughts rise effervescently from where they hide

Like sudsy sea foam edging an oncoming tide

Whirlpools and eddies that wordlessly twine

Reminding me ever so warmly of yet another time

Guiltiness beats upon my conscience’s chest

Like lapping waves reaching their windblown crest

Not like the tempest or maelstrom’s angry scream

But like the hushed warmth of rising steam

Like a leaf buoyantly atop some dark stream’s current

We are forlorn, forever carried on by the torrent

Torn, tattered and weathered by the duties of life

Relentlessly onward “so are the days of our lives”

We fondly recall a loved one’s lustful embrace

The paths, the possibilities we tenderly retrace

We look back and wonder what might have been

If only we had had the courage to stay back then

When at last I maroon on some foreign shore

Bleached white and withered by the sun’s fearful glory

Flotsam and driftwood stranded by a receding tide

Amongst the dunes, pavilioned by sea oats, I reside

Ever it was the horizon that my heart did assail

The breeze of adventure ever quickened my sail

Time and tides have brought me thus far

Is our destiny preordained? What foretells where we are?

Pensive is the word that best describes what I feel,

Lord Tennyson’s poem eloquently bespeaks with quill

“For it is better to have loved, than to have never loved at all”

Your memory will forever remain, forever lovingly recalled