My Essence

The event we discussed. Am I turning into some raving lunatic? Dad

It actually makes more sense to me when I read it than when you are talking about it. Dawn


I bow my head in devotion and seek the light

That miniscule ember the burns so deep within

I gaze at my fingertips touching, sensing the epiphany

What is this thing that pulses from within?

This radiant aura that emanates from within me?

An awareness that is heedless and knows no bounds

This thing that reaches beyond the senses of self

That travels unheeded into the far reaches of the cosmos

Diving into the fathomless recesses of the tiniest quantum element

Reveling in the grandest exhilarations, cringing in timid incriminations

This thing that communes unhindered with God through prayer

This nameless thing that is unknowable and unfathomable

Explicitly undefinable and immeasurable that is my essence

That thing that is me and which shall survive the grave

Eternal and splendid, timelessly bathing in ethereal light

Infinite and eternal, I exist, I am forever!

I am going back and editing all of my work since it is on my blog. I was in church and we had our heads bowed in prayer when I sensed the above epiphany. I sent a draft of it to my daughter after talking to her on the phone and the above is the edited conclusion.