The Anti-Christ

I don't even know what to say about this. It's time for you to go to the mountains and hunker down in your bunker. Haha! Love you Dad!


I am not a prophet nor can I predict the second coming of Christ but I do believe that we are in the “End Times”, at the least the end of the USA as we know it. I do wish to mention some things that are alarming.

  1. Our President Obama has aided in the demonization of our police forces stating they are racial and use excessive force.

  2. The president has demonized our armed forces and asserts they are heavy handed and all the problems in the world are caused by their heavy handiness.

  3. The president has recently let be published and condoned the release of reports about American Enhanced Interrogation Tactics (CIA) and have pronounced them as torture thus damaging the credibility of his own country.

  4. The above reports have extremely embarrassed our allies who have helped us and forever discredited the USA in the eyes of the world.

  5. The president has allowed the “Cold War” to re-emerge and Russia has now annexed Crimea and has now invaded the Ukraine, a sovereign country, seeking to re-establish the USSR.

  6. The president has suspended deportation of illegal aliens and refused to secure our borders telling the whole world to literally “come here, we won’t send you home”. In ten years there will be another twelve million illegals here.

  7. Our president disbanded our missile defense shield in Europe to please the Russians in exchange for nothing from the Russians.

  8. Our president recently established relations with Cuba again, a self-described “terrorist State” in order to send them humanitarian aid and technology and allow immigration, allowing Cubans to flee Cuba for the USA and place more stress on our social welfare state/ The USA got nothing in return.

  9. Our president refuses to address the issue of our trade imbalance with China. We buy everything from China. I challenge everyone to find something not made in China. China refuses to let American products to be sold there and China holds most of America’s 18 trillion dollar debt.

  10. Soon America will be paying a trillion dollars a year in interest on our debt and nothing on the principal but President Obama does not want a balanced budget and hasn’t put one forth in his six years as president.

  11. President Obama’s agenda is social welfare and he continues to spend, spend, and spend. He is an idea log and per porter of social justice and I think a quasi-communist or socialist

  12. I would aver with confidence that President Obama does not like the country he governs. He states that most of the world’s problems are caused by America.(His Apology Tour)

  13. Why does he feel this way and act this way; His mother was a Socialist, his grandparents were Communists and his two fathers were Muslim and came from third world countries.

  14. President Obama says he is a Christian but attended a church in Chicago, Ill. Where his pastor repeatedly damned the USA.

  15. President Obama has stated relationships with the Black Panthers and Farrakhan and with Rev Al Sharpton who have all damned the USA.

  16. President Obama was once against both “same sex marriage” and abortion but now adamantly supports them even though his Christian faith does not condone them.

  17. President Obama’s “stimulation package” cost America a trillion dollars and the USA has stumbled along the bottom for six years in the weakest recovery ever.

  18. President Obama is the consummate “Politician”. He is from Chicago, Ill and learned his political savvy from the most crooked politicians ever. Almost all of Chicago’s politicians are in prison and have been corrupt for years and years and this is where he cut his political teeth.

  19. President Obama doesn’t know much about the economy or about business. He has never owned a business or worked in one, he has never met a payroll or used a balance sheet. He is a professional politician unlike some great presidents who were governors and ran states and businesses.

  20. President Obama has recently suggested we put sanctions on Israel for building housing in West Jerusalem. Our President seems to have a lot of Arab and Muslim sympathies maybe because his fathers were Muslim. I would also mention that President Obama did bow noticeably to the King of Saudi Arabia, the head of the Sunni sect of the Muslims.

  21. Our President Obama said he would intervene in Syria after Assad used Chemical weapons but reneged and allowed thousands to be murdered and allowed ISSAL to emerge.

  22. Our President Obama has pulled our troops out of Iraq as he promised at the objections of his generals and the Pentagon and created a power vacuum which has led to chaos and the emergence of ISSAL. We (USA) are now forced to send troops back to fight ISSAL.

  23. The USA will probably never find out what happened to our diplomat and the four brave soldiers who defended our diplomat at Benghazi because the White house covered it up.

  24. The USA will never get to the bottom of the IRS abusing its powers against American citizens and conservative organizations because the White House covered it up.

  25. President Obama is drawing down our forces in Afghanistan as he promised but will he leave another vacuum in which the Taliban will re-emerge and regain power. The worse scenario is the Taliban over-throwing Pakistan and getting their hands on from 50 to 100 atom bombs. Scary Huh? Especially since they have vowed to destroy the west and the world if necessary to bring about the return of their sacred “Twelfth Eman”

  26. Are you alarmed yet? President Obama pits black against white, democrat verses republican, poor against the rich, the have- nots wanting what the haves have. He promotes social injustice instead of hard work and ambition. He promotes chaos and rebellion, an over throw of establishment, equality for all instead of an opportunity to succeed for all. Sounds like Communism to me! Remember his grandparents and mother!

  27. President Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act is Socialism, a re-distribution of wealth. Taking from those that have to pay for those who have not.

  28. I am not jaded! I worked hard all my life to have what I have. I was poorer than most of the poor in our country today. I had a good work ethic and ambition to overcome my circumstance and succeed. I raised my children with the same work ethic and they have succeeded. I am not responsible for people dropping out of school and making wrong choices.

  29. President Obama is black, so is his Attorney General and he has decided to be black and ignore that his mother was white. I believe that he, his attorney General and his black race are the racists. How much does America have to pay for having slaves 100 years ago? America’s conscious!

  30. It’s a tuff world out there and it’s worse if you’re stupid! Thanks Duke! The Irish were hated and abused when they arrived in America so were the Polish immigrants, Italians, Greeks and so many more. My own grandparents came to America as indentured servants and Scottish grandparents fleeing the clearances in Scotland and they spoke Gaelic but America assimilated them and they became Americans and their children spoke English.

  31. What is wrong with the Black Race? 70% of their children are illegitimate, women having five children by five different fathers. Blacks disparaging other blacks about trying to succeed, accusing them of trying to be “white”. Why were there no black police officers on the police force in Ferguson? Why couldn’t a black man score high enough on a test to be promoted, maybe he just didn’t study as hard as the five that did get promoted(Supreme Court) He lived in the same neighborhood, went to the same schools, read the same material, was trained just like the others but blacks say it was unfair and biased. Most blacks think they are victims of an unfair nation instead of a noble nation.

  32. I get a little sick and nauseated about all of it. President Obama has two more years of his Executive Decrees. He refuses to compromise with his newly elected congress and I think is angry over the vote of incompetence and un-confidence in his policies. His foreign Policy is in shambles and I hope Kerry can persuade him to change course but I don’t think he will.

  33. I believe with confidence that President Obama will allow Iran to get their nuclear bombs and the world will see nuclear proliferation in the Middle East. Turkey, Jordon, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt will all want nuclear ability. That is a prophecy that am certain will come true.

  34. President Obama allows intimidation by and is cowered by North Korea who recently threatened to attack the USA in a 9/11 style attack if we aired a movie about the attempted assignation of their despot and dictator Kim Yong UN. Are we so afraid? Would you go to a theater to see it? Was this an act of war (cyber warfare) against the USA? We will wait and see what President Obama will do if anything. What if they were to attack our power grid or water systems?

  35. President Obama is at odds with Israel. Israel is the only democratically elected government over there other than Turkey, Israel has always been supported by America and now our relationship is stressed to the max. What Happened? He also does not have a good relationship with England’s prime minister or really with any of our foreign leaders.

  36. Christians are being persecuted all over the Middle East; in Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Turkey (Armenians). They are being raped and beheaded by ISSAL and our President is not a “Protector of the Faith” President Obama says the USA is no longer a ‘Christian Nation” He hinders the National Day of Prayer but endorses the Muslims praying on the West lawn of the White House.

  37. I sound like I am hysterical even to myself but events are bearing down on me and I need to expound on what I see are serious matters. Why didn’t President Obama help a decorated marine in prison in Mexico for five months but then traded five Taliban prisoners who had killed hundreds of Americans for an AWOL private in Afghanistan? Drives me Crazy!

  38. President Obama says our borders are secure but they are not. I live on the border, I know! Our borders are porous as ever with illegals and drugs pouring across almost un-hindered. Our Border patrols do all they can but our President tells them to release almost all of them. We can’t even ask them if they are illegal. He wants them to vote in America’s elections and don’t have to show who they are with a pictured ID. Again-Drives me Crazy! Our President refuses to enforce some of our laws or ignores them.

  39. President Obama took the USA out of the space race and discontinued the space shuttles, China, Russia and the EU are going back to the moon and on to Mars, landing vehicles on asteroids and comets. What happened to American exceptionalism? Look at the technology we gleamed from our space program, now we pay Russia a million or more dollars for a ride to the Space Station that we built. Our president thinks the money is better spent at home taking care of the poor.

  40. I must opine here at this moment. The poor in America are not destitute; they have cars, plasma TV’s, Cell phones at government expense, food stamps, free medical care at our ER’s or on Medicaid, they have government subsidized housing and training programs all at government expense, WIC, and so much more. Half of the USA population pays no taxes and some get money when they have paid none in (earned income credit). What is wrong here is that we have professional poor who will not work because they make more on benefits than working at minimum wage. Do you blame them?

  41. Hard work, ambition, wanting to get ahead, greed, wanting to be a better worker than your colleagues, wanting the American dream; a 3 bedroom home in the suburbs, two cars, your children doing well in school and being over-achievers, sending your children to college, retired comfortably with enough savings. The blacks accuse each other of wanting to be white if you desire these things or think the government should give it to them because their ancestors were slaves.

  42. Okay! The last was a little prejudiced and racist but I see other races excelling in America; the Chinese, Indians, Pakistani, South Koreans, Vietnamese and even the Hispanics out do the black race. The Great Society and the War on Poverty and the American Conscious have made the black race co-dependent on the federal government in my opinion.

  43. I received a letter today in the mail wanting me to subscribe to a non-secular magazine. I perused it briefly and some of the topics were; was Jesus really Gay? Israel’s plan to destroy the world, American injustice, and others. Their headline was are you ready to think out of the box and face being called scandalous. Freedom of the Press! It hurts my heart and soul. Note! All the really nice signs in the recent protests around the USA are printed by The Communist Party of the USA and they are preaching revolt and over-throw of the establishment.

  44. I see organizations like NAMBA (consensual man/boy relationships by consenting individuals) Schools attempting to lower the age of consent for young girls and boys. I see Stem Cell research sliding down that slippery slope; first an un-fertilized egg, then a fertilized one, then a two week embryotic cell, then a seven week embryo, where do you stop? Do we just clone a whole human without a head so that we can say it isn’t human? We can do that now!

  45. I realize this isn’t all President Obama but he is at the wheel steering the course in which we are heading. I do not believe he is a spiritual man. I can recall no press release of him praying for or with anyone. He does seem to be a good father and husband but he is a politician and a consummate political liar(twist the truth to say what he wants said)(double talk)

  46. I fear President Obama will succeed in somehow hindering our second amendment rights. The Right to Bear Arms is our safe keeping. President Jefferson stated that” the blood of both tyrants and patriots must be periodically sprinkled on the altar of Freedom from time to time) President Obama is for Gun Control and doing away with our second amendment. He can’t accomplish this in the USA because of our gun lobby and the NRA but he is attempting measures through the United Nations.

  47. People must realize as I think I do that President Obama is not a unifier but rather an astute politician that pits his perceived enemies against each other. He wants the confrontation and the turmoil rather than a solution(divide and conquer)

  48. I know some are you are laughing at me for my views and think I’m crazy and a little paranoid but I foresee a lot of trouble ahead. It would only take one major catastrophic event in America such as; a nuclear explosion in the USA, a major pandemic, a cyber-attack or solar flare crippling our power grid, etc., etc., to have the president declare Marshall law and assume dictatorial powers at the consent of an ignorant populace.

  49. I watched C-Spann this morning about a book written by a black female criminal defense attorney coaching blacks how to defeat the law (Justice in Black America). Her example was a 26 year old black male riding a bicycle after dark with no reflective clothing. The police pulled him aside (she states this was profiling). The police informed him of the infraction but also questioned him and noticing his nervousness pursued more aggressively asking if he had weapons or drugs which he denied. The police asked to search him and he complied (attorney said he should have refused and forced them to get a “Search warrant”), the police found an unregistered 38 caliber pistol plus a felony amount of pot in his back pack. Further investigation proved the bicycle to be stolen but he stated not by him. It was his friend who had stolen the bicycle. The attorney stated this was unfair and the young black man now had a Felony Arrest Record for doing stupid stuff which all young people do. What Is Wrong Here? This black woman was incensed and said this was an example of police prejudice and profiling. Give me a break! This is what is wrong with black America!

  50. Our Christian teachings state that the “Anti-Christ” will come to us from the East and will be very polished and socially political and astute. That he will be a great orator and social activist, that he will be charming and pleasing and endear himself to the populace and become a world leader. I am sure Europe thought Hitler was the anti-Christ and I suppose early Eastern Christians thought Genghis Kahn was also him, some say Napoleon was. Many despots and dictators have been so labeled according to their blood-thirsted deeds but the world is approaching a climax. I believe when “The Abomination of Desolation “stands in the place where ought not to and declares himself to be the world’s savior (a Deity) then we ought to run for our lives. We can argue all day about the signs of the End Times and events and occurrences that must occur first but it is my thought they are happening as we speak. Our President is a slick politician with an agenda from Hell!

  51. I thought I was thru with this and was afraid to publish it in fear that some sun glassed suited individuals would be knocking on my front door but I can now call it a work in progress. Recently there was terrorism in Paris, France which you all viewed on TV. Forty heads of State showed up to parade arm in arm in unity against these acts of terrorism but where was our President/ where was our Vice President or Secretary of State? Only our lowly female ambassador participated. Shameful! They stated we were in fear of the President’s safety on being present at such short notice. The rest of the world’s leaders said “damn the torpedoes” and marched in unity. Obama was probably playing golf or rubbing elbows with Hollywood. Again it drives me crazy! Again Muslim sympathies!